1.357 • 3 REVIEWS
Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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The ErosProfitEA is a forex expert advisor. The Eros Profit EA automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live account by ForexPeaceArmy. The forex robot works on EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF and AUDUSD. Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Eros Profit EA -0.01 55.4 -199.66
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1.357 • 3 REVIEWS

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Thailand, Thailand,
Dec 11, 2019,
Registered user

No money back. They lied.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
It is EA martingale , I lost a lot of money in a short time. They guarantee money back after sending an email to him. But they are quiet No reply to the letter returned to me. I have received deceit from them.
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Chon Buri, Thailand,
Dec 5, 2019,
Registered user

incorrect statement of trades

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
More on Eros Profit EA - on Monday, Dec 2, the demo EA I am running sold 1 lot of GBPUSD and closed that deal on Wednesday, Dec 4, at a loss of -$1,223.40. Today, Dec 5, I checked the latest statement which showed 22 positions closed on Dec 4, some of them later than when the 1,223.40 loss was closed. However, that loss is not shown on the statement. The highest loss shown is -$89.64 for 0.18 lots of EURUSD. And the average monthly profit shown on a tab on their main web page shows an even higher average profit now than before that very significant loss, which seems impossible. This two things convince me that it's a scam, at least the advertising side of it.

Dec 3, 2019 - 1 Star I bought this EA about a week ago and the eros profit EA administrators quickly activated it on a demo account for me. But several days after that I asked them to activate the live EA on my live account - it has been two full business days and I have not heard from them yet. More worrying is that I downloaded the excel file they provide to this website purporting to show the trades opened and closed by their EA and found that they did not correlate at all to the trades that were activated in my demo account by this EA. That is very suspicious. It looks to me like the trades shown in the excel file do not result from the default settings of the EA - they may be using some settings unknown to me in their data published on Or worse, they could be fabricating the results.
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South Texas, USA,
Nov 22, 2019,
Registered user

Dangerous EA

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
I wasn't able to see a way to edit my previous review but either way this is a dangerous EA because it simply uses a mix of grid and martingale or similar. The grid is about 28 default for all 4 recommended currency pairs, which you can change, and the increase in lots jumped from 0.01 to 0.11 and then 0.22 and so forth so it is an EA destined to crash your account eventually using defaults. Main points are nothing new here, no special algorithm, works like grid and/or martingale. In addition, customer doesn't respond to emails and I'm in the middle of having filed a dispute with PayPal to get a refund and hope to get it within the next 2 weeks through them and not the seller because seller, as I indicated earlier, does not respond. Avoid the hassle and don't support this seller... there are better EAs from other sellers.

Nov 7, 2019 - 1 Star Although it is only 27 hours since my purchase, I am not able to use the product. The web site indicated 24x7 support but I haven't received a reply to 3 emails I've sent. It also indicated instant download but it was several hours later that the download links were made available. The web site itself seems antiquated and outdated reminiscent of those a decade or more ago. When I try to drop the EA into a chart I get a message that it is unauthorized and to contact the seller. If I can't use it I'll contact PayPal and initiate a dispute for refund due to vendor not providing a working product as it is nonfunctional as is. I'm posting this now to try to prevent others from making a mistake. Unless I update later, consider this a scam type company and making fraudulent solicitations to the public.
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