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-0.01% WEEKLY · 36.1 weeks
  • Average Pips per Week:
    -39 (Gross Pips: -1,411)
  • Average P/L per Week:
    -0.01% (Gross P/L: -199.62%)
  • Maximum Equity used:
    74.55% (Dec 30, 2019, 11:36:00 AM)
  • Test started:
    Aug 1, 2019 (Running 36.1 weeks)

Description from product owner: Eros Profit EA is a fully automated trading system which works on EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF and AUDUSD 5 min. time frame.This robot was developed by a team of professional real forex expert . Their vision is to developed a new fully automated trading system that they and other people could actually make a living from and a new piece of forex software which has never been seen before.

Statement FBS Inc

  • Account:
  • Name:
    ErosProfitEA Real Test by ForexPeaceArmy
  • Currency:
  • Date:
    Apr 10, 2020

Closed Transactions:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PClose TimePrice CloseCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
15815591162019-08-06 07:59balanceD-MB-43988604: USD 20.002,000.000
15815655382019-08-06 08:58buy0.03gbpusd1.214960.000000.000002019-08-06 12:431.219970.000.000.0015.0350
15816208022019-08-06 16:14buy0.13eurusd1.117600.000000.000002019-08-06 18:021.118840.000.000.0016.1212
15816069002019-08-06 14:45buy0.03eurusd1.119130.000000.000002019-08-06 18:021.118840.000.000.00-0.87-3
15816242552019-08-06 16:35sell0.23usdchf0.978670.000000.000002019-08-06 18:110.977540.000.000.0026.5911
15816198302019-08-06 16:09sell0.13usdchf0.977150.000000.000002019-08-06 18:110.977570.000.000.00-5.59-4
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15913551212019-12-27 09:26buy0.07usdchf0.979950.000000.000002019-12-31 14:590.965930.000.000.20-101.60-140
15912777272019-12-26 01:31sell0.07eurusd1.109180.000000.000002019-12-31 15:001.123430.000.000.06-99.75-143
15914830962019-12-30 19:40sell0.17eurusd1.121330.000000.000002019-12-31 15:001.123430.000.000.04-35.70-21
15952926042019-12-01 00:00buy12.07archived0.000000.000000.000002019-12-31 23:590.000000.000.00-74.53-3,075.820
15952926052019-12-01 00:00buy29.01archived0.000000.000000.000002019-12-31 23:590.000000.000.00-22.16-795.530
15952926062019-12-01 00:00buy12.16archived0.000000.000000.000002019-12-31 23:590.000000.000.00-21.21-1,544.050
15952926072019-12-01 00:00buy10.04archived0.000000.000000.000002019-12-31 23:590.000000.000.0023.43-1,615.460
 Closed P/L:-3,992.46 

Open Trades:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
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 Floating P/L:0 

Working Orders:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PMarket Price 
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Deposit/Withdrawal:2,000.00Credit Facility:0.00  
Closed Trade P/L:-3,992.46Floating P/L:0.00Margin:0.00
Balance:0.00Equity:0.00Free Margin:0.00


Gross Profit:21,921.55Gross Loss:25,914.01Total Net Profit:-3,992.46
Profit Factor:0.85Expected Payoff:-4.23
Absolute Drawdown:3,992.46Maximal Drawdown:16,516.48 (131.88%)Relative Drawdown:198.88% (4,007.49)
Total Trades:944Short Positions (won %):486 (46.50%)Long Positions (won %):458 (53.28%)
Profit Trades (% of total):470 (49.79%)Loss trades (% of total):474 (50.21%)
Largestprofit trade:1,229.64loss trade:-3,150.35
Averageprofit trade:46.64loss trade:54.67
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):14 (1,438.46)consecutive losses ($):24 (-6,341.39)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):2,879.94 (8)consecutive loss (count):-7,125.33 (4)
Averageconsecutive wins:2consecutive losses:2


Trading Instruments

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, 131.88%

Recorded on Dec 31, 2019 11:59:59 PM Broker Time

Average trade length: 40 hours, 31 minutes, 22 seconds

Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 2/18/78

Trading Days of the Month

Trading Days of the Week

Test Log

2019-10-17 ErosProfitEA Real Test started with help of Investor Access on an account of

The FPA appreciates sharing their EA performance on a LIVE account with traders community!

Please address ALL questions regarding the settings of this EA to support. The FPA is monitoring this EA using the investor password and has no access to the settings being used.

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