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Steve Carletti
Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The FapTurbo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The FapTurbo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The FapTurbo.com forex robot trades not only currency pairs but also trades cryptocurrency Bitcoin
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Contact: support@fapturbo3.com

FapTurbo.com Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Fap Turbo test2 +0.53 63.7 +39.99
Fapturbo Flash +0.64 31.3 +22.249
FapTurbo Ichimoku -0.92 47.1 -35.23
FAP Turbo -0.8 85.4 -49.424
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2.559 • 179 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Sanford MI, USA,
Dec 9, 2011,

Very disappointed with FAP Turbo. I could never get the EA to take a trade. After being proactive and sending screen shots of the settings, journals, and experts pages, they suggested a back test. A back test took no trades either. Evidently, I offended them because I complained about the time between emails as well as their back test explanation. I was told if I really wanted FAP Turbo to work, that I should should take it upon myself to find a way to make it work. Gee, I wonder if they pull their own teeth too?
Troy D.
Kansas City, USA,
Aug 9, 2011,

I think FapTurbo is out of business. They never respond to "support" emails and the phone numbers listed in the members area only ring busy.
No trades for several days. Small pip winners 3 - 5, then large pip losers 40+.
Jun 9, 2011,

Very happy with Fapturbo. After reading the forum posts I knew not to change any of the settings and is going well.

For those who aren't sure about spending the money, MT4-brokers offers Fapturbo and other EA's for free.
East Coast US,
May 6, 2011,

I tried to use very large Lot Risk Reductor like 50%. Right now my balance is around $6500 (demo). But I am unable to have lot sizes similar to those of Fapturbo's chart with deposit of $5100 (2-4 when their balance was only around $6200). I can have lot sizes of only 1-2. My leverage is 1:100. My broker is also FXCBS. I suspect that FXCBS allows Fapturbo to have a leverage of 1:200 or more, even though FXCBS denies it. There is just no way to have such large lot sizes with such a small balance and a leverage of only 1:100!!

2011-05-01 4StarI purchased Fapturbo long ago, and their most updated version looks very promising. But there is one issue that is quite suspicious. See the email exchange between myself and FXCBS below:

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Please note that the following account that is put on the website of Fapturbo is not a live account.


Best Regards,

FXCBS Customer Care
FXCBS|Fienex Group

This electronic communication and its contents are intended for the recipient only and may contain confidential, non-public and/or privileged information. If you have received this electronic communication in error, please advise the sender immediately, and delete it from your system (if permitted by law).

Disclaimer: Foreign Exchange is a leveraged product and carries a high degree of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit Forex may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose.
Original Message
Subject: Strange lot sizes
From: t.cheng3@verizon.net
To: "FXCBS Information Desk"
Date: 2011-04-30 19:31:45

I am enclosing a portion of the trading chart from the Fapturbo website below. They refused to answer my question related to this issue, so I hope that you can answer my question instead.

5621655 2011.01.11 23:26 buy 3.60 eurusd 1.29689 1.28180 1.30270 2011.01.12 01:00 1.29733 -28.80 0.00 -5.40 158.40
5622186 2011.01.11 23:30 buy 2.80 gbpusd 1.56050 1.54390 1.56500 2011.01.11 23:48 1.56129 -22.40 0.00 0.00 221.20
5622860 2011.01.11 23:34 buy 2.60 gbpchf 1.51921 1.50370 1.52440 2011.01.11 23:43 1.52023 -21.42 0.00 0.00 272.34
5623688 2011.01.11 23:56 buy 2.60 gbpchf 1.51901 1.50240 1.52300 2011.01.12 01:03 1.52012 -21.22 0.00 1.87 296.34
5623392 2011.01.11 23:56 buy 2.70 gbpusd 1.56058 1.54390 1.56510 2011.01.12 01:22 1.56119 -21.60 0.00 -2.43 164.70
5624175 2011.01.12 00:23 sell 2.90 eurchf 1.26327 1.27850 1.25850 2011.01.12 12:45 1.26304 -23.90 0.00 0.00 68.58

At this particular time, the balance of the account was only around $6200. If you look at the EURCHF trade that started at 1.12 00:23, you will note that there were 3 other opened trades at this time, namely the EURUSD, GBPCHF and the GBPUSD trades. Altogether, the total lot size for these 4 trades is 11.8! Even if I assume the standard 1 lot = $100,000, and a leverage of 1:100 (what you allow), the required margin is already $11,800! The actual number must be higher, since 1 lot=$100,000 is true for only the EURUSD pair. From the above argument, it is obvious that you must have allowed a leverage of 1:200 or more for Fapturbo, which is not available for the general public.


Thomas [End of quote]

Is Fapturbo hiding something?
Mar 7, 2011,

I bought FAPTurbo the first day it was released. i thought it was a "not bad" EA but not good enough to use with real money because of the huge stoploss ( for early versions ).. and since then I was testing it and updating. even purchased fapturbo expert guide! .. anyways, the lat update - V 52 - is in my opinion, what they should have released from the start. it's the best yet and my results - demo - are more than amazing. however, I must note here that whatever you are doing with this robot, stay away from the long term strategy. I have no idea why they are not updating it or improving it. and why they even including it in the robot. it's like a death trap for any account. in my opinion, they are really doing great job with the updates for the scalper system. and with the last V52 you can trade safely and make really good money. and if you are experienced with robots then Fapturbo would be your personal Gold mine. I recommend that you play with the settings on backtest and forwad test with all pairs. until you get the best results possible. then move to a small live account. if you are not experienced with robots then just use the default settings for V52 with all pairs. again, stay away from the long term strategy! or just use it on demo if you have to. thanks and good luck
Feb 11, 2011,

I purchased FapTurbo in 2010 affter reading some good reviews so I thought. My first was the Fapturbo 50, which didn't work bad, but I thought maybe it was my settings. I purchased Rob Casey;s guide thinking it would help. Seems like his information is better at selling than actual instructions. Now he is pushing the Rover North system. Now I'm a life time member to two programs that to me turned out to be a waste of time and money. I updated to Fap 51 and adjusted settings like Casey said, not too much profit in the demo's.and not much improvement. Fap 51 is a dog. Small profits and wipe out lost. Sorry I can't find someone who can really fix the settings to follow some of the trends I see Fap just sit and watch.
Could write a small book.

Feb 10, 2011,

Just want to post an update to my previous comments about version 52 from two months ago.
This version continues to perform well for me. I have had a couple large losses, though. I've noticed that these are trades that start late in the time window in which Fapturbo trades. Then they hang on for hours, eventually closing with a big loss. My thoughts on this are that if there are any open trades two or three hours after Fapturbo stops trading for the day, just close them and take the loss because it usually just gets worse. I have also shortened the trading time by 1 hour. If this strategy works at preventing the big losses, I may consider using this on a live account. I will post again if the shortened trading time works for me

2010-12-08 No Rating I bought this EA when it first came out, and have used different versions off and on with different demo accounts over the past two years. My experience has been the same as most of the other reviewers, with lots of small wins that get wiped out by one or two big losses.
Last week I downloaded the new version 52 and set it up on an account with FXCBS, using the settings given for the example accounts shown on their website, which have slightly different stop loss and take profit settings from the defaults on most of the pairs. New for this version is the addition of the EUR/USD on the scalper. So far so good. Lots of small wins and a few small losses. Account is up about 5% for the week. Could it be that they have finally got it right? We'll see...

2008-12-11 No Rating This is my second posting on this product. I have been using it on demo for a couple of weeks. Here are some results. I had one account running both strategies, and one just running the scalper.

My results with the long term strategy were disastrous. I was admittedly risking far greater than I would have with real money. 5 open trades (4 sell 1 buy) of one lot each on a $10,000 account. They all hit their stop loss, leaving about $2500 in the account. I would say to use this with extreme caution, if at all.

The scalper strategy, on the other hand, is quite impressive. My results from Dec. 1st thru 11th are:
56 trades of which 53 were positive.
1 lost 4 pips
2 broke even
for a net profit of 426 pips.
With results like this, if you had a $10,000 account and traded 1 lot minimum, you could conceivably double your account size in a month's time.

2008-11-26 No Rating I purchased this product today, and set it up on a demo account. I figured I have nothing to lose since Clickbank is so great about giving refunds if you don't like a product.
I noticed the same things as the previous posters did on the sales page. Not sure what to think about that
I must say I am impressed with the support documentation and video tutorials that you get. If you are new to forex, these will help you understand the basics, and get set up easily.
How does it work? Well before I even had all the pairs set up, it had completed a trade for +10 pips and entered two more trades.
The affiliate I bought through is sending out updates of his results. Today was his first day using it, and it did 7 positive trade and one negative for a total of +37 pips for him.
I'm not rating this yet, as I have tried other robot traders before including the original FAP. They would do well at first, but the have disastrous results when things would go against you. It appears that the guys who made this program have tried to put some protection in against big drawdowns etc. Well see. I will update and give a rating after using it for a while
Feb 8, 2011,

Fapturbo will never work like what you think ever, The big main reason is that it trys to scalp EURGBP, EURCHF and other European pairs during the period when the european sessions are closed, Its quite convinient for westerner in North/South american continents as its daytime..

It trys to scalp 5-10pips with 100's of pip in invisible stoploss. What happens is it wont accept a loss, mainly due to it needs to show 100% statistics.

So when it runs into a loss and it goes on and on into the European session, if luckily european session goes into the EA direction you might profit after the long wait... But if european continues to go against the EA trade's direction ,, that trade will never return into profit and hence go into loss till it hits the 100 or 100's of pip stoploss. Wiping out alll the 100's of 5-10pip scalp winners it made all those days.

I dont like a EA that says it scalps and wont use a small stoploss.

Better to have 70% winners rather than 100% but with a small 20-30 stoploss so we dont lose days of time and hundreds of winners to a few bad days...
J Vendues
Caracas, Venezuela,
Jan 10, 2011,

I also bought FAP Turbo (the newest version v52 I think) and I bought the Expert Guide. I have it setup on live acc and so far it is doing good for me. My acc is only small so I use it more for testing. And I pay less than $77 for BOTH :) :) :). I only pay $29 for EA so if it doesn't work it won't be to big loss
Jan 7, 2011,

I purchased FAP Turbo in Summer of '10 based on the amount of praise this 'bot had heaped on it. My experience with it has been that it accumulates numerous small and medium profits only to have these wiped out by one or two big loses. It seemed that everyone was making money with this product but me. I subscribed to ExpertGuide for $77 and used their settings, to no avail. FAO Turbo has wiped out 2 accounts for me and I no longer use it. I'm investigating other robots, but doing a more thorough job.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fap Turbo?

FapTurbo is a forex trading robot (EA), which can be installed on your MT4 account to automate trades for you based on the settings you preset.

How much does Fap Turbo cost?

The newest version of FapTurbo is Fap Turbo 3 and it is available for $39.95/month.

Does Fap Turbo offer free trial?

Yes. FapTurbo offers a 7- day free trail.

Which brokers does Fap Turbo work on?

Fap Turbo works on any MT4 brokers.