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Steve Carletti
Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The FapTurbo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The FapTurbo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The FapTurbo.com forex robot trades not only currency pairs but also trades cryptocurrency Bitcoin
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Contact: support@fapturbo3.com

FapTurbo.com Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Fap Turbo test2 +0.53 63.7 +39.99
Fapturbo Flash +0.64 31.3 +22.249
FapTurbo Ichimoku -0.92 47.1 -35.23
FAP Turbo -0.8 85.4 -49.424
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2.559 • 179 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Feb 12, 2020,

I have been running FapTurbo 3 since June 2018

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have a separate computer that runs 24/7. Although it shut down 4 months ago and I forgot to restart it, but until then my $2000 USD on FXChoice 4, running the standard parameters in the instructions is now $3346. That is over 150% return in 18 months. Now I did adjust to lower the leverage. Hope this helps. The lesson I learned is have enough capital, don't go over on leverage and give the software 6-9 months.
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation,
Sep 10, 2018,

Good but no automatically updates

Hey, I use this robot 7 weeks. The main thing which I like it's trading activity. I used several robots before and with some of them I wait few days to see at least one trade but with fapturbo I got 2-8 trades per day. Almost all of them profitable. I don't like that profits are too small but they close fast. At the beginning I got loss trade after one week and have sent them a message. After two days I finally got response but their answer was helpful. Also I got bonus their robot with ichimoku filter. Now I use it also. In general I can say that robot good and profitable but you always should be in contact with their support because they can recommend to change settings. I like their member area it's quite not modern but there a lot of useful things like videos, pdf and other. Hope they will improve their software to make updates with settings automatically and it will be not necessary to ask them about settings every month.
, USA,
Mar 28, 2014,

Using FT2 from last 3 months by default setting, My account is down by 25%. Bitcoin with huge losses and stop trading it.
Boston, USA,
Mar 18, 2015,

Don't waste your time on this robot..
You will never win. Big loosing stop loss knocks down all your small wins. Strategy behind it sucks.
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bangkok, Thailand,
Apr 9, 2014,

enough for this robot.! i keep losing money in this 2 months not including VPS service 40EUR per month. All new open trade look very stupid, winning ratio very very terrible.!! and different from the fabtubo 2 website. i stop use it today and sure ask them to refund my money. disappointed and wasting my time..!!
Johnny D
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 23, 2014,

Not tried FT2 but FT 1(V56) does work but is very erratic. I tested v 57 and that was awful so went back to 56 on a live account with initial $100 deposit and in 3 months I doubled my money but since I put more money in ($1000) performance has been shocking although I have had winning trades there are far too many losers. I will probably ditch it as it's never gonna make any serious money.
russia, Russian Federation,
Jul 23, 2014,

You need to run FT2 on myfxchoice to have same results as they claim.
I am running it live on myfxchoice and so far so good! I am up 23% since july 1. I was running it on older account too since february, that one won every month except bad May month! That acc is up 49 after it was up 67% earlier but now recovering back again.
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 1, 2013,


Here is my advise after using FAPTurbo57 for a few weeks (real money).

DO NOT use the long term strategy.

The scalper strategy is working for me on all pairs with the DEFAULT settings, 5% risk reductior (default).

From what I can see - where people are going wrong is using the long term strategy (which has a ridiculous 500 pip stop loss from what I can see in the settings) or they are attempting to change the scalper strategy with back testing.

I really don't think this EA is a scam, I just think they like to walk away from people who have used the EA incorrectly and blow their accounts up, which isn't good either. At the end of the day they are trying to run a business and probably find it frustrating when people want their money back after making some mistakes and changing settings, this still doesn't excuse them here however.

At the moment I'm happy with this EA and would give it 5 stars if it remains profitable for months.

Hope I've helped here. Good luck.
Victoria Wamoto
Feb 16, 2011,

FapTurbo makes money everyday for me :)
The thing is, DO NOT mess with the settings. If You do, its not the robot thats losing money, You !! The worst and most common mistake is setting the robot to trade 24hours a day, when its designed to trade the low volume times. I have a 600usd account that I am about to up to a 1k account that I use 0.1 lotsize on. This is safe enough because of the 85% plus hit rate and generates 20 - 50usd for me every night mon - thu. Very happy and please do not mess with the settings. They update the settings and release a new version every six months and they test the new settings themselves so please please please, use default and make money.
Like always in trading ( not a noob, been actively trading for years ) over thinking and panicking and messing around with Your strategies and ea settings after one bad day or week even will wipe out Your account. Do less, make more money !!
So set the robot up, set a preferred lot size or LRR and after that, just let the other settings be. Kick back, make money :)
Hugs and happy trading !!!
, Finland,
Sep 10, 2014,

Weird to see such bad reviews here, because Fapturbo 2 is excellent. I have used it since Jan-2014, so 8 months already. I'm using FX Choice as a broker. Fapturbo 2 is constantly making money for me. Every month since beginning.

For configuration I have used always the default settings and lately the pair specific tweaks that can be downloaded from Fapturbo 2 website.

For lot size I use the calculation that is explained in the documentation: 0.01 lot per 200$ account size.

I wrote this review just to give respect to the developers. The EA works like a charm and keep up the good work fellows! Sunny salute from Finland!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fap Turbo?

FapTurbo is a forex trading robot (EA), which can be installed on your MT4 account to automate trades for you based on the settings you preset.

How much does Fap Turbo cost?

The newest version of FapTurbo is Fap Turbo 3 and it is available for $39.95/month.

Does Fap Turbo offer free trial?

Yes. FapTurbo offers a 7- day free trail.

Which brokers does Fap Turbo work on?

Fap Turbo works on any MT4 brokers.