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Updated: Sep 14, 2018
2.544 · 165 REVIEWS
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Review Moderation Team Note:  We already know that the image of Marcus Leary is an actor from a service that provides spokepeople for the web. This has been covered extensively on the FAPS review page.

FapTurbo is a clickbank product. All products purchased from clickbank are provided with a 60 day money back guarantee which is granted by clickbank itself. The vendor does not accept your money directly, nor provide the returns. If you want a refund, please go directly to clickbank.

The FapTurbo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The FapTurbo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The FapTurbo.com forex robot trades not only currency pairs but also trades cryptocurrency Bitcoin

FapTurbo.com (Steve Carletti)

Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Fap Turbo test2+0.5363.7+39.99
Fapturbo Flash+0.6431.3+22.249
FapTurbo Ichimoku-0.9247.1-35.23
FAP Turbo-0.885.4-49.424

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2.544 · 165 REVIEWS
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Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation,
Sep 10, 2018,

Good but no automatically updates

Hey, I use this robot 7 weeks. The main thing which I like it's trading activity. I used several robots before and with some of them I wait few days to see at least one trade but with fapturbo I got 2-8 trades per day. Almost all of them profitable. I don't like that profits are too small but they close fast. At the beginning I got loss trade after one week and have sent them a message. After two days I finally got response but their answer was helpful. Also I got bonus their robot with ichimoku filter. Now I use it also. In general I can say that robot good and profitable but you always should be in contact with their support because they can recommend to change settings. I like their member area it's quite not modern but there a lot of useful things like videos, pdf and other. Hope they will improve their software to make updates with settings automatically and it will be not necessary to ask them about settings every month.
Apr 22, 2018,
Registered user

Stay away

I rented FAP Turbo 3 for a month, but I stopped my EA after almost 3 weeks. I used a small account (around 300 Euro) and after those weeks I lost around 99 Euro which is not good at all. I wrote them and they said they would adjust the parameters next month... but I didn't want to risk another month and pay for it again.
Flipping a coin is probably a lot better than paying for their EA.
Birmingham, United Kingdom,
Apr 8, 2015,

When I was stupid enough to sign up to the FAPTurbo experience, I used a unique email address for the outfit.

I now know how to get an enlargement of my personal equipment, and what pills to take to lose pounds of body weight, as my inbox is now littered with emails sent to that unique address, fapturbo.test.check@mydomain.xxx

FAPTurbo is obviously not making money so they have sold their user database.
Boston, USA,
Mar 19, 2015,

Don't waste your time on this robot..
You will never win. Big loosing stop loss knocks down all your small wins. Strategy behind it sucks.
Malaga, Spain,
Nov 28, 2014,

It seems that FapTurbo has joined the list of other dodgy gurus and Forex trading "scams" They've flogged their email database! I received three phishing emails today, purporting to be from an American retailer - all addressed to the same unique inbox [fapturbo.xxxxx.xxx@my domain.net] created exclusively for when I was naive enough to believe that a $100 would make me money.
Keep away from them.
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 16, 2014,

Warning for everyone. Please do not buy fapturbo 2.0/2.1 you will not make money. You will only lose your money. Do not waste your time.
Orlando, USA,
Dec 11, 2013,

Hahah, FapTurbo.. Hoping that they allow me to reactivate my live account because when u buy fapturbo they give you two brokers they Recommend and the one I chose was FxChoice(their top pick) and after a few backtests to find out what the settings do(no explaination anywhere) i was atleast familiar with settings so I went live with 100 bucks(they want u to do this to give u fapt premium-why is there more than One ea?) so i get the live account going and after two weeks trading with default settings(their reduktor setting on 40 and not 10) i see commissions and swap fees from FxChoice is more than profit and I have lost 2% of my account.
So I then know what I have to do and thats to research brokers because every trade the fapturbo is making is scalping for little profits that are eaten up by the brokers commissions and swap fees.
Then i get an email that Fapturbo2 is coming out and I watch the video and they bash the product that I just paid for with how many people bought it and how its gotten a bad effect going for it but that it should still work but fapturbo2 is where the action is at.
So Yea, I decided to try a non ecn account with no commissions with FxChoice and the spread is just a little bit higher(like 1.9 compared to 2.9) but what else choice do I have?
Fapturbo just simply doesnt give u confidence in replying to your emails.
Fapturbo forums are dead as of 2009 and 2010, What happened to all the people?
I've emailed fapturbo to see what im doing and to tell me how to get performance but I think this company isn't taking care of their ability to give its customers quality service.
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 2, 2013,


Here is my advise after using FAPTurbo57 for a few weeks (real money).

DO NOT use the long term strategy.

The scalper strategy is working for me on all pairs with the DEFAULT settings, 5% risk reductior (default).

From what I can see - where people are going wrong is using the long term strategy (which has a ridiculous 500 pip stop loss from what I can see in the settings) or they are attempting to change the scalper strategy with back testing.

I really don't think this EA is a scam, I just think they like to walk away from people who have used the EA incorrectly and blow their accounts up, which isn't good either. At the end of the day they are trying to run a business and probably find it frustrating when people want their money back after making some mistakes and changing settings, this still doesn't excuse them here however.

At the moment I'm happy with this EA and would give it 5 stars if it remains profitable for months.

Hope I've helped here. Good luck.
, India,
Sep 9, 2013,


They dont even think for a second before drafting an email, all the guys, Alex, Jacob are very very rude with the customers.

I'm not sure what gives them the right to be rude... they forget that they are in business because we purchased it.

Please find the email thread with fapturbo guys:

ISSUE : I have asked them to change my live account no associated with the EA and they refused it saying they have changed it too many times.

They lost temper much faster than me and was rude all the time.

Their terms and conditions in the PDF says i can change live no any time but still they refused to change it.

we will not allow any more changes on your FapTurbo license. You have already sent us multiple requests for the same before. If you wish to activate FapTurbo on your new account#, please purchase a new FapTurbo license!

You never mentioned this.. the fxopen account which I have recently changed has issues im unable to deposit money due to restrictions by my bank...

So I have to go back to same broker...why did 'nt mention this before.... im not gaining anything here by changing brokers

I have already deposited money in new account with lot if transaction costs and currency conversion fee...

I will be forced to escalate this if it cannot be changed... you should always inform such conditions or told me atleast last time I asked you to change it

Please forward this to your ops manager...meanwhile I will write to steve


do NOT make any veiled threats about having to escalate this issue to our superiors; they will tell you EXACTLY the same thing that we informed you! Since April, you have made SEVERAL requests for change in your live account# and that is something we will NOT encourage any further, is that clear?! Our response to you remains the same: you will have to purchase a new license, there will be NO compromise on this matter!


so for you me escalating to your supervisor is a threat to you...?

you did not answer my question, since when did you decide not to
change live account number and since when is it considered i have
changed too many accounts... if there is a limit in changing in
number of live accounts why is that you have not informed your
customers about this limit ? i dont work in fap company so please dont
expect me to know all of this.

I would have always limited myself changing live accounts if i had
know that there are such limits exists...why is that you suddenly come
u with such conditions... i changed so many live accounts because i do
live testing with brokers, i do not demo it, coz demo varies greatly
with live.

Now, the issue is not just changing account no, whoso ever you are the
way you are reacting and responding is not acceptable in the customer
service industry anywhere...

This is not the first time, but you seem to loose your temper must
faster than the customer, capitalizing the words, giving it blunt to
the customers etc ..you forget that the job your required to do does
require patience and a specific set of skills which you do not have

Just because you are working in a company which has great product does
not give you a right to react this way with your customers..

i 'm taking the pain contacting your supervisors myself and rest in
peace..please do not get stressed to respond to this, i dont need a
reply , chillax.


As we had informed you earlier, you are already aware of our requirements and rules regarding a SINGLE Live account# per License, and it is also mentioned on our Members Area. You should've checked with FxOpen first about being able to fund your account before you asked us to update your license. No more account changes will be entertained to your current license! You are also not eligible for a refund. You may purchase a new license from our Members Area at a slightly discounted rate and then add a new live account# if you wish. Thank you!


Hello Alex,

Would you please take a look at the screen shot attached in this email.

Its the screen shot of the lines from the fapturbo 57 PDF guide.

As per the lines in that i can always change the broker by proving proof...

Infact you did change the broker like 10 times now and all the time
you approved my change of account number.. then why all of a sudden
you are denying it ? even though if you have mentioned somewhere in
the web that account is tied to only account and stuff you changed
accounts all the time ...if you have told me that you are doing it
only on exception basis or something i would have understood.... All
this time im demo testing live accounts, yes, i dont do demo , i
directly deposit small amounts and test it on live....

IF the PDF has lines saying it cannot be changed or atleast if you had
told me somthing about it i would have always restricted myself
opening new accounts and stuff around only with one account....

I also request you to update the PDF with your clear terms so that
other customers wont be effected by such misguidance.

Please understand , im not trying to use EA on two accounts , im sure
at any point of time works only on one live account .... I did not
know till not that there are bank restrictions for specific brokers...
it is so surprising to me.

considering the fact that , i followed the info given in you own PDF
that broker can be changed , please change my account no...


This is not Alex. My name is Jacob and i am part of the FapTurbo Support Team. We do not encourage several multiple changes in Live Account numbers on our Customer's Licenses. We have already informed you before and our response remains the same. For now, send us the proofs of closure as required and we will forward your case to the higher management for consideration. This is the last time we will tolerate any further requests on your current license.


We have not received a response from our management regarding your case yet. When we do, we shall reply to you. Until then, please wait or you can purchase a new license.


do NOT accuse us of 'misguiding' our members, especially when it comes to customers such as yourself who attempt to abuse our system and generosity. We gave you sufficient warning the last time that we would not entertain any more changes on your FapTurbo license. We have not received any favourable response from our management regarding your request; so you may consider unapproved. Nevertheless, I shall update your license one LAST time, provided you agree not to send us any more requests of this kind from now on. If you want to trade on any other live account, you WILL have to purchase a new license irrespective. There will be NO further compromises when it comes to your account. And be very careful with your choice of words.. if you wish to expedite this request of yours, dont point your finger anymore at us. Is that understood?
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 23, 2013,

Absolute rubbish claims !!!

They make ridiculous commission by getting you to sign up as premium members and you end up making nothing.

Don't go even close to these c*** bots ...