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Updated: Dec 16, 2018
2.375 · 29 REVIEWS
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August 2017:  Binary.com has threatened to sue the FPA if the first post in this thread is not removed.  The FPA does not give companies control of what forums members may or may post because the company makes threats against the FPA.

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Binary.com (was BetOnMarkets.com)

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2.375 · 29 REVIEWS
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Lagos, Nigeria,
Dec 2, 2018,
Registered user


BINARY.COM is a big scam. They manipulate your trades when you start making more profits. I made 300% as profit and l requested for withdrawal of the profit while the stays, for days the funds was not removed from the balance because i wanted it processed just not to risk them in trading. after days of waiting l got an email that l cannot withdraw more than 30% of the amount via my card that l should have that i should have to use other means. I requested for the 30% of the 300% sent first and it was processed with a mail saying it could reflect in 5-14 working days whilst the previous test withdrawal l did only took 3 working days to reflecting as it was stipulated on their site. also, withdrawal to card limit stated on their site was between 10$-10,000$ whilst l was been denied withdrawal via the same means i deposited which was about $300. when l decided to see if l couId trade abit more before getting the other means of withdrawing, as soon as l started trading, l couldn't imagine losing 10 straight losses in their volatility 100 digits even/odd, few minutes after resuming trading, and that got my account wiped off as l was using martingale.
BINARY.COM will wipe your account, they have all the tools to control the last digits against you. All bots all work against you, because what ever tool you use, their system will deduce the strategy and cause you more and more losses mostly if they target your account whilst in their virtual accounts you dont experience such. I knew something was not normal, digits are random. its important because l was using a strategy that delays executions in random seconds before buying.
After my account was wiped initially, I started trading digits differs and after winning at a good number of times which is very normal with digit differs, all of a sudden i started losing consecutively in digit differs.

All the bots stuff are all tricks to lure people into losing their money automatically.

Binary.com is a scam, stay away.
United Kingdom,
Nov 3, 2018,
Registered user

I trust them because

Hmm, the last review I can relate to.. several factors on my end are the cause of many frustrations over the course of my trading history.. mainly internet connections (virgin media) (unreliable deceiving bastards)

It started when I was trading using the manual platform, clicking on purchase I would sometimes see a processing trade screen for 1 second then sometimes 3 10 20 30 seconds etc...
I sent emails after emails blaming binary.com for this!!

Then I used another broker.. same thing happened... oh... I said
I emailed binary.com and apologised for complaining and blaming them for something that was actually my own fault.

Check your internet connection, a simple Speedtest is not sufficient
Ping every 200 millisecond and YOU WILL LIKELY GET A BAD PING
IF you see problems like my processing trade issue then you are likely getting a internet dropout for a elongated period of time.

SOLUTION, get two isp’s, redundant vpn (speedily) to Jon them together, sorted

One thing I am doing now is trialing the volatility assets,
I have been told that they are not operated the same as an online LIVE ROULETTE casino.
Meaning they do not see how much money is on a certain point and aim for that.

I believe them, 5 stars

Another point for 5 stars?

I think before the ESMA ban they knew this would be happening
They introduced volatility assets for traders to fall back on when ESMA ban takes place.

For this I leave a 5 star review

Britain, United Kingdom,
Sep 7, 2018,

Binary.com SCAMMERS

Binary.com is a 100% SCAM. They have many technical issues that strip you of your money. When you put in a complaint, Binary.com just keep taking the complaint round in circles until you either give up trying to get your money back or they have enough of you complaining and state that the technical issues are my end and therfore my problem. Clearly the technical issues are their end.

Binary.com are scammers. They steal your money by technical issues.
ghaziabad, India,
Feb 9, 2018,
Registered user

very trustable broker for binary trading

hi myself madan kumar from india as i was new for binary concept, some of indian agent(forex ecurrency deal) told me bout binary.com i opened my acc 5 month back with 100$ then i started trading option ,i have taken three time withdrawal in this 5 month period with no problem at all except one thing made me annoyed that when ever ties happened i loose my option.
best thing bout binary.com is u put expiration mannually like 122 min,140 min 5 hour 32 minues n so on.i recommended binary.com with both thumbs up.
Dec 26, 2017,
Registered user


Best broker I've found! I found the complaints here strange, as I've never had problems with binary.com, on the contrary, I've received quick bursts (I get in less than 5 hours via Skrill, seriously!); I myself remember many and many times I have won the transaction for a single dot (that is, they were very punctual in price), support for any doubts was always very fast. MT5 does not have recolections and is extremely agile, in addition to the spread being super low! A guy there said that the Volatility 100 is SCAM ... well, I even know a group of people here in Brazil that do operations ONLY on Volatility 100, and yes, they are consistent! Make the profits EVERY WEEK. I honestly believe that people (in general) do not know how to carry out the trades, it's a very complex profession, but the profits are there, yes!
Igie , United Kingdom,
Dec 9, 2017,

Don't trade the volatility index

Their volatility index is a scam, the Maltese finance minister in in bed with the owner of this organisation. I don't see how this type of service should exist in Europe and no one is coming down on them.
Active trader,
London , United Kingdom,
Dec 4, 2017,

Binary.com is a scam

I don't know how the owner of the platform can be this greedy, the volatility index is a scam designed to encourage gambling the suits Binary.com. The odds are always stacked against you 90% constantly. If you the owners of binary.com can live with themselves doing this with the lives they are destroying and still go home to their families it is amazing. I suppose that is the world we live in. There is always karma when you are this greedy.
abuja, Nigeria,
Jul 30, 2017,

i placed a 9 hour trade PUT that closed at 1.16482 but strangely it was returned LOSS. the strike price was 1.16502 at 18:34.04

Unfortunately for them I made a screenshot and paste it from their chart data feed and sent it to the but for days now they responded they cannot open i should send on PDF or JPEG which I do not know how to do that.

Even the next candle (1 minute after), never went to 1.16502 at 18:35:00!!! THIS IS ON THEIR DATA FEED (THEIR CHART)

They manipulate their platform
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 22, 2017,
Registered user

Binary.com plays games

I have written a comprehensive review of this service and what i went through with them over 2016 and 2017 but its disappeared. .Why?

FPA Review Moderation Team Note:  When you submitted your comprehensive review 6 minutes before submitting this one, a message was displayed which said...

"Success. Review submitted and waiting for verification (3-5 business days).
Yes, we read all submitted reviews and use other proprietary systems to filter out the fraud."

You also could click Contact Us, go to Reviews Questions, and read this...


Jun 22, 2017 - 1 Star Hi,

I thought I would leave my unbiased review for Binary.com, a service which I first used but like most traders, lost money on owing to my own greed and inability to trade. Then I had the fortune of finding a transparent service in mid 2016 which allowed for autotrading via an API connection link directly to Binary.com. This service was and remains known as Signal Forge. Things were going good, almost too good for a month or two and quite a few including myself were making money almost on a weekly basis. In September 2016 is when all shit hit the fan. Binary.com shut down key hours when Signal Forge was sending profitable signals, thereby cutting its head off almost over night. I remember the total state of disarray as I first thought it was a Forge issue but then was later to find out that the management teams of Forge had reached out to Binary.com only to be snubbed. It seems the moment and company figures out profitable signals and attaches them to a few hundred traders, Binary.com gets the jitters. The CEO, Frenchman Jean-Yves Sireau, claims to be a transparent and honest owner of a transparent and honest service but there was nothing honest about this move. In no way was Forge rigging quotes or manipulating the API, it was making 70 percent and + win rate trades, far too often and with many attached accounts possibly causing a hit to binary.com's profitability. I stuck around till early this year as Forge was forced to create new signals that would fire outside the hours Binary.com would shut off. These signals started to make money during Jan-March in 2017 and then once again Binary.com shut off more hours and has started to introduce "random" errors which even the coders behind Forge do not understand. Binary.com DID and continues to play games with traders. The owners of this website which is so trusted and well respected should file a complaint to the MFSA as the whistle needs to be blown.

Notice how they also introduce full blown gambling products like the volatility index which any trader in their right mind knows is completely un-auditable madeup algorithm which can be tweaked by their team the moment some trader starts to make too much money.
Abuja, Nigeria,
Apr 22, 2017,

Binary.com has been existing for a long time they are not scammers, i have been with them for over 4 years no hitch