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Alpari is a forex broker. Alpari offers the MT4, MT5 and Binary Trader trading currency platforms. offers over 45 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, binary option, stocks index, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 3000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1
Established: 1998
Address: Cedar Hill Crest, Villa, Kingstown, VC0100, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Contact:, +44 8449 869559
Regional offices:
Regulators: FSC Mauritius #C113012295, FC #
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (45+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (10+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, BitPay, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, MasterCard, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney

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2.426 · 77 REVIEWS
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Athens, Greece,
Dec 16, 2016,
Registered user


Very dissapointed, I thought they were professionals They hit my stop loss though the price never reached my stop loss. When I send them my complaint they never replied. At least I was able to withdraw the rest of my money from my account.
Reply by Alpari submitted Dec 24, 2016:
Hello. Please specify your complaint TID, we will check information on your situation. Please take notice - we respond to a claim within 5 business days.
It's likely that your Sell position was closed at Stop Loss level at Ask price, therefore you could not see this exact price on MT4 chart. Please check the Tick History in your myAlpari profile.
Henderson, Australia,
Dec 6, 2016,

Excellent in everything but leverage reduction.

I have used Alpari Rus since Alpari UK closed. I have found their service very good. I trade the news and find the spreads do widen, but not as bad as the old IBFX Mt4. Also IBFX MT4 used to freeze during news events, Alpari never has. The only criticism is that in times like the britexit, they reduced their leverage, even on already open positions, whereas other brokers do that only on new trades during the reduction timeframe.
Reply by Alpari submitted Dec 8, 2016:
Thank you for your feedback!
Most of our clients are thankful for this measure. In times like the BREXIT there is a high risk due to the low liquidity and high volatility, which are causes of gaps in the qoutes flow , which in turn may lead to slippages.
Oct 8, 2016,
Registered user



I am IB of Alpari,(IB no:1202369) since 2010. I won 1774 USD rebates in September 2016. But Alpari paid only 81 USD for rebates of September .
i fulfilled the rule that 3 active clients trade 1 LOT in 1 month. I will complain this company. I am talking my lawyers. And I think talk to Russian Embassy.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 23, 2016:
Hello, our IB department has already discussed all the possible solutions to this problem with you. Total sum has been decreased due to clause 5.8 of our IB regulations - "should the IP address of a Client be the same as that of the IB, they shall be considered affiliated and compensation on the account will not be paid."
If you have other questions - feel free to contact our Client Support.
, USA,
Jul 4, 2016,

Unfortunately, although Alpari let me open and verify an account, as soon as I funded it (with a $4000 wire transfer from memory), they told me that they couldn't accept me as I was a US resident (which they could have done when I verified the account).

They then stole part of my money, claiming it was their bank's wire fee. When I emailed them asking for an explanation they wouldn't even answer the emails.

As such, I strongly recommend against this broker, even if you're in a jurisdiction where you're able to use them. Their incompetence and childish support should throw anyone off, no matter where they're from.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 23, 2016:
Hello, unfortunately we do not accept clients from the US and Canada - there are no options for "USA" and "Canada" during our registration process. If you chose another country to create an account with us and then instantly deposited funds without even contacting Client Support - you bear the responsibility for the consequences of your action.
All charges and rates for withdrawal transfers are clearly stated on our website: .
bihor, Romania,
Jun 11, 2016,

i have good experience with alapari. I did not withdraw money yet, but all my questions and problems found answer immediately. I have invested in Pamm account and MT4 on my self.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 23, 2016:
Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
, Malaysia,
May 16, 2016,

Please Stay Away From

on 18th march 2016 i received email from stating that they would like to advertised their broker within our website.

total of usd200 for articles ads.we had fullfill the job and asking for payment.

at this point refuse to acknowledge that he on behalf of had offered us for the advertisement.

though we had show all details emailed by him regarding his offers to us this has go around the question and make funny of our claimed.

this is unethical behaviour from someone from alpari who refused to pay usd200.

since usd200 is not a big deal to us we just ignored him when he accused us for blackmailing them.we got all the email as proof,all the articles that they provide and now they accused us for blackmailing them.

i wonder how alpari can hired this guy into their company.

im here to inform all of you who might interested to join this broker to stay away from them. if they can lie for as low of usd200 the cost of advertisement for their label.just imagined what they can do for your money
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, please specify your contact e-mail or webiste (you can do it via private message on the forum) - we will look into this issue.
, Brazil,
Apr 19, 2016,

Alpari is a good broker. The only complain is they disabled Neteller deposits in USD currency. They want to gain from currency conversion also, not only from deposit rates.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, Neteller deposits were temporarily disabled due to technical reasons. Now this deposit option is available again:
alexander dahmen,
bucharest, Romania,
Feb 13, 2015,

i want to escalate this case
alpari ru owes me 667USD my account number is 57638
500$ in partnership comission was deducted from account 167USD are currently in the account i want to close the account but they dont payout the outstanding balance
i fulfilled the rule that 3 active clients trade 1 LOT in 1 month
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, total payment has been decreased due to the fact that several of your referrals used the same IP address.
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Feb 13, 2015,

I have been trading Alpari ru for several months, and both invested in the PAMM accounts and run my own managed account. So far the trading is normal. I don't use scalper techniques nor do I rely upon fast execution or super low spread. My robots work on a VPS with quite a ping, but I feel OK with everything. I got all my money back (1K EUR) once when I decided to quit. It was normal (1-2 days via a bank card transfer). Overall I am giving a solid 4 to Alpari ru. We will see what happens next.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, thank you for your feedback.
, Turkey,
Jul 16, 2014,

if you are a long term trader, it fits you. if you are a scalper, looking for 5-10 pip targets, stay away. their "ecn" is heayly filtered, and demo/real spreads became different. they play with spreads time to time. this is possibly when they decide to win more from customer funds. withdrawals is working.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, thank you for your feedback. A lot has changed since 2014 - spreads on our ECN accounts are much more narrow.
, United Kingdom,
Jun 26, 2014,




The execution type on your Classic account will be changing from instant execution to market execution on Sunday, 29 June 2014.

Please note that you do not need to take any action and that any open positions and pending orders you have are unaffected, so you can still have predefined entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

What is market execution?
When you place a market execution order you won’t be requoted on FX*, because your order is automatically filled at the next available price in the market. You should also be aware that stop loss and take profit levels can only be set once a trade is opened, because the entry price could change before the position is opened.
Reply by Alpari submitted Nov 24, 2016:
Hello, thank you for your review. This letter was probably sent by Alpari UK, which operates no longer. However Alpari Ltd. provides several ECN account types:
Abdulwakeel O.,
Lagos, Nigeria,
Feb 7, 2014,

Our company representative will be with you in a moment. Meanwhile you can submit your question.

14:56 Tigran has joined the chat.
Tigran | 14:56
Good afternoon! How can I help you?

Abdulwakeel | 14:56
any reason why my accounts were disconnected prior to NFP news....none of my accounts could execute a trade, and i ended up losing on one due to late entry

Login Issue1.PNG (6 Kb)
Login Issue2.PNG (4 Kb)

Abdulwakeel | 15:07
is anyone still with me @ all??
is anyone still with me @ all??

Tigran | 15:10
Wait for a minute please

Abdulwakeel | 15:10

Tigran | 15:24
As far as i see there was no cnnection on Your account
It is due to instable internet connection from Your side

Abdulwakeel | 15:26
That's a big false statement cos i run my trades from my VPS...and you can't tell me my VPS' internet connection was unstable?????

Abdulwakeel | 15:34

Abdulwakeel | 15:36
it would be funny if that's gonna be the excuse for my trades not being able to execute before the news, cos i never had internet issues from my PC and neither from my VPS.......Both were running smoothly and also to note i don't trade from my PC, all my terminals are on my VPS and also to note i don't trade from my PC, all my terminals are on my VPS

Tigran | 15:37
Wait for a minute please

Tigran | 15:51
From our side there was no troubles with connection all the servers worked properly

Abdulwakeel | 15:53
So why were my trades unable to execute, cos the terminal returned "cannot login [no connection]
both terminals
and all of a sudden, one executed, but my entry was late
and all of a sudden, one executed, but my entry was late

Abdulwakeel | 15:55
leading to my loss

Abdulwakeel | 15:58
login Issue3.PNG (374 Kb)

even after one of the trades got executed, my EA trade manager couldn't even set TakeProfit, because it couldn't connect with trade server

Abdulwakeel | 16:02
and EAs can only operate when there's tick movement from the no issues from my VPS....problem still bores down to YOU

Abdulwakeel | 16:19

Tigran | 16:23
As i said before, there was no problem from our side

Abdulwakeel | 16:23
And I'm giving you more proofs and evidences that it's from your side
Or are you gonna choose to ignore all my screen shots
Or are you gonna choose to ignore all my screen shots

Abdulwakeel | 16:26
or isn't it glaring there from the screenshot that there was an established connection......but my trades failed to execute early due to technical issues from YOU

Abdulwakeel | 16:28
i trade the news strictly, this is where i make my money from forex. and timing is the issue here....i definitely do not need to explain that to you guys

Abdulwakeel | 16:31
@ least if i'm wrong in all i've been saying then prove it to me or make it obvious to me rather than just replying that the problem isn't from your end.....cos you only end up making me look like a fool who doesn't know what he's saying and that's unprofessional

Abdulwakeel | 16:47

Abdulwakeel | 16:54
Can see it's so obvious now all you trying to avoid is a REFUND...well don't be surprised if our chats go viral on the net (forums) speaking badly and unprofessionally of you guys........won't even be surprised if the act was INTENTIONAL, cos when clients begin to make money, brokers start playing dubious and dirty games just to deter the trader from profiting in the long run
bandung, Indonesia,
Oct 23, 2013,

i have withdraw problem with this broker, almost one month not receive money in my bank amount 912 USD, now i can't login to member are too
be carefull to join this broker
Sweden, Sweden,
Sep 2, 2013,

Be aware of Alpari NZ weird things on this broker.

I tought i should add a warning about Alpari NZ, yesterday i had 8 trades in my basket and the basket was in profit, i also expect it would become higher since i knew gold would go up even more before the reverse, well now the weird thing start to happen.

First i got error on the connection, this was just before the news from United Kingdom, impossible for me to login, i filed a complain against them because this was not the first time this happens when big data is coming, then the next thing happen.

Suddenly all my trades got closed, i did not understand what happen at hall, i was about to add a order and all closed, i went to account history and could see that my trades was closed due to 'Margin call', this is even more strange, i had $150 in balance and equity was $161 so it cant be any margin call, i tried to buy gold again and got the message 'Not enough money', well have a look at the picture 'cant_place_ordersaying_no_money' tell me if i dont have money or if i should have margin call?

Well yet again i filed a complain, and now even more strange this start to happen, i was forced to use another computer so i logged on with that one, guess if i was shocked, when i entered my account suddenly all my trades where there again(see picture, compare the order number), how is this possible, trades where closed due to margin call(according to there account history) and still they where there.

Angry as hell i filled another complain and told them how the hell this could happen, and it was no use for them to try to erase the account history since i already had a copy of it, guess what, after a while the trades that where closed and where in the account history was gone.

I have said to them that they can close all trade set my account to $170 which should be a fair and then im nice since i did not get all the profit on my trades, i haven't yet got any answer from them.

The best advice i can give to you all out there, stay the hell away from Alpari NZ nothing else then criminals.

After a day i got an answer from them:

------------------ From Alpari -------------------------
Dear Kenneth

Thank you for your request.

We have a technical problem with server of ECN.
A margin was an incorrect. That's why all positions were closed.
We recovered it again automatically.
If You think, that a recovering of orders wasn't right, send a request through myAlpari
Accept apology for the situation.

Im very sure they would not accept my apology if it was the other way around, well i dont think they would accept my apology, how the heck do they think they can return my trades much later and after they have passed to the top and then gone negative.
They closed my trades and i was profit around $15 and would have been around $30, they give back trades that are negative -$47 and they want me to accept an apology.

I have added a link here where you can read the same, but there is also picture to prove this scam

Moscow, Russian Federation,
May 30, 2013,

There was a problem. At 17:54 the warrant on purchase after EURUSD steam, was open at 17:58
the terminal on the computer hanged and I had to open a trade platform on
phone where I manually closed ордел with profit in 266USD. After that I opened
platform on the computer and the balance of the account was successfully changed on 266USD (the warrant was
it is closed). At 19:09 the terminal on the computer again hanged, after its restart the warrant
603757238 it was open and with losses. The chat addressed in online, told that to
to them already addressed on this problem, asked to write to you to understand in

In a week I received the answer:

Really, 22.05.13 at 17:59 on MT time, on a currency pair of EURUSD price emission was recorded.

On this price emission from the terminal authorized on your account 914319 the order on position closing #603757238 arrived that confirms a server log file:
2013.05.22 17:59:17 '914319': close market order #603757238 (buy 3.65 EURUSD at 1.29036)
2013.05.22 17:59:17 request from '914319' (close #603757238 buy 3.65 EURUSD at 1.29119)
2013.05.22 17:59:17 confirm '914319' close #603757238 buy 3.65 EURUSD at 1.29109

2013.05.22 17:59:17 '914319': close order #603757238 (buy 3.65 EURUSD at 1.29036) of at 1.29109 completed

As these prices weren't recognized market, at 18:55 on MT time this emission was removed, and its consequences are eliminated.

It became the reason of restoration of your position #603757238 in the market:

2013.05.22 18:55:26 '914319': restored order #603757238, buy 3.65 EURUSD at 1.29036

Similar situations a rarity, however price emissions happen. We in turn make every effort for reduction of quantity of similar situations and we do everything possible for the fastest elimination in case of identification.

Restoration of positions as the way of settlement of similar situations is universal practice.

During analysis of this claim of mistakes, or violations of Regulations of trade operations it wasn't revealed, as a result, the bases for satisfaction of a claim aren't present.

We apologize for the delivered inconveniences.

The company broke point of the regulations, namely

4.2 . For position closing by means of the client terminal without use of the adviser the Client needs to press the Close … button ("To Close …"). The order of the Client on closing of a position can be executed at the price which differs from the quotation which the Client received in the client terminal during the last cut of the market (Market Snapshot), in the following cases:

a) if the current quotation changed from the moment of the last cut of the market (Market Snapshot);

b) if the quotation from the last cut of the market is applicable to the smaller volume of trade operation, than the volume of trade operation of the Client.

In all cases the order of the Client will be executed for the best reasonable price from suppliers of liquidity of the Company.

In it it is told that IN ALL CASES, the order of the client will be executed for the best reasonable price.

In my case the order wasn't executed.
Dresden, Germany,
May 10, 2013,

Please also read my review about ForexTime to completely understand this complaint!

I have had a so called "ECN" account with Alpari NZ and have made good profit with them. However, when I almost tripled my initial deposit, out of sudden the execution time on the ECN account went from 300ms on average to exactly 3 seconds each time. Making scalping unprofitable of course.

I suspected it´s the typical "Virtual Dealer"-type of plugin at work on my account and that this is not a real ECN account but that they are market making on it and just saying it´s an ECN account. I was proven right because I simply opened an additional ECN account in the "My Alpari" backend and this one had the usual fast execution time of 300ms.

So I moved my capital form my previous ECN account to the new one via the backend and continued my scalping strategy and again made a good profit. Then again, out of sudden, the orders have been delayed by 3 seconds each.

So I repeated the same procedure and opened another ECN account in the backend, transfered my capital from the previous second ECN account and, you guess it already, execution was fast again:)

It´s a very funny game indeed to be honest, but you clearly see how the broker is cheating here and that their ECN account is NOT a true ECN account but that they are market making on it and don´t like if you make to much profit.

Please also read my review as the same happened to me there - they are connected with Alpari, using their previous offices in Cyprus and the same liquidity.
Vadim B,
Nadym, Russian Federation,
Dec 11, 2012,

Very good and honest Brokerage!I have been working with them already 3 years!Real conditions,fast support,no-problems with deposit-withdrawal.Besides very wide PAMM service.The only one thing-not very narrow spreads at majors.But at all its very good!
Brisbane, Australia,
Jan 22, 2012,

One of the worst brokers i have ever come upon.
I get atleast 3 requotes on every entry..even with slippage set to 20pips. Then i get multiple requotes on exit..
Very hard to trade with. I would recommend to anybody dont trade with these guys. There are far better options out there
Oct 26, 2011,

As far as I can tell, Ive been trading with Alpari (Demo) for the past 1 year, they have good execution time, less trade timeout/requote, but I once noticed a spike{ on Alpari UK } which later disappeared. But as per customer satisfaction I can say they are okay, I wouldn't know hw they would respond to scalping EA's or Live account{ as I don't use it for my live account}. But all the same they are okay
Jul 13, 2011,

GIVING ME ON ZULU CONNECTION (1pip markup) 4.2 pip on advertised ~2.2 micro account on eur/usd + an instant "frequent" requote shows me ..

Jul 7, 2011,

I’ve been in this market almost for a decade and I’ve experienced many different brokers. I’ve had active CLASSIC accounts with for the past few years and I’m totally satisfied with them. Fast executions, barely requotes but if so , it’s fair, I mean they’re in both sides. No matter how your account is increasing and how successful trader you are, the trade conditions are stable and they don’t manipulate (I think some traders will get what I’m talking about). Most of the procedures are nicely automatic and you seldom need a support, but anyway the support is good enough too. Honestly I don’t have any experience with funds more than 100k in this broker, but for below that I believe there is no difference your money to be in this broker or in your bank account. They’ll pay your money regardless of how you’ve earned that, even some of payment’s methods are automatic and this means trust. I hope they’ll continue this way.
Colin H Lyon,
Perth Western Australia,
Jun 10, 2011,

Strange to see that they dont allow people from New Zealand to sign up ( Im a New Zealander living in AU)

Dear Colin Lyon,

Thank you for your request.

In accordance with the Company's business plan for international development the Company doesen't engage clients from New Zeland as engagement of the New Zeland residents is planned for furter stages of the Company's development.
Apr 27, 2011,

They can not open Pamm account For UK residents. One star for that.
andi jaya,
Mar 3, 2011,

i have trade at alpari about 5 month... and its okay and no problem... the price quote is stable... and many server to login... :D
Dec 25, 2010,

Honestly, Apari nz is the best of the brokers that I have used. And I have used and am still using about three others brokers. Regardless of what others say, my experience with them has totally changed my opinion about forex. Forex can be profitable, thanks to Alpari nz. Withdrawal is excellent even in local currency, no complain so far, the service is excellent.
Dec 10, 2010,

Good: Easy setup and I've had no problem with cash withdrawal.
Bad: Look somewhere else if you're a scalper. They add delay to order in relation to how many you make. I quickly got a 4 sec delay added to all my orders (entry/exit). Easy to spot by measuring time to place order and compare to another account (same type) on same broker/server. After a day of trading it was very obvious that they've added exactly 4 seconds to each order. During this delay they just pick the best quote for them and the worst for you. This way they can provide low spreads that in practice is widened quite a lot due to delay. Furthermore, if the slippage isn't good for them, they reject the order by returning a requote... Also, I often get requote after a 3 min delay!

So, they're probably good for swingtraders but be aware of possibly added delay that gets you very bad slippage.

Nov 1, 2010,

I have been using Alpari for the last three years. They are the best in my opinion compared to other brokers. I rate them 5
Lagos, Nigeria,
Oct 28, 2010,

I'm surprised at reading bad comment on alpari. Great Broker. One of the good qualities of a broker is to get your profit back after investment. Alpari has such. Good and fast customers' service. Nice platform only that slippage may occur during news(that's when you have poor/slow internet connection). Generally, I think this an honest broker for me to trade with cos all my fund withdrawal was successful in just 2 working days and they presently have office in my Country.
Oct 25, 2010,

Alpari ru has change its name to Alpari nz, there is only nz now.
I have traded with alpari nz for about 3 months, fund and withdraw are both convenient. The spread is the best in the big forex brokers,I also quite satisfied with its Chinese client service.
In a word,everything goes well
May 30, 2010,

they cheating trader in fast mode ! they are not good for deposit and trade , bad support and bad money back , server bad in news and so musch
May 22, 2010,

Dear sir
visit this page

Alpai RU is Scam me about 2 mount ago and i send more then 10 complaint but they don't accept my request and tell me about business roul not broken i trade 0.1 Lot size and left the trade but when i got daily confirmation Email i see they wraith 1.0 lot size and i loss about 2500 USD and they don't accept they mistake i send my log zip file and they answer and my daily statement replay and all in a zip file to view all and show how much they SCAM US and we never can do a right compliant all people doing trade with this Broker But when they see loss in him side doing this action and always losser are US .
Now I have this information and want someone help me in this way If they are really regulation in some where why they don’t answer our complaint and always in Broker side ?
I want Just show You Alparu ru ( ) is An scam Broker site and keep this complaint and never want they accept this is a folk of them and 2500 $ is a big money for a trader working with 0.1 lot size after this i told to everybody trade with Sweden or Switzerland or UK or US . , broker brokers in RUSIA AND Spurs or any other where when loss himself they give that from trader or don’t send money and show they send ! I attach my zip file whit log and statement and want to see everybody maybe not yet late for them and want from new user find Broker from another country NO more Russia . don’t looking to low spread or welcome buns this welcome money very fast got from Broker + your own deposit !!! where they give this easy money for give to US ( our self ) please keep listen to me this is not joke , just when you loss your deposit you understand what I want to tell you ( why 90% always loss because Broker want to keep playing with your money and that 90% is welcome buns ! or … example pr..4x give 1000 - 5000 USD !!! in your first deposit !! this is Joke or they give that in the end of game to you ? )
In the end I tell you again trade is real but in right Broker not Scam or Russia or spurs just find you broker from an country have right rule form they own people .

attach logs file from my PC and my answer click zip file


this is they answer to me : all trader know this !!!!

We have checked your case carefully and in the log files we can that a request for opening a position from your terminal was for 1.00 lot volume. So all orders were executed correctly.

Please note, that when you open a new order in mt4 in the 'Order' popup window there is a 'Volume' field.

The 'Volume' field is clickable and you can both change the lotsize printing the volume manually or scrolling the mouse button after clicking on this field. Please mind that you can change the volume size by mistake just touching the mouse button, or forgetting to add a 'point' when printing in the lotsize (01 instead of 0.1, 01 will be taken as 1 lotsize by the program). So it is highly recommended to double-check the Volume field before clicking Sell or Buy button to avoid any mistakes. The client accepts all the risks of such misprints on his own side.

To exclude the big fund losses in the future trade we strongly recommend you to use the Money management rules.

Thank you for your request.

Re: [TID#10124547] ACC# 89325 logs file attach
Jan 25, 2009,

I've been trading with Alpari IDC for the last 35 months. Over that time, my account is up some 400%. I am using an Expert Advisor, making one average two-three trades per week.

Alpari has worked well, though I'm not totally satisfied.

As others have mentioned, their execution time is worryingly slow. However, when I backtest my Expert Advisor, it shows to have the correct number of trades, with almost-exactly the same entry points. My EA has a slippage allowance of 3 pips when entering trades. On Stop Loss, my EA has a 3 pip slippage, however every time I've checked, it was spot-on, taking the correct SL.

When I've taken money out of Alpari, the money's arrived in my account at my credit union within 24 hours of requesting the withdrawal from Alpari.
Alvin Rikki,
Malaysia - KL,
Dec 31, 2007,

So far, so good, no problems, been using them since last sept, quick responce from customer service and very helpful. For news trade, in general that i found all brokers and platforms does have requotes, so there is nothing new to it. Overall still my choice of broker.
Dec 10, 2007,

I trade with Alpari-IDC since 2005
After 2 years of trading I can remember only

One time stop order slipperage - 30 pips (news)

and once time there was not market quote and I was stopped out - the back office returned my positions within several hours...

Hope these guys remain their good attitude to business
Oct 20, 2007,

i`v been dealing with this broker for about a year on real account n i`m quite satisfied with the service.Since they have put instant execution of orders into operation here in Russia, including all good things said about the company below,i find it the best choice for trading.
Aug 29, 2007,

I have a real account with this broker since 2005. I cant say they are perfect, but they are definitely working on improving themselves. Taking in consideration that trading the news was not my base strategy while trading with them, i cant make a larger review about this aspect, but i remember a few flaws in serving my orders when important news wore coming out. But i guess this is not valid only for them.
Andrey Ivanov,
Aug 24, 2007,

Good broker, did not have any problems. Used it for 1 year and had a slipage of stop order only once. I think it is quite good for news trading if you dont use market orders. Often freezes at the moment of news release. Competitive spreads.
Apr 6, 2007,

Unlike to people who thinks all russian is scam i notice that they've been around since 1998. it must be some good crooks sitting there to fool people for quite a while huh? So, they are good, i've been for a year with them - no problems with a mini account. i wonder if i trade in sizes?

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Is Alpari a good broker or a scammer?

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Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent Alpari community discussions:

Is Alpari International legit?

Alpari International is the trading name for Exinity.

Alpari International is regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius, license number C113012295 Code FS-4.1, Code SEC-2.1B.

How do I invest in Alpari?

Alpari offers PAMM investment service.

  • How does Alpari PAMM work?
Investors assess the effectiveness of different managers by looking at the independent ratings, and select an account to invest in.

If the manager achieves a positive trading result, the investor makes a profit, paying out a percentage of this to the manager.

What is the minimum deposit for Alpari?

Alpari introduces a variable minimum deposit based on the account types.

  • Nano.MT4: the minimum deposit is USCent0
  • : the minimum deposit is $20
  • : the minimum deposit is $100
  • : the minimum deposit is $300
  • : the minimum deposit is $500
  • : the minimum deposit is $500