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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.694 · 13 REVIEWS
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2.694 · 13 REVIEWS
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William Siow,
Nov 23, 2010,

I have been with the service for about a month and so far I am very happy with the service provided and also the quality of the signals. Vladimir's trades tend to be of longer term and with bigger stop and Tom's trades tend to be of shorter term and tighter stop. Therefore, I have a choice of taking short term trades or long term trades. And they do send signals to your mobile through text message. It is handy as I do not need to sit in front of my computer to wait for signals. They also organize regular webinars and the site contains tons of videos and some ebooks on trading. It worth every cent paid.
Nov 23, 2010,

signed up for TFS on 02.11.2010
The signals history on their website show only the entry price but not the results of every trade.
I asked them 3 times why, but never got an answer.
I know now why - the results are to bad!
There is a window, what shows the results ( for all trades together ) for the last 7 and 30 days.
Because I lost 106 pips and they showed a profit of 905 pips for the last 7 days,
I asked them, if they can show a live statement as a proof.
Again no answer.
That is in my opinion the clear proof the results are faked!
Many traders believe Vladimir would be a very successful trader.
I believed it too.
But if you see how he trade live, you will change your opinion completely.
He close all winning trades very early for a small profit and let the losers run.
Take profit is about 15 to 30 pips, stop loss is about 110 pips.
For example:
On friday 19. he opened 2 short trades EUR/USD ( he always opens 2 trades with the same lot size)
and closed 1 (50%) for a profit of 28 pips. The other part remained open over the weekend.
What professional trader would take such a high risk?
On monday we got stopped out with a loss of 110 pips.
That means the 2 trades lost together 82 pips.
Another time he closed a losing trade 8 pips before the 110 pip sl was hit.
The trend reversed 7 pips before the original sl would have been hit and made a 200 pip move in our direction.
We lost completely unnecessary 102 pips.
Yesterday he opned 2 short trades GBP/USD at 1,5926 and closed the first with a profit of 22 pips,
the second with a profit of 58 pips.
If you check the charts, you will see, there was absolutely no reason to close the trades so early.
The whole move was 171 pips. We could have made easily 139 pips.
I know now, why Tom and Vladimir need to sell signals and make promotions as affiliates for worthless Forex products -
they are not able to make a living from their own trading.
BTW on the members website you can send a message directly to Tom or Vladimir.
I did it 3 times, but never got an answer.
Do not waste your time and money for this money destruction service.

Nov 16, 2010,

I have been with the service from the beginning. I have traded before, but, Tom and Vlad provide lots of training videos, ebooks and great webinars. You are encouraged to ask questions and they will answer. Forex is not for everyone and you will not get rich over night. Vladimir actually took care of an issue I was having himself. Now how many people can say that? We also request special subject webinars and they are more than happy to provide them. Print the books out, watch the training webinars and put what you have learned into your own trades. They are on top of the trades they provide and keep you informed of when to move your S/L, T/P or Cancels. I am happy with the service.
austin, texas,
Nov 8, 2010,

I really love The Forex Signals. Judging by the reviews of other people they obviously skipped over the training on the High Velocity signals. I guess people think they will just join a service and get rich. I am really impressed with their new autotrader service as I work a lot and can't sit in front of computer all day. But if I didn't work I would.

Also, the training workshops that they do every week have been very helpful to me. Tom has also opened up a go-to-training just for me when I asked him a question on his TRN levels and how to use them in the chatroom.

The chatroom is also phenomenal!! I have learned alot from the traders in there and from Tom and Vladimir in there.

I would recommend this service to anyone that wants to learn how to trade.
Nov 7, 2010,

not much to say but the HV signals are horrible, support is terrible and overall the room they have is nothing but EGOS in there, vlad was decent but he calls few of the trades. Save your money folks, not worth the cost
Jim Trader,
Nov 7, 2010,

I've been with this service since it started in June. It's very good. Most of the signals are Tom's High Velocity type and they definitely require that you educate yourself before trading them - and yes, sometimes they reverse and if you're good you'll flip and make pips that way. Tom and Vlad really care about their clients. I have gotten as much personal attention as I could ask for. Tom issues his "TRN" price levels for many currency pairs that trade like pivot points and they never fail to astound those of us who trade them - so for that info alone I will never leave this service. The naysayers here are probably those looking for the "Holy Grail", which doesn't exist in FX.
Oct 19, 2010,

The answer from Plimus:
The dispute for invoice #...... was just updated.
Comments: VENDOR : Full refund ( USD 97.0 ) - thank you.

To view the dispute status and comments, please visit the following link https://....
Kind Regards,
The Plimus Team

So, I got the refund without questions asked, BUT without answers given.
I still have no clue of why had I been shut out from the service.

I try to sign up once more, and give it a try again.

2010-10-17 10:59 No rating This is what I have written to Plimus, asking for a refund:

My subscription began on 09/30/2010. It is a The Forex Signals Junior Trader Package 1 for 1 MONTH.
However, since 10/09/2010 the seller page states that I have no active subscription.

I have written several mails to The Forex Signals support, both directly and via Plimus, asking for their help, as after the above date I could not enter the page, and so could not get their service. (Naturally, signals stopped arriving by SMS and email too.)

Not one of my mails was answered. My main problem is that I wished and even now wish to use TFS service, as I am mostly satisfied with it, but have NOTHING to do, as I have no means of communicating with them and getting informed of why the service was stopped.

For more than a week I tried to get in touch with The Forex Signals team, I have written emails to: contact@theforexsignals.com and support@theforexsignals.com, but now I see no other way of resolving this issue, but to ask for a PARTIAL or FULL refund.

Oct 1, 2010,

Honestly i can honestly say avoid and save ur cash on something else. Toms signals are terrible, hv are a joke 80%bad. Signals arrive late or after they happened. And in the end it turned out that MR. STRIGNANO is a nusty i mean nasty person. After i left service i was called all sorts of things. Plus be aware guys in their chat room are sponsored by service so expect alot of crap from them. All in all LIERS and Scammers. However there is Vladimir and his signals are excelent. But he is rarely there.
South Dakota,
Aug 18, 2010,

I have to say that I was not expecting what I have seen at The Forex Signals.... What has been said here about HV signals is simply not true. HV (High Velocity) Signals are fast and if the trade turns on ya then you flip it. They bring you pips. You have to understand them to trade them and yes you do have to be at your computer. Are there losing trades in Forex Trading ? Yes there are. Anyone that says they don't have a losing trade is a liar and full of BS. Tom has signaled some tremendous trades as has Vladimir. Tom and Vladimir are available to answer any questions one has....you just gotta ask. Tom has opened up the gotomeeting on a whim cause someone wanted some better understanding of a strategy and asked him to. That is customer service at it's finest I would say. There are strategies that one can learn that give positive results to your trading available to members. The chat room is full of all manner of traders. Everyone wants to become better traders and everyone helps the trader that is struggling. I think TheForexSignals.com is an excellent place to learn to take your trading up a notch. I would recommend it to anyone. To the nay sayers think on this..... There Is No Holy Grail. If that is what you were expecting then you need to get out of trading entirely.
Aug 15, 2010,

What a joke, "high velocity" what the heck is that, I started taking his signals and after a couple of losses I had a look at his entrance points and I thought to myself, I wouldn't even send my dog in there.
There were guys in the chat room going off at each other about how much money they were losing. Tom has a lot to answer for, he cannot just send signals out from mars and get away with it, where is his accountability to the forex community. All his signals are on record let him explain in detail why would he send trades that went totally the wrong way 80% of the time, why?
Tom show some accountability and please explain, there are many people here who have lost of lot of money.