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Vladimir Ribakov


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Established: 2017
Contact:, +44 123 4480569


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4.708 · 119 REVIEWS
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Kuwait, Kuwait,
Mar 4, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I’ve been a member for a short time, but I could confirm that the education and information is top notch!
Vlad has done an amazing job along with his team in building a fantastic community and stellar education materials...
he is not a (get rich quick guru) who promises Ferrari’s and yachts in 2 months...
if you are willing to put in the work, and learn to have a plan and approach trades risk first... this is a great place to start your journey...
G, Japan,
Jan 28, 2021,
Registered user

Traders academy club is the real and best educator!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I have been fooled by many fraudulent materials and mentoring programs. But TAC is real! The trade idea is reproducible. I wanted to meet sooner. Moreover, when the flow of the market changes, the idea will be updated, so you can learn how to think about the market at that time. Thank you Vladimir, Yordan, Sophia ,Emily. Thank you for your continued support.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Feb 5, 2021:
Thank you very much!
Medellin, Colombia,
Jan 28, 2021,
Registered user

very good service

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

It has been a great journey learning with them to analyze several forex pairs and other instruments too. Daily we have a zoom meeting for that and also during the day there is constant updates of these analysis. Very professional service. Highly recommend it to become better in this endeavour.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Feb 5, 2021:
Thank you very much Raul!
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Nov 22, 2020,
Registered user

Amazing trading club

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

It changed my opinion for trading in a positive way.The transparency and the educational materials in combination with the live room analizes are amazing.This is a place you want to be if you are committed to trading.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 24, 2020:
Thank you very much Sassas756
Much appreciated
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 14, 2020,
Registered user

Not what it appears to be.

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

This is not a review I enjoy writing, but it must be written. First off, I'm not a newbie in forex struggling to make a profit. I began studying and trading forex back in 2006. I haven't paid for any type of forex service in a few years due to most being so horrible or outright scams. But after buying a subscription and looking inside this Trader’s Academy Club (TAC) member’s-only area, I had to write a review.

The performance page at the TAC website is the first issue. If you look at the list, it is page after page of wins. There are entire pages with no losses. I went through every page and there are no pages with more than three losses on a single page. But there are MULTIPLE pages without a single loss. Back when Ribakov had his other signal service at a different website he would get multiple losses, as many as seven in a row. And for sure, there was definitely NOT a series of page-after-page winning streaks that you see at this TAC website! Are we to believe that Ribakov's trading abilities suddenly improved by leaps and bounds in a matter of days after switching to a new website? I will now give you some insight on what is happening here, and it’s pure genius in the way of marketing. After Ribakov switched over to his new site, TAC, Ribakov and his partner stopped giving the entries and exits to his signals. Once you pay your subscription and get inside the trading room, you will see that Ribakov and his partner are doing nothing more than calling the SWING of the trade. Simply put, he is predicting whether the price will move up or down. You took the trades in the direction of the swing, but still lost several trades in a row? It doesn’t matter. Ribakov or his partner picked the right direction and those are listed as WINS on the performance page. If you didn’t pick the right entry / exit, that’s your fault. Are we to believe that the majority of the members at the TAC website are consistently making profits that match the performance page? That's the whole issue with this TAC website. When Ribakov was giving entries and exits to his signals at his previous website with as many as 4-7 losses in a row, his members were LEAVING. And just to be clear, the importance of picking the correct entries and exits cannot be over emphasized. An account can be blown even when a person knows the correction direction of the market- and still only risking 1-3 percent of their account! This is a theme of many books on forex that have been written over the years by professional well-known market traders. At best, these newbies at the website are floundering around in chat in an attempt to find where to enter and exit. A few manage to make good picks and proudly post their results. But the majority are not picking correct entries and exits and wonder what they are doing wrong. Those struggling members (who think they are the MINORITY) stubbornly continue at the TAC website because "charts don't lie". If the majority of members had a winning ratio of trades that matched the TAC performance page, they could risk 5-10 percent on each trade and become a millionaire in a relatively short period of time.

If you want to get the service for free, you only need to sign up to use Ribakov’s sponsored broker. Every time you push the button to enter a trade, whether you win or lose, Ribakov makes money. This is a common way for signal services to make money. I know for certain that some websites that use this ‘money tool’ in their signal services make more money from the commissions than they make in their own trading account. Allow me to better explain. Even if a person has a $100,000 account, making a few percent in profit each month is not going to be a viable living salary. Let’s say you make an average of 5 percent each month and remove those profits so you can live and feed your family. That’s only about $60,000 a year before taxes. You might get to keep something like $30,000 after taxes, paying for health insurance, etc. That’s poverty-level wages in most countries. That’s why folks like Ribakov have been getting commissions on trades by members, and he has been doing it many years. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to make commissions, I'm just trying to shine some light on how a lot of forex services make the bulk of their profits.

Lastly, I must warn you that if you sign up for Ribakov’s service and want to use his 45-day refund policy, you are in for a surprise. I failed to read the small print. Ribakov will only give you a partial refund. No matter how you slice it Ribakov makes money, even if you use his "guaranteed refund policy".

If you have used this service and lost money, please don’t shy away from your responsibility to leave a detailed review of your experience. I’m expecting Ribakov himself to make an attempt to discredit my review and that’s fine. For anyone who thinks I just want to bash Ribakov’s service, please go now and look at his performance page before he takes it down. Ask yourself if you really think it’s possible that the majority of his members are making trades that match his unbelievable list of WINS. Thanks for reading and be forewarned.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 16, 2020:
Hello Trader 123,

First, thank you for your feedback. It's important to me personally to always improve and do things better for my clients.

I'll start with saying that leaving a review is welcome and great, but tell lies - isn't! You blame us for a partial refund? That's a complete lie and I can prove your transaction number is 100% refunded.

I must say that when I see a review or feedback, I do expect to see a review about things we do really give and do in our club, and about my work.

Your review is about anything just not about the club, me, or any value that we give to our members. You've been a member for less than a day, where you were asking where do you get signals with the exact entry and exit and once you were told it's not a signals service, you leave.

If you spent the same time that you've spent on emailing my team and then leaving your review on really reading my website and the reviews of other members here, you would figure out that we ARE NOT a signal service, and we don't tell you entry and exit price. And that's exactly what other reviews here tell and explain where exactly is our force and expertise. We are giving live market analysis, real time trading report with full of trading ideas, and of course it's the responsibility of the trader to follow that and apply it. If you don't follow, how do you expect to make any success? It sounds like you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, when to do, and how to do. Or even someone just to trade instead of you. Well, if you read my website, and you read other members review here, you understand that is NOT what we offer. And you would save your time, my time, and others reading it.

Then you bring my old service years ago, and try to do what? Ruin my name? Ruin the reputation of our club? I am PROUD to say that I become much better as a trader and as a mentor during these years, and I am working hard to polish my techniques and give best to my members. I also got my certificate as Financial Technician during this period. So when you try to say I had different results years ago, then yes, of course I did. And I am proudly said I increased my success rate significantly. Don't you do some things in your life better today, then you did years ago? I am sure you do. So do I.

Also, I want to be very clear about that - NO ONE every guarantees that you'll get the same results as anyone else. Especially like in your case, where you even not ready to put the effort required. But I am proudly saying that there are clients that in time do even better than I do in our club, and they post their results. I will say it clear - if you don't put the effort, and you don't apply the techniques correctly, there is no way you'll have the same results!

And last, as a client you get fair option to get free access to the club with the brokers program. And of course it is allowed because the broker pays us commissions from your activity. Why are you trying to present it negative, while it's totally free choice of everyone if to pay membership or to join with brokers program? You are trying to present a very positive opportunity for clients in a very negative light. This is a very fair option for those who don't want to pay us the fees, still get their access. As simple as that.

Last - I am proud of the success rate my techniques present, and I am proud of the highest level this club achieved. And you are welcome to check our club, see yourself how these techniques perform in real time.

To the readers of this conversation - I'll repeat - if you are after trading signals then this club isn't for you. If you are looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do and when, save your and my time. But if you are after real proven trading techniques
and real time education and improving your trading - I am sure you'll find our club as a great help achieving your goals.

Thank you for your time and for your review.

I wish you best and please stay safe in the crazy reality of 2020.
kl, Malaysia,
Nov 1, 2020,
Registered user

education service

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Bought dozens of offerings over time, this is the only one I have ever renewed. I have been with them 3 years and still feel that it is extremely good value. It takes a fair while to learn and to put into practice but very reliable methods and an excellent friendly service.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 4, 2020:
Thank you very much!
Berlin, Germany,
Oct 26, 2020,
Registered user

It is not a signal service-it is even better!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

If you want to learn all about trading or improve your trading, this group is a must for you! But if you are one of those forex signal searchers (like i was before...) then this is nothing for you. Because it is much much better-as Yordan says "we dont give you the fish, we teach you how to catch the fish." And imagine one sec:
This is much more important! The forex market is the ocean, and you are on the ship (this group). But every pirate on the ship has to work to get the ship safe in the harbour and of course catch some fishes. Understand? ;-) and thats the beauty of this group. Besides Vladimir and Yordan there are many well known experts like Peter Varcoe or Danny who have an expertise vita.
I am now member since begin of August and i am learning every single day new stuff about techniques, strategies-and especially psychology! Vladimir is not one of those guys who is selling sth to you and then goodbye. No! He and his team (Yordan Kuzmanov) are guys who are always there for you in the telegram group or PM. Their responses in the chat are incredible quick, no matter if they have a lot do, you will always get a response.
there is nothing i can say it is the best-because everything is simply perfect. Live webinars every day, informative newsletters (around 1 per day), massive video collection with strategies that work, the telegram group with a lot of interesting people and a nice, gently atmosphere. the feeling that you are learning from guys who also lost money at the beginning is simply good because it gives you the motivation and the trust to success.
what i really like is that the whole concept is based mostly on technical analysis. here you wont find articles from cnbc or cnn watching them and then making your decision. no. you will be on the track already when the media starts to begin...Vladimir will never give you a message "buy here, sell there" because this is a prediction and "we dont want to predict, we want to see the facts" ;-) this is something it needs time, you will not watch the first lession and start making 100 pips a day. you need to practice with Risk Reward, close a trade with loss (yes it hurts, but there is NOBODY outside who does not have losses) but you will find your strategy and your timeframes which are suitable to your lifestyle (very important!) Plan the trade and trade the plan-as simple as that.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 1, 2020:
Thank you very much Gabrijel!
Isaac Adarkwa,
Kumasi, Ghana,
Oct 22, 2020,

Traders academy Club is superb

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I joined TAC just this month, October and i have never regretted. I need to take my trading to the next level.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 1, 2020:
Thank you very much Isaac
st. catherine, Jamaica,
Oct 8, 2020,
Registered user

Educational, Motivating, Family, - the words that sum up my experience here

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Hi good morning i just wanted to say it has been a steady progress with my learning but i love the progress i appreciate what you do and i fell extremely confident in what you do... I just wanted to show my appreciation for joining your program
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 1, 2020:
Thank you very much Tevinn
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 23, 2020,
Registered user

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

TCA is the place to be if you want to acquire quality forex education without burning a hole in your pocket. You get free forex training, resources and support through your forex journey. To me that is a no brainer. The boss Vlad delivers forex courses effortlessly in a way anyone without formal education will grasp the knowledge. Him and his crew are absolutely brilliant.
Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Nov 1, 2020:
Thank you very much for your feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is an online forex training education center created by Vladimir Ribakov, where people pay a yearly membership fee to sign up and learn.

How much does Traders Academy Club cost?

Traders Academy Club charges an annual membership price of $297.

What platform does Traders Academy Club use for charting?

Traders Academy Club is using MetaTrader 4 platform for charting but it doesn't have to be MT4, you can trade with any platform.