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Trading Point of Financial Instruments

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XM Group is a group of online brokers. XM Group offers the MT4, MT5 and WebTrader currency trading platforms. XM.com offers over 55 currency pairs and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, commodities, equity indices, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.


Former websites of this broker include Trading-Point.com.

Other websites related to this company include XMTrading.com, PipAffiliates.com, XMArabia.net, XM.co.uk, XMSina.com.

XM.com is part of Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited group. Members of this group include Trading.com.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 888:1
Minimum to Open Live: $5
Established: 2009
Address: 12 Richard & Verengaria Street, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus
Contact: support@xm.com, +357 25029933
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #443670, IFSC #IFSC/60/354/TS/18, CySEC #120/10
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (55+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (940+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill

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XM.com profile provided by Chris Zacharia, Mar 28, 2017

XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and Mobile global forex trading top platforms. XM.com offers over 55+ forex pairs, stocks,cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.004 · 620 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Eastern Cape, South Africa,
Oct 22, 2020,

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Excellent broker, with a wonderful trading platform with fast execution and an overall great service!
Untrasried, Germany,
Oct 21, 2020,
Registered user

Gave them a second chance after one year

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Von: XM-Global <middleoffice@xmglobal.com>
Date: Mo., 9. Dez. 2019 um 01:01 Uhr
Subject: Important Notice - Account No. 19123879, 19125255, 19122186, 19125256, 19117576, 18059051, 21188365, 19124598, 19124597, 21188390
To: <Anthony ******>
Cc: Christos Gogas <cgogas@xm.com>

Dear Sir/Madame,
We are writing in connection with your Account no.  19125255 19125256(hereinafter “your Account”) with our company.
In that regard, our Anti-fraud Department has brought to our attention that the trading patterns in your Account(s) raise serious concerns that your Account was being used for ‘arbitrage’ activities. 
Pursuant to the terms and conditions such activities are being qualified as fraudulent.
Accordingly, we regret to inform you that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, we have  decided, with immediate effect to:
- close all of your trading Account(s);

As a result, you are kindly requested to submit a withdrawal request for your remaining balance  through the Withdrawals Section of our Members Area and this shall be processed accordingly. If no withdrawal request is received within the next 48 hours, your funds will be sent back to the source.In view of the above, please note that you will be strictly prohibited from opening any new trading account(s) and trade with our company. Nonetheless, in cases where you may successfully open an account and trade with our company due to any technical and/or human error, we reserve every right to immediately close your account upon identification, nullify any profit/loss generated and refund the original amount of deposit, excluding any deposit and withdrawal charges, back to the same source of deposit.
Please note that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, our decisions are final and binding on all participants and that, other than the notification set forth herein, no further correspondence will be entered into.
Kind Regards
XM Team

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Von: Anthony ****** <Anthony ******>
Date: Mo., 9. Dez. 2019 um 14:19 Uhr
Subject: Re: Important Notice - Account No. 19123879, 19125255, 19122186, 19125256, 19117576, 18059051, 21188365, 19124598, 19124597, 21188390
To: XM-Global <middleoffice@xmglobal.com>

I don't use "arbitrage". I only use hedging with 2 accounts. I've been your customer since 3 years and you wanna close all my accounts yet?You will lose a lot of customer because I did free marketing for you. I told all my own customer about you. In these 3 years I never did a mistake and now you will close all my accounts?Then I will switch to another broker and tell all my customer what you do. I like XM and I show my loyality to XM. But you close negative trades and I lose one whole day. How you will make it good?
Best regards
Anthony ******

That's now 1 year ago. I write them a new message some days ago to clarify:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Von: Anthony ****** <Anthony ******>
Date: So., 18. Okt. 2020 um 22:59 Uhr
Subject: My account 19117576
To: <aumiddleoffice@xm.com>

it‘s now 1 year ago you close all my accounts because you say I did arbitrage. I said to you, I don‘t did arbitrage. i hedged my trades but you don‘t give me a chance to show that. You didn‘t show me any proof. Now I work with a lot of big other brokers. I‘m ready to apologize your mistake because I want to be a customer of xm. Because I know xm has good conditions. Is it possible to clarify? For me it‘s not important. I can be a customer from the other brokers too. That’s your decision. I am not dependent on you. So you can choose now, if you maybe has a very loyal customer, who recommends you to other people or you haven‘t.
Best regards
Anthony ******

That was his answer:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Von: Christos Gogas <cgogas@xmglobal.com>
Date: Mo., 19. Okt. 2020 um 10:54 Uhr
Subject: My account 19117576
To: <nguyenanthony12101998@gmail.com>

Dear Sir/Madam,
thank you for contacting us.
Regarding your concern I would like to ask you to refer to the email you received about the status of your account. 
Kind Regards,

Christos Gogas

I think they don't read the message, they are all to lazy to clarify that. XM has good conditions but the support isn't existing.

Dec 26, 2019 - 2 Stars Hello,

XM has good conditions for their customers.
I prefer the deposit bonus and the margin stop out level. The spreads are very stable.

But the support ist terrible. I have been your customer for more then 3 years.
I never did a mistake.

For more then 2 weeks ago I opened two low spread accounts. With one account I bought EURUSD and with the other I sold EURUSD. At the midnight I got a message that I'm a scammer because I used "Arbitrage". That's not f***ing arbitrage. That's Hedging. So they close all my accounts. After that I wrote a message to my account manager and to the support. I replied the message of them. But they only wrote back "we can't do anything".

What the hell. I was a very loyal customer, I told other people that xm is the best broker. Some of my customers are customers of xm because I told them about them.
You can make one mistake and they give a f on you. That's not a support. They should get 0 stars for that. But I see the positive sides too.

I'm very angry about that. They destroyed my ranking on MQL5 and had stolen more than 4 hours of my life. But thanks to god. I got a meesage from another broker which want to work with me. I would have deposit a very big amount in xm. But now it's to late. I don't want to work with a broker who gives a f on their customer. Bye.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Jan 8, 2020 Dear At0nu5,

In order for us to properly investigate this and be able to provide you a comprehensive reply we would need the account number of one of the accounts which you used.

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EU, Greece,
Oct 15, 2020,
Registered user

They don't like profitable traders

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

When you are profitable and you ask for withdraw emediatly they terminate their corporation without any excuse. That was second time they did to me.
So i received first that mail:
"Dear Sir,

We are writing in connection with your accounts no. 52120850 with XM.

As per the relevant section of our Terms and Conditions of Business, please consider this email as our official notice for the termination of our business relationship.

In view of the above, you are kindly requested to close any open positions you have in your trading accounts by Wednesday 30/09/2020, 8:00 AM GMT+ 3 at the latest. Any positions in your Account(s) that are still open at that time will be liquidated automatically at prevailing market prices and your account(s) will be closed.

In this respect, please submit a withdrawal of remaining balance from your Members Area.

Kind Regards, "

I reply to them :
On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 5:09 PM wrote:

Dear sir/Madam

I just read the mail you send me for termination of our business relationship!
Really im wondering why you make this decision?
Since we have a long term corporations without any problems, why we must terminate our business relationship?

Regards "
and they reply to me again :
Dear Valued Client,

Please consider this as a final reminder to the last email.

As per the relevant section of our Terms and Conditions of Business, please consider this email as our official notice for the termination of our business relationship.

In view of the above, you are kindly requested to close any open positions you have in your trading accounts by Monday 05/10/2020, 8:00 AM GMT+ 3 at the latest. Any positions in your Account(s) that are still open at that time will be liquidated automatically at prevailing market prices and your account(s) will be closed.

In this respect, please submit a withdrawal of remaining balance from your Members Area.

Kind Regards,

XM Team"

Second mail after my reply:

Dear Sir,

Kindly note that your account will close for compliance reasons, our decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Further to previous correspondence, please close the open positions and submit a withdrawal request of the remaining balance.

Kind Regards,

XM Team"

As i said before that was second time that they terminate our corporations and both of times it was when i withdraw a big amount of profits and when in general i was profitable.
I got mad and this review is the least i can do to make people to be aware of them.
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Africa, Uganda,
Oct 15, 2020,
Registered user

Good broker with low deposit, low spreads

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Xm is generally a good broker with low spreads, multiple account types and multiple financing options..
After gaining some experience in the financial markets I got to learn that apart from providing a brokerage service, brokers are there to make money and so are the traders.. So it's simply all about the trader knowing how to make it out profitably in the market irrespective of any broker's traps by aggressively managing risk, understand various market conditions during different sessions and making decisions wisely.
Making profits is one thing, and with drawing your profits is another. Always pay your self by with drawing profits

Mar 3, 2020 - 1 Star I placed usd/jpy trades in February 2020 during the asia session, they stop hunted all my trades, Then on 3rd March 2020 I placed a buy position for AUD/USD my stop loss was not triggered and it wiped my account. Xm are a bunch of losers trying to make ill gotten wealth by robbing off traders from unregulated low income continents like Africa and Asia. From this point on I rather you try a EU or US regulated broker but genuine than these guys.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Mar 30, 2020 Dear Trading for Freedom,

I checked your account.

Although I don’t have the exact ticket number of the orders you are referring to, I have investigated what I could.

I do see, some very normal slippage of 1 point on some positions which is around 10 cents worth but nothing extraordinary.

Furthermore regarding your stop loss, from what I the market price reached and even passed your stop loss level. Regarding your stop out, that specific trade was not set up with any Take Profit or Stop Loss so when the market moved against your order your order got stopped out.

You are quite harsh in your review and you label XM various things, I have spent more than 40 minutes investigating all your trades do see if there is any wrongdoing from XM side and I cannot find something.

If there is something of the above you need further clarifications on let me know.

Johannesburg, South Africa,
Oct 9, 2020,
Registered user

The authenticity of this broker.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Personally XM is thee best broker I have traded Forex with.
Starting my forex journey I had 5 different brokers with XM included.
I used all these 5 brokers and got to experience the withdrawals and as well their live chat.
Now with all these after serious valuations and of course XM has got so many pull factors .....out of my experience with this broker, when you trade really according to their terms and conditions you will not have any problems with them....the support team is always on their A-best....
There has never been a day I saw any manipulation on the market by XM.... I only hear such stuff from other users. But anyway this has been by far the best broker I have ever used. I just love their platform..... It's security, it's transparency of information, their bonuses and promotions.....if possible I wish I could work for XM(serious though)
Melaka, Malaysia,
Oct 6, 2020,
Registered user

Concern* (Rephrased due to Typing Errors).

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I found xm.com on google search as a reliable trading site. I am a fresh user/trader and still practicing on a demo account and I have also registered a live account # 61283693 and being granted 30$ bonus. Since there are a lot of scams sites existing in the market and they cheats user with various dirty tactics (such as automatically closed the order, suddenly too much variation between prices with live market, creates strange and tactical policies to stuck users)

I trusted 95% xm.com mainly due to their office and account manager are existing in Malaysia.
I have introduced XM.com as safe trading site to my 3 siblings, my wife and my father.

I have opened one live account and 4 demo accounts and shared my demo accounts with my siblings since all of us are new. My family decided to invest for short and long term and hold positions such as gold aapl and tsla shares on 1:5 (None expirable instruments) account which quite safe ratio for specially for slow moving instruments.

We all just decided to invest our savings on coming Tuesday (the day after tomorrow) despite aware that XM app is unstable on apple devices. luckily, today I spend about 6 hours to read the users complain and your (Chris Zacharia) responses.

Unfortunately, I noticed most of them having a same issue and it is all about so called bonus and the funniest thing is all stuck upon withdrawals but at that time or very next day when they committed an offense.

I had opened an account one of the trading site of (cypto currency) about 2 year ago (which I still have as active position) and once I am getting familiar with the market so my wife also wanted to open an account and I proceed for the second account for my wife but it stuck on verification and very next day the merchant’s agent contacted me and saying that “ you already have one account you cannot proceed with another account, I explained them that this account belongs to my wife but he said in extremely polite manner “Sir it’s very hard for us to justify to our management” . I think it really make sense... conclusion my wife’s account has not been validated/verified/activated.

In my understanding XM.com is far bigger size in term of investment capital, people capital and the technology than the exchange which I am talking about therefore, I strongly believe XM management and their IT department must be very advanced however the users are consistently facing issue when they intentionally or unintentionally abusing privilege of this so called bonus’s but XM management’s consistently failed rectify the root cause and what I can see as money/benefit point of view it is deliberately by XM.

I read some of the terrible responses from you to one of the user from Malaysia, he opened more than 50 accounts but you guys only bother about it when they he turned his money to double or triple and you guys remain keep quiet when the users creating accounts. XM never take any action when the system noticed there is IP conflict (when he they detected multiple account has been opened/used with the same IP address and the mac address) because the user yet to make money once he make money then he will perform withdrawal and then only XM will take an action by seizing users funds.

Let me give you a real example of one your client which I read in comments.
One of the guy invested 1002 as stated in comments and he turned his money to 2404 (something if in correct the value please refer the comments of public) but you guys only bothers when he or she wanted to withdraw but do nothing when he was breaching the policy.

One of the guys invested 500$ and then it turn to 11++$ and then he wanted to withdraw, XM shows him policy that you violated the policy and return his initial deposit.

Does this is means people invested 10,000$ and when they make it 20,000$ just because of bonus of 30$ XM keeps his 9970$?, come on you took your own money (30$) it make more sense, because when they made lost of 5000$ XM won’t return to the customer as initial deposit of 10000 but XM will return 5000 only, so how it make sense when the user earn profit of 9970$ XM keep it as penalty of violation of their policy?

I am from Finance Background not IT but I am 101% sure that you guys can stop the users to creating duplicate users by setting up some system control such by registering MAC address of the devices and block the user at first when your system detected multiple users from the same device, explain to the users, specially new users like me, what you can do and what you must avoid to being victim.

I also noticed another funniest promotion which tactically benefits to XM “Ref a Friend”.
I called to my account manager and ask to describe policy which limits the user “ with IP address” (one user login so many accounting using same IP), he said “ Sir, you can not use the same IP address” such as same wifi”. How lame policy is this man.

Let me give you a Live example of human nature.
If you are a retired person what will be your friends circle?
Yoga class with friends, sitting in the park with friends, get to gather with friends at home, visiting relatives etc. These are the core circle, now you introduced your friend in Yoga class and both friends using the same wifi, you invited your relative to your home and their kids wanted to use your wifi to watch youtube and you let them connect and later on the main guest also connected with your wifi.

Another example, A introduced his brother B and later on A invite B to come A’s house later on they shared their experience that and show each other (such as A earn this much by buying xyz instrument and B shows this much loss buying ABC instrument) the funniest thing is if you are on same wifi you are a violated the policy.

Another real example of my life: As normal human with challenging life, spending 9 hours in office, 8 hours sleep, 2 hours in traffic and driving, 5 hours personal and family utilities.
In such situation, my friend cycle is my office colleagues and 4 of them agreed to open an account into XM and off course I was expecting reward from XM.
But again, we all are working in a same company, my office area has issue with the network and my pc and my phone has connected to company’s wifi and not only me, there are 300 employees PC and 90% employees phones are connected with the same wifi. Which mean I am also become of victim of this is none sense policy and this is how some of the people has to scarifies with their own money.

A middle range people do not read the entire or even partial policy specially presented Bank, Insurance and Financial institutions like XM as I did the same upon signup.

If XM and the management really sincere, they could already place some rectification and corrective action by placing some system control as stated above so the end user could be prevented to abuse intentionally or unintentionally but since XM didn’t take corrective action it is clearly indication bad intention wrapping in their policies, because once they make correction, then they people won’t make mistake and when the people won’t make mistake XM won’t seize their money in order words XM lost their income generated from people by these penalties.

Anyways, thank God... I have yet to invest my family’s long saving and their hardwork earnings into XM, I am very thankful for this foram.
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Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Oct 8, 2020:
Dear ImranRaza84,

Please note that in XM we welcome constructive feedback such as the one provided in your review; however, I need to stress the fact that our Terms and Conditions of each of our promotions, are in place in order to benefit both our Company and our Clients. Particularly, I can assure you that we have very favorable trading conditions which help our clients to trade fair and we always have our clients’ best interests as our priority.

Kindly note that due to confidentiality clauses, I am not in position to further disclose any information in relation to other clients’ cases; however, I can confirm that we always abide by our Client – Company agreement which governs the business relationship with all our clients and therefore, any actions taken were in line with the relevant Terms and Conditions.

In this respect, I am confident that in case you are trading based on our Terms and Conditions of business, as well as on the Terms and Conditions of the relevant bonus you were granted, no issues will arise.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the fact that it is not our wish to trouble our clients and we are always doing our best in order to offer our clients the best possible trading experience.

Thank you,
Egypt, Egypt,
Sep 26, 2020,
Registered user

server disconnection

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

i been trading with xm , real account number 53093935

while using the main platform of xm metatrader
it stopped receiving quotes
the server did not disconnect (it didn't write no connection in the right corner of the metrader) ,and it did not make a disconnection sound either
so i had no idea the platform has stopped. this is what's called a hidden disconnection
after restarting it manually it started receiving quotes again
but i discovered this 2 hours later , which resulted in a big move in the prices of my open positions

i been trading normally with xm on the same platform but with a demo account and this malfunction has never ever happened throughout the months

i am wishing xm to compensate me if any loss
and avoid this further error in future
i want no harm nor threats from xm team either or any one influencing its team


this also may be a computer's error , but the thing is , i checked the connection by opening any website , and the internet was working properly , and the met quotes of xm was not receiving quotes nor disconnecting

if it was an ISP error , simply all the internet would stop working , but the internet was connected and websites were working efficiently ,

it could also be an error with the software installed but why would this error happen just when i started trading with a real account but never ever happened in the demo accounts since more than a year

from my side i will re install the whole windows again
and establish a connection using a fixed internet router


H Park

Thanks alot
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Oct 8, 2020:
Dear hpark2020,

Please provide me with further details in relation to the issue you claim you had in order for me to be in position to further investigate the issue.

In this respect, please provide me with the date and time the issue occurred and the orders you claim have been affected.

Thank you,
amman, Jordan,
Sep 22, 2020,
Registered user

so bad

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

A tree is known by it's fruit
Yes really
I will talk to you about my experience of this wonderful site,
my issue with one of the Forex companies
That company that I signed up with from their huge web ad.
As a welcome that I am a member with this company, I have been given $ 30 free additional credit to start trading with.
Unfortunately, it turned out that this is just a silly game with which they are playing, or rather that it has other purposes.
After only one week, I won a small amount of $ 120 plus addition to the $ 30 extra balance that was granted to me, and then I wanted to test the dealings of this company that calls itself a reliable company among the world of forex companies .
My account was closed without prior notice, and the bank transfer was not sent to me on my bank account, knowing that the amount withdrawn is only 110 dollars, the withdrawal was made without the additional balance that was granted to me
A company XM was contacted it with thier staff , but without any clear explanation of the process of confiscating my money
Is a company * XM * really a reliable company? I don't think so .
If it was a real company dealing with its customers, it would not confiscate money for its own pocket .
I conveyed my message to you with full respect to everyone :)
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Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Oct 8, 2020:

Please provide me with an accurate account number in order for me to be able to assist you.

Thank you,
愛知県, Japan,
Sep 12, 2020,
Registered user

しっかりしているブローカー! A solid broker!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I've been using this broker for a long time, it's a very good company and I was able to withdraw money well! Support is also solid! Then you can make ideal trades with solid bonuses and financial licenses.


  2 traders have found this review helpful
bd, Bangladesh,
Sep 12, 2020,
Registered user

customer support is bad really awful for beginners

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

their representatives never cooperate and very messy and hard to navigate web page and interface
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Oct 8, 2020:
Dear azazel,

Please provide me with your account number and further details in relation to the issue our Customer Care personnel was not able to assist you, in order for me to further investigate the case.

Thank you,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is XM a good broker?

The best way to answer if XM is a good broker is to read the unbiased traders reviews on Forex Peace Army. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/7214/xm-forex-brokers.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we recommend to check recent XM broker community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/xmcom/

What is the minimum deposit for XM Broker?

XM brokers offers several account types. Micro and Standard accounts have a minimum deposit of $5. Other account types vary in their minimum deposit requirements by region.

How do I deposit money in to my XM broker?

XM's broker deposit procedure is fairly straightforward. Once the account is registered and approved, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to XM broker members area.
  • Select the deposit method (Credit and Debit cards, Neteller, Bank Wire Transfer or other).
  • Select the XM account and specify the deposit amount.
  • Enter the appropriate payment details. 
Funds availability depend on the funding method, with card deposit being "instant". If you have any questions or problems contact XM broker live chat.

How long does it take to withdraw from XM?

XM broker says they process nearly all withdrawal requests within 24 business hours.

Then it may take another 2-5 business days for the bank to process wire or for card transaction to be reflected in your account.

For faster XM withdrawal you may opt for the XM Card or e-wallet, these payments are received the same business day.

Can I withdraw XM bonus?

Profits made by trading XM bonuses are withdrawable. However, you can not withdraw XM bonus itself.

Check the terms and conditions of any bonus program before accepting a bonus.

How much can I withdraw from XM?

XM's minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for credit/debit cards and e-wallets and is $200 for the bank wire.

The maximum withdrawal amount from XM is determined by the payment method with Bank Wire limits being the highest.

Please be aware of the XM withdrawal priorities, if you deposited money with the credit card or e-wallet, then withdrawal is processed via the same method up to amount deposited before you are able to select other withdrawal methods.

Does XM allow scalping?

XM allows scalping as well as trading during time of increased volatility.

It is always a good idea to check fresh reviews on Forex Peace Army to see if traders recently encountered any serious problems with scalping using XM trading platforms.

What is XM zero account?

XM Zero accounts feature near-zero spreads (EURUSD average spread is as low as 0.1 pips) and a no requotes execution policy with all trading styles welcome.

The trade off is a broker commission of $7 per lot round turn charged when opening the trade.

Some regions may have different account options.

Is XM a regulated broker?

XM broker is regulated by several government regulators:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), registration #443670;
  • Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), registration #IFSC/60/354/TS/18;
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), registration #120/10.

Does XM charge commission?

XM broker offers several account types:

  • Micro Account and Standard account are commission free
  • XM Zero account features ultra-thin spreads but charges commission of $7 per round lot traded payable at the order opening time
  • Some regions may have other account types

What is XM leverage?

XM offers flexible leverage from 1:1 to as high as 888:1 that can be instantly changed in your account members area.

Higher leverage allows to trade the borrowed capital which increases both the profit potential and the risk of loss.

Some trading strategies like automated scalping may require high leverage while many professional traders do not use much leverage.

Please trade responsibly selecting the leverage based on your risk appetite and loss tolerance level. Some regions may only offer lower leverage.