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ProfiForex is a forex broker. Profi Forex offers the MT4 forex trading top platform. offers over 130 forex currency pairs, cfds, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.
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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1
Established: 2010
Address: Corner Hutson & Eyre Street, Suite 302, Blake Building, Belize City, Belize
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries: Unknown
Trading platforms: MT4, MobiusTrader 7
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (135+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (15+) Gold, Silver, Oil
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether/Ethereum, LiqPay, Litecoin, Monero, OKPAY, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, UnionPay, WalletOne, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether/Ethereum, LiqPay, Litecoin, Monero, OKPAY, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, UnionPay, WalletOne, WebMoney, Yandex Money

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2.079 · 40 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa,
Jul 25, 2020,

I lost my R5000 savings to a scammer named Wisemanprofit forex Ngcobo

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

I was told about profit forex and how you make 60% within just a week so I joined but now I've R5000 to a guy named Wisemanprofit forex Ngcobo who is a broker for forex please beware of him he takes your money and demands more saying that it's to release your funds
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Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Amanda, can you please CLICK HERE and get in touch with the FPA.
Reply by Profiforex submitted Nov 22, 2020:
Amanda, please note that this section discusses Profiforex.
Athens, Greece,
Feb 9, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Refusing to return my money. Refusing to disclose their location. Refuse even to sign the letters with a name. Stay away. SCAM.

Jan 15, 2020 - 1 Star This company is a scam.

They refuse to process my withdrawal. I entered their platform on 2015. In 2019 I am asking my capital and profit and I get one excuse more childish than the other. I am asking the NAME of the person that is answering to me and they refuse to give it. I am asking their ADDRESS to move legally and refuse to give it. Judge their professionalism by yourselves.

They closed my account (perhaps not to allow me to have proof? - which is ridiculous, I have all the proofs I need).

Whoever is deceived from these company, I would be glad to join forces and sue (to the end of the world) together. Proofs and details of their fraudulent activity is at anyones disposal.

Forex Peace Army please, tell me what documents you need from me, to classify them as an official SCAM broker.


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London, United Kingdom,
Sep 2, 2019,

Unable to withdraw funds after 18 months of emailing

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

My father invested $2,500 into Profiforex. When he passed away at the end of 2017 I, as his executor, needed to gather his assets. I have been virtually ignored by staff at Profiforex. I have my father's login details but cannot withdraw anything. It now comes up with a message saying 'At present you already have a demand for a withdrawal of means. It is on checking.' It has been saying this for months now.

My Dad had invested money into several other forex brokers and all of them have refunded his investments. Only Profiforex has done nothing. They simply do not communicate. In over 18 months of contacting them, often 2-3 times a month, they have replied twice.

I've virtually given up on ever getting this money from them. They are simply thieves as far as I am concerned. All those who give 5 stars, have you successfully withdrawn any money I wonder?
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May 15, 2019,
Registered user

Never ever use ProfiForex for trading Forex!
This company is not registered anywhere and you will never get your money back.
I'm waiting for a withdraw of $ 5,000 for 9 months now.
And they keep using excuses (Read: lying) about everything.
Deposit your money and you will never see it back
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Texas, USA,
May 10, 2019,
Registered user


Well, for last of couple of day's I've been emailing and staying on the computer for live chat hoping somebody will pick up....I guess not. My trading history isn't on my account anymore I've sent over 9 emails a day, I'm so focus on my money that it's driving me crazy knowing that I may not get it back. I told Profiforex that I needed my money because my daughter is very sick and that is money I depend on to take care of my family and it seems they have no care. Now, I stress on the money that there is thieves, that stolen my money for my future of my family. They have to be a Russian broker with the mob. Sad to steel money from someone that worked hard for this money. just give me my deposit back or if all the money I've made, please... Guys avoid this broker!!

May 8, 2019 - 1 Star So, it's been a week and I have asked them the same questions over and over so many times that I'm tired Profiforex said that they process my money last Friday May 3, 2019 that I would have my money that day or Saturday and the one thing I notice about them they answer at the end of the weekend to where they don't have to say nothing or they have excuses of why your money has taking so long to be process. As, of today May 7, 2019 I still haven't receive my 1,000.00 from last week and the 500.00 that I've requested last month still waiting.

May 1, 2019 - No Rating I’ve requested 1,000.00$ a month ago now, it took me three weeks to 500.00 $ of that not sure why I only got 500.00 and not my full 1,000.00 told finance that they made mistake and still waiting, they said that their was a mistake on their end and that it went to another account and that they are trying to retrieve it. I said okay; but I don’t need to wait until you get that money back that’s your fault you still owe me my money that I withdraw. You need to hire more people to do the job or train correctly. I did another withdrawal of 1,000.00 dollars last Sunday on April 28, 2019 and guest what... it’s been 24 hours and nothing, it takes 24 hours for the process not three weeks. When try to contact customer service never there unavailability they are... out of 100 hundred tries you may get contact with them. I have over 8,000.00 in my account and can’t even use it. I love Ben told them that my daughter is very sick and I need my money that’s money I’ve earned and they just like they don’t understand. I’ve been patient and this stuff needs to stop!!

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Lagos, Nigeria,
Mar 15, 2019,
Registered user

Please process my withdrawal

Please you guys should please beg profiforex to release my money for me. I made a withdrawal of 0.045btc($175) for 3 days now they ve not processed my withdrawal. I sent them email since yesterday and yet their support refused to answer me up till now
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Athens, Greece,
Nov 27, 2018,
Registered user

The most terrible broker

Beware with them, it is a russian mafia brokerage, which have set up a mechanism of fake supporters.

They will make every profitable trade to dissapear from your history and they will loot your profits. They don't hesitate even to threat you that they will harm you(!) if you try to uncover their fraudulent activity.

I have many emails to confirm everything for the above but I never opened a thread about them because my profit was not a huge sum (around 300 euros).
So just all of you, think what they would do in order to loot some thousands of euros...
I really doubt that any of the positive posts are real.
AVOID them or you will regret this badly.
Mar 30, 2018,

STAY away from Profiforex like a bad habit, What reputable broker doesn't have MT4?
as far as I can see, only one person running chat named Vanessa who is rude and does not seem to know much about giving answers to questions. If your money is deposited you might not get it back! I would give them no stars if i could. Please, Please, Please stay away for this so called broker. Forexstart is only tied to this broker don't go to them either. Profiforex is unprofessional.
Mar 30, 2018,
Registered user

Used to be good - but they've recently tanked

Reviews old and new here are accurate. Profiforex was actually a really great broker up until about mid-February 2018. Support was responsive and knowledgeable, response times were great and their MT4 platform was a good as any other broker. They even had a great CENT based account for smaller traders, where I started. Like any other broker they began adding cryptocurrencies as deposit/withdraw mechanisms and have had nothing but problems. Days for transactions to complete turned into weeks. Finally one day, the MT4 platform quit working. From what I have been able to gather, Metaquotes (the MT4 service provider) quit working with them - for whatever reason. I'm sure that caused a run of withdrawals and I suspect they probably have liquidity issues - though what little support I've been able to get has tried to convince me otherwise. Withdrawals have been limited to $100 per transaction (less fees, etc) so they've turned the brakes on. Any attempt to contact support, quality, or finance contact emails go unanswered. I can usually get someone on their live chat application, but it's always the same gal (Vanessa) and she rarely has any answers other than "I'm really sorry, please ask again later" . It's one thing to have account issues, many customers - loyal ones - will stick it out with you, but when you completely stop answering support, trust goes out the window. I just hope they come around enough for me to withdraw my account.

Profiforex - if you're listening - it's time to fix things.

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Brazil, Brazil,
Feb 20, 2018,
Registered user


I requested a withdrawal from my account 539223 on 13.02.18, due to the reason Profiforex cancel my access to Metatrader 4, so I decided to ask for account withdrawal. Profiforex did not previously inform the cancellation of Metratrader 4, interrupting the operation of my EA. I ask her just to give me back my money. Since then, contact Support and they ask me to send the email to Nothing was solved. the treatment of Profiforex with clients. I never operate in this broker again. I do not recommend. Distrust
Winston, NC, USA,
Dec 18, 2017,
Registered user

Best Broker that I know of!

I've been dealing with this broker for a LONG time over 3 years with my current account. They have tight spreads and I've actually seen more positive slippage than negative. Never had any real problems with withdrawals and am doing really well with them I'm actually making more trading with them than I am working. I've tried other brokers and none of them offer terms as good as this one. I really like the swap free option. I also run a PAMM account to allow me to share my success with others. The only issue I have is that they seem to be having problems paying referral bonus's but since that's tiny at this point it's not a huge deal but I do hope they manage to get it cleared up. I also recommend using litecoin to deposit and withdraw much faster and lower fees. I think most of the negative reviews are because people aren't used to the high leverage offered. You can actually trade quite a bit more than 1:500 with bonus's, But that can get you into trouble if you don't know what you are doing. Personally I've found that it's best to keep the bonus's at 50% Although I did setup a client at 500% and her account has gone from $20 to $200 in less than a month. She just happened to get in at the start of a major reversal. So you can make a LOT of money with this broker they don't cut your leverage like other brokers do. I would give them 10 stars If I could. And yes they accept Americans again.
Athens , Greece,
Jul 20, 2017,
Registered user

Worst brother EVER

They are forex mafia.
Not only They delete your profitable trades by changing numbers in their databases but they even threaten you that they Will be after you if you dare to show to other traders the truth in forums etc.
The worst experience EVER
Jodhpur, India,
Jun 12, 2017,
Registered user

No problems with Profiforex so far

Profiforex is the second broker out of three which I am using. I have a standard account and prefer opening the positions for 3-4 days. What I like here compared with others is very low spreads and fast server. I am making around 1000 USD per month, which is quite a nice income when combined with incomes from the other two brokers. I did not have any issues with withdrawals (using Skrill) so far, which some fellow traders are talking about, all processed within a day. Customer care is quite okay too.
Athens, Greece,
May 18, 2017,
Registered user

The WORST broker ever

Don't even THINK to open an account with this broker.
They make money from the losses of the Traders and they are going to find ridiculous reasons to cancel any payment.
Tragic broker.
United Kingdom,
May 15, 2017,
Registered user

Lengthy Withdrawal delays

Update to my previous review.
After a great deal of frustration I did finally receive all the funds I tried to withdraw from Profiforex. Apparently they had been having a lot of problems with their own payment processors and my particular bank which was a situation beyond their control. I cannot wholeheartedly recommend them as it has taken so long to get my problems resolved (months) and it often took a long time to get any update from them, so I have changed my rating from one to three stars, 2.5 might have been more accurate. However I did actually manage to make a few dollars profit with them and get all my profits out in the end. I do intend to continue trading with them but I will certainly be using other brokers as well to spread my risk just in case of any future issues.

Jan 4, 2017 - 1 Star I finally managed to get throught to live chat, here is the exerpt below. They have now removed the money from my trading accounts. The account tab in MT4 shows the withdrawal to the correct VISA card number but there is no sign of the money arriving. I tried to contact them yesterday but I have no had reply again. I started the withdrawal process in November 2016 it is now January 2017. The money has effectively disappeared, I have no transaction ID's to chase the bank and Profiforex simply ignore all emails how can I get my money back it appears hopeless.

[13:03:26] Joel: Dear Peter, welcome to Profiforex! My name is Joel and I am happy to assist you. How may I help you?
Ticket S60222-T14348 is created. The chat transcript will be attached to this ticket after the transcript is saved by system.
[13:03:46] Peter: Hello, I have still not had my withdrwal from my account 469783 or my account 482200, when will these withdrawals be processed it is now well over two weeks since I started the process?
[13:04:56] Joel: One moment please, let me check
[13:11:06] Joel: If you allow me 15 minutes more, I will try to solve your issue right now
[13:11:33] Peter: OK I will wait online as it has been sometime. thank you.
[13:22:50] Joel: thank you for your patience
[13:23:13] Peter: Very happy if it gets sorted out
[13:39:14] Joel: ok, look: right now we can withdraw 2300 USD to your card directly and send the remaining 522.49ЮГЫВ to your Skrill account
[13:39:48] Peter: OK, will that be done today ?
[13:39:58] Joel: yes, sure

Dec 20, 2016 - 1 Star I started trading with Profiforex around a year ago on one of their micro accounts. Execution has been good during this time but two weeks ago I attempted a withdrawal from my most profitable account. Nothing happened I then contacted support and the finance department to find out why my withdrawal was not being processed. The one and only reply I have had is "We have made an inquiry to our processing company regarding your withdrawal but didn't get a reply yet, that is why there is a delay". Since then I have emailed support and finance several times and recieved no further updates, Live chat is also down. Their client agreement clearly states they will respond in 24hrs, they do not. They are simply ignoring my withdrawals and they have given me no futher reasons for the delay and no idea if or when it will ever be processed. I have 4 accounts with them, I have withdrawals pendng from two profitable accounts but neither is happening. Perhaps they perform some withdrawals to some peple so they can get some positive reviews but if you are one of the unlucky ones you may never get your money out. I am continuing to chase them and if I ever get my money out I will change my review of them in the mean time I would tell all prospective customers to stay well away from Profiforex.
Feb 12, 2017,

As full reporting and follow-up of my case, I want to inform FPA that following my reminders and the account validation requested by the Financial Department of Profiforex, I finally received by Skrill all my deposited funds. From my part the issue is therefore positively settled and the not appropriate"scam" or "cheating" references to this broker can be disregarded.

Feb 3, 2017 - 1 Star This broker has become a complete SCAM ! The withdrawal requests are under processing for an never-ending time, After request of the reason for these delays these guys tell you a lot of non-sense and silly excuses such as "unknown problems" with payment system and other bla bla bla :-)))
If you have care of your money do not open any sort of account with this cheaters ! STAY AWAY from PROFIFOREX and you will save money and waste of time !!!

Brunei Darussalam,
Nov 29, 2016,
Registered user

thief broker that will make you lose in no time

PLEASE do not fall for any promotions like bonus or high leverage offer from this company,they are scam that will make your trading lose in no time.
price slippage,trade goes wrong direction will make your trading not right.
It was easy to use demo,but to live account YOU'LL lose in no time

They use special bot to make customer lose.

Trust me you'll regret for using the service,if not give it try and you'll see how they rip you

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Accra, Ghana,
Oct 6, 2016,
Registered user

The 1,163 dollar profit I made recently was sent to me this morning. This was significant because it is my biggest withdraw. Since I started reading reviews of other traders on FPA that Profiforex does not give you your money when you make huge profit, I got scared. But the 1,163USD was finally processed and sent to me today. This is my biggest profit withdrawn so far. Maybe I was lucky, but so far I don’t see any problems using this broker; spreads are low, opening a deal is very fast and customer support always assist me. So, I just want to say thank you to Profiforex by dropping this review.
California, USA,
Aug 17, 2016,
Registered user


I have had accounts with them since july 2015, on july 24 2016 I put in a refund request. They have not sent me my money yet. I have emailed financial several times with no responds. I emailed the BOSS with no responds. I even got on live chat and now they won't respond. My account # 170901. On august 9 I tried to transfer money from account 459923 to that account and no action has been taken. On aug. 12 I in formed them that I was starting a scam alert, then they responded and closed out my account. They wired my money then canceled the transfer. It is aug. 17, I email them every day in all departments and chat with no response. (DON'T TRUST THIS BROKER THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY HOPING YOU WILL GIVE UP TRYING TO GET YOUR MONEY!).
Reply by Tom Aldridge submitted Aug 19, 2016:
It doesn't fall under company's responsibility when you keep an account with us and don't read the rules and regulations provided by the company on the website as you know that we do not accept any clients from the US at the first place and the company informs clients in advance of any changes in the terms and conditions. In the first week of January we have published on our website that we no more accept clients from the US.
We do understand the inconvenience caused but we cannot take responsibility for clients' lack of observation of changes in terms and conditions.
In cases of disputes or violations of company rules the refunds are made only once the litigations are settled and after the background check is verified.
Note: As per the account statements your refund has been made within the due time.
Karon Lewis,
Davenport, USA,
May 7, 2016,

I dont know of this is going to be posted as for some reason and with no explanation my reviews on the only broker i have been with are never posted but I will try again

They are now a complete fraud broker they have been bought by a russian company. And issue they tell you to email Finamce or boss at 60 emails over 2 years not 1 reply. Try to call them and its a fake number during chat they says it better to use chat. If you dont want to loose money stay away from them. If you doubt me go to there website and dial there fake number and see who picks up. From there website

Client Department
General and technical questions 601 873 174 24-hour

Financial Department
Financial questions (deposits and withdrawals) 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. London time (Mon-Fri)

Development Department
Partnership program (questions on commission fees for agents) 601 873 174 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. London time (Mon-Fri)

Quality Management Department
Suggestions, complaints on work of departments and employees 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. London time (Mon-Fri)

Management Team
Suggestions, comments and complaints


2012-07-07 5 Stars Still with them everything has been going good so far and they fix all problems on live chat. Phone number still does not work and they say they prefer not to use it. No scalping or trades under 1 minute but good spreads and withdrawal was good. Theyr a good broker just dont try anything related to scalping they say 1 minute but dont think u can get away with 1 minute and 2 seconds, leverage is good on $100 to trade 0.1 with gold

2012-05-09 No Rating I was stopped out of a trade today

Trade 1222589 GBP/AUD 17:25 bar High 1.60606
SL 1.60626

Price says closed at 1.60626 But bar never reached that high

Im waiting for a reply from management

American clients Yes
500 Leverage Yes
But are they legit im about to find out

My current broker wont offer 500 leverage so i experiment with this one and im already loosing money, retail forex is a dangerous shady business

2012-04-27 5 Stars I opened a account with them last week as my current broker only offer 200 leverage they offer 500. Excecution is tied as the faster ive used to date with my broker that i use now. I deposited money twice via paypal and they gave me 40 in new account bonus. Support is excellent over email, but i tried calling the phone and nobody picks up even thou they say that the phone is up 24 hours. Japan did u email them is so what did they say, so far they seem legit i hope they are not a scam, Im going to email about the phone today. Probaly the best thing so far is the execution its done in microsconds. Although while trying to exit a trade i got a error "Trade Paremeters off" or something like that but i eventually got out and have not a had problem ever since. Im going to test withdrawal today. If anyone use them please leave review, i have not trade long enough to trust them yet but so far so good. Japan please leave update what did they say when u email them
Reply by Tom Aldridge submitted Aug 19, 2016:
The Customer Care always made sure that all the quires are replied by e-mail or chat. And obviously if you call from your phone to an ICQ chat number you will not receive any responce :) And secondly please read the official webpage carefully next time, it is clearly mentioned that the company does not provide technical support by phone.
Note: The company is not responsible for any losses resulting from your trading strategy.
Farouk Ahmed,
Jerusalem, Israel,
Mar 29, 2016,

After some weeks of consistently trading with Profiforex, I can say their platform is better than my previous broker. It is fast and have minimal slippage occurrence. I am also able to deposit and withdraw via bitcoin, a better option for me right now. Withdrawals are not automatic though, but I usually get mine in 24 to 48hours. I am also allowed to trade CFD here with 1:100 leverage. I'll recommend this to any trader. Thanks
Reply by Tom Aldridge submitted Aug 19, 2016:
Thank you for the appreciation and we are looking forward to your suggestions so that we can provide you a better service.
Usa, USA,
Feb 25, 2016,

First they say they take USA then they don't now they make excuses for not doing withdrawal. Customer service is bad stay away from them
, USA,
Sep 23, 2015,

Total waste of time, they were good, now their servers are to slow to trade on, and they don't take Skrill, and they say I am the only one with a speed issue, and that it is my problem. Funny how the server is fast until I add funds to the account. Slow withdraw (was fast).

Operator Victory has joined the chat.
[09:41:20] Victory: Dear r, welcome to Profiforex! My name is Victory and I am happy to assist you. How may I help you?
Ticket S60222-T11227 is created. The chat transcript will be attached to this ticket after the transcript is saved by system.
[09:41:35] r: I need the owner email
[09:42:30] r: I have problems
[09:43:40] Victory: What is the problem?
[09:43:51] r: is there a supervisor
[09:44:15] r: slow execution
[09:44:28] r: bad connection
[09:44:36] Victory:
[09:45:10] Victory: You just sent an email to report as scam. And you just complained about Skrill. Now, slow execution and bad connection?
[09:45:59] Victory: Can I have your account number?
[09:47:15] r: 455642
[09:47:30] Victory: So, what exactly is the problem?
[09:48:54] r: slow order placment
[09:49:05] Victory: Since when?
[09:49:18] r: slow in slow out
[09:49:55] Victory: Since when have you been experiencing slow execution?
[09:51:18] r: 6 months
[09:51:50] r: many emails no response
[09:52:14] Victory: Have you tried trading else where to compare?
[09:52:31] Victory: Because you are the only client complaining
[09:52:36] r: i have many brokers
[09:53:30] r: I am probabaly you only us client left
[09:53:44] Victory: I guess so too
[09:54:13] Victory: Fortunately, our platform is working fine and we have no issues with connection whatsoever.
[09:54:17] r: i have been there for a long time
[09:55:08] r: i sent a video of the problem to support but never a response
[09:55:31] r: i discribe in detail
[09:56:00] Victory: There is nothing wrong with the platform.
[09:56:57] r: why is a new account fast
[09:57:14] r: until i put money in it
[09:57:32] r: then it is slow
[09:57:37] Victory: There is no way to test how fast a new account is unless there is money in it.
[09:57:46] r: i find that odd
[09:57:47] Victory: So how did you know it was fast when you've not put money in it?
[09:57:58] r: i sent vidio proof
[09:59:32] r: because i can place pending orders in an account with a zero balance
[09:59:56] r: demo is fast
[10:00:25] Victory: How can Pending orders be executed with Zero Balance?
[10:01:33] r: because they are pending they are not market orders
[10:02:23] r: you dont need a balance to place limits and stops
[10:02:42] Victory: So are your pending orders executed once it reaches the set price?
[10:03:16] r: as soon as the funds hit the account it got very slow
[10:03:48] r: no the just dont fill
[10:04:09] Victory: So how can you use that theory to determine whether an execution is fast or slow
[10:04:27] r: my point is the speed of pending order placement
[10:05:16] Victory: You cannot use Pending orders to determine the speed of a platform.
[10:05:37] Victory: Once again, there is nothing wrong with the platform.
[10:06:14] r: why is then demo faster
[10:06:18] Victory: And since you are the only one complaining, it means the problem is from your end. This is probably why you never got a reponse from us.
[10:06:27] Victory: Demo is always faster.
[10:06:43] Victory: Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this issue.
[10:08:08] r: you say "You cannot use Pending orders to determine the speed of a platform."
[10:08:16] r: why
[10:09:05] r: are saying pending orders are not used on your platform
[10:09:25] r: you make no sense
[10:09:34] Victory: It is because trades are not executed when you click "Place"
[10:09:52] Victory: Since the trades are not executed at that particular time, you cannot measure the speed of execution
[10:10:01] r: i know that
[10:12:11] r: but if i want to place a limit order, are you saying the speed of placing that order is slower that market orders
[10:13:18] r: why should pending order place slow down when i add funds to the account
[10:13:36] Victory: Could you please send your inquiry to We will answer it as soon as possible. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.
[10:13:58] r: i did that
[10:14:11] Victory: There is nothing I can do for you today
[10:14:30] Victory: Once again, there is nothing wrong with the platform
[10:14:45] r: you the only person there
[10:14:54] Victory: Yes, I am
[10:16:09] r: i will be making a report about this
[10:16:45] r: i am not alone
[10:16:56] Victory: There is no need for that. If a trader is not satisfied with the services of a broker, he withdraws his funds and trade with another
[10:17:25] r: skrill is closed
[10:17:57] r: i was depositing with paypal
[10:18:14] r: then that stopped
[10:19:30] r: cant withdraw because my balance is too low
[10:20:59] r: if read the reviews of you company you will see that you started of great and then went downhill
[10:21:35] Victory: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
[10:22:07] r: profi is now forex start
[10:23:04] Victory: Thank you for coming on Live Chat. Should you have further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us again via live chat or e-mail:
[10:23:05] Victory: Have a nice day! Bye
Operator Victory has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (05:23:08)
, Viet Nam,
Jul 16, 2015,

I opened an account with Profiforex in 4 months. Deposite and withdrawal were OK. when my profit over $25000 , I made withdrawal requests, they check my account carefully within 3 weeks. At last, they paid me all funds, thanks Profiforex ! I rate 3.5 stars
usa, USA,
Jul 14, 2015,

Not worth the hassle of technical issues in funding, withdrawing etc. I have little confidence in this broker and after taking a skeptical chance on them I recognize my initial misgivings seem well founded.
Apr 15, 2015,

Have been a trader for some time. You will see when you review this I have filed against them before and have gotten satisfaction. This time though they seem to be purposefully avoiding executing my withdrawals.

I requested a withdrawal on April 8, 2015 by way of credit card. They claim to initiate withdrawals within 24 hours. I have contacted chat 3 times in the past week and emailed their finance department twice. The chat keep telling me "tomorrow" and finance won't even respond. The withdrawal I did with them on April 4th also took 4 days and I had to contact them twice by chat and one time by email to finance department.

This is becoming a constant irritation. Since I am a US trader, I really have no choice but to deal with them if I want 1:500 leverage with nanolot trading.

My only recourse to get them to do the right thing is to make the complaint here. This seems to be the only way to get them to act on withdrawal requests.

2013-08-21 5 StarsThis review is an update to an earlier review.

After contacting the broker, they resolved all of the problems I listed earlier within 12 hours. It was a server problem and not bad behavior on the broker's part. This broker is actually a great broker I have been with for over a year and they reversed the bad trades and credited my account. I will continue to use them and suggest to others that they should be the broker of choice.

Thanks for everything profiforex customer service! Great Broker!

2013-08-19 1 Star Ever since I began withdrawing from my winning accounts I can only execute trades either by EA or manually at one particular price. When I try to close them it is at only one particular price which is way off quote making all trades big losers. I contact online chat and they tell me to email. What will email help when I have trades I need to immediately close!!! I have been with them almost a year and they appear to no like the fact I am making money and want to sabotage my efforts. I have screenshots of trades with trade numbers and time date stamps to prove this suspicious behavior. This is sad to do since I really liked this broker but I want to warn others about this scam. I am just hoping since I can't close my trades I will have this resolved with them befor they conveniently steal all my money!
Athens, Greece,
Jan 30, 2015,

Looks good until news* announcements; that's the time the spreads increase 10000 (!, ten thousand) times, enough to blow your account.

*To me, it happened during FED's rate decision on 2015, January 28.
New York, USA,
Dec 19, 2013,

Withdraw password did not work. Contacted them, received two email responses with links on how to reset it. Reset, said withdraw is processing and will take place soon (forget the exact time they said it would but it was to take place in the near future). Received funds in my designated account as promised. For US residents, I would like to write that I had this is the only issue I had with them and it was seemlessly resolved. Consider this broker for your trading.
Ana Wu,
Hubei , China,
Jul 3, 2013,

I have traded with profiforex for 4 months after a bad experience from one these ridiculous brokers. I think I am beginning to get back on my feet gain. I prefer this broker, especially their web-based platform as I am not much of an MT4 guy. Theirs is really working fine for me. Well, I can’t really find any fault with this broker, but one thing I do know is that brokers aren’t your friends. As long as I get the quality services profiforex offers at a cheaper rate, which they do, I’ll let them make their profit. Highly recommended!"
Andrew Chin,
ShenYang, China,
Jun 27, 2013,

This is my first review of this broker. I started with their demo platform back in November 2011 and open a dollar account in February 2012. I am sure of two things when trading on this platform and that is fast execution and no requotes. Every other things like withdrawals and customer support gets a 4.5 star rating.
, Spain,
Jun 22, 2013,

They have returned me my initial capital, the welcome bonus and half my gains... it's something.

2013-06-16 1Star This broker is a scam, after one month trading and winning with them, when I tried to withdraw the gains they changed all my trades, they've stolen all the gains and all the money I put in there.

This is the bull*** they have sent to me:

You have received this message because our software while analyzing your 158105 account has detected the deals executed on non-market quotations. Your trading system is based on the imperfection of Instant Execution mechanism. Let us remind that on real forex there is “Market Execution” and according to our Client Agreement we reserve the right to rewrite your deals in accordance with the quotations that actually existed in the market at that time. According to our Client Agreement the deals are rewritten according to the tick quotations of Dukascopy (Swiss Forex Bank). You can find the charts to each deal below. Please note that you can download the tick quotations of Dukascopy from their website and check everything by yourself.
Australia, Australia,
Jun 19, 2013,

Big fat scam.

You can open an account without ID? Thats even against BVI law. What a joke. Stay away
Gbenga Frank,
Abuja, Nigeria,
Jun 4, 2013,

This broker allows people from all countries. I wanted to register with a US or UK broker, but there were some restriction. Profiforex offers even better trading condition than many of them. I am very happy with my trading experience and I hope they keep up the good work.
Yin Peter,
Shanghai, China,
Apr 23, 2013,

I have been trading on their platform for about a month now. I am really impressed. My best strategy is scalping and their execution speed and low spreads is make things a lot easy. There has never been any withdraw delays. I am happy with this broker.
, Czech Republic,
Feb 11, 2013,

This brokers is doing everything to repel all traders elsewhere .
They are changing the rules in agreements and websites as much as they liked to.
They even tried to make a deal with profitable traders to share their systems and cooperate on cutting out the middle liquidity and bridge providers . They are bunch of absolute amateurs and they own us good chunk of money. I advise anyone against openning account with them !
We have even passed these issues to their regulators, which i believe had no idea Profiforex doing business as FOREX broker. We will work hard to keep such brokers out of business
rustan mallari,
manila, Philippines,
Feb 6, 2013,

"I'm updating my review that I left on 2013-01-18

first month with them was all good i almost double my account through scalping then after a week they emailed me and saying they changed my account to 5 digit quotation. then i went to there customer support to ask why did they changed it. they said it was changed because my trades are less than 1 minute and my account should be a 5 digit quote so i can trade again '1 minute trades'. then all went back to normal i continue trading with them

then after a month it was morning when i opened my account i saw my balance to $-8464.68 i immediately contacted the support and they told me that they removed all the my less than 1 min trades(WINS) and telling SCALPING and less than 1 min trades are not allowed and im violating their client agreement etc etc ..

Our Email Convo About the $-8464.68

03.12.2012, 09:11, "myname" :
can you please check my account why it s now below 0 and with a balance of -8464.68

my account number is 289579


From: "" <>
To: myname <>
Sent: Monday, December 3, 2012 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: Balance -8464.68

Dear myname,

A lot of violations of our Client Agreement were detected on your trading account: deals less than 1 minute on 4 digit quotations, for example: 54014829, 54014872, etc.

Deals less than 1 minute on 4 digit quotations are not allowed according to the Client Agreement:

These deals less than 1 minute on 4 digit quotations were cancelled on your account (according to the Client Agreement, item 8.1) that is why the balance changed as the result.
Your further questions are welcome!

Kind regards,
Victoria Rouvali
Account Service Manager
Profiforex Corp.
Profiforex Dealing Center

03.12.2012, 17:36, "myname" <>:
"Deals less than 1 minute on 4 digit quotations are not allowed"

-the last time i had a conversation with your support is that your allowing me to scalp less than 1 minute and you even changed my account to a 5 digit quotation and currencies turned to EURUSDv and like that....


From: "" <>
To: myname <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: Balance -8464.68

Dear myname,

Yes, scalping and less than 1 minute deals are allowed on 5 digit quotations (with suffix "v", as you said "EURUSDv") but are not allowed on 4 digit quotations.

Only such deals on 4 digit quotations were cancelled, nothing was done with 5 digit quotations.

Kind regards,
Victoria Rouvali
Account Service Manager
Profiforex Corp.
Profiforex Dealing Center

04.12.2012, 05:03, "myname" <>:
my account is a 5 digit quotation. so what is the problem with that?



From: "" <>
To: myname <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 8:31 AM
Subject: Re: Balance -8464.68

Dear myname,

There are absolutely no problems with your orders on 5 digit quotations, but before this you were also using 4 digit quotations for trading. There are violations.
Please look at the statement of your account (attached). There you can see comments "Less than 1 min, cancel" - these are the comments to deals on 4 digit quotations that you made, less than 1 minute and violating our Client Agreement.

Kid regards,
Victoria Rouvali
Account Service Manager
Profiforex Corp.
Profiforex Dealing Center

05.12.2012, 06:13, "myname" <>:

About the less than 1 min trades i was already informed back then by your support about the violation of 1 min trades that is why you changed my account to a 5 digit quotation, so i thought it was already fixed and im allowed to trade again. but Now after 1 month you are questioning my trades again?



Dear myname,

We are not questioning your trades, we have processed violating trades (less than 1 minute on 4 digit quotations) according to the Client Agreement because it wasn't done before.

Kind regards,
Victoria Rouvali
Account Service Manager
Profiforex Corp.
Profiforex Dealing Center


we had a exchange of emails about what happen but i surrendered with it because they are like making a joke with me. i just let them took all my winnings and even my deposit . bec whatever explnation i made i think they will not giveback even at least my deposit

and this morning i received an email again about my review & rating in profiforex


Dear My name,

We have noticed your review on Profi Forex | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army .
We have already contacted FPA before regarding such issues and they offered two variants to solve it.

The first variant is that you update your review: write the truth and apologize for incorrect description of the situation.

The second variant is that we will have nothing to do, but publish all the correspondence with you and your account statements as a proof of the real situation.

Also, we're going to consult with lawyers what measures should we take to solve the issue with this slander/libel.

Please let us know today which variant seems to be better for you.

Thanks and regards,
Victoria Rouvali
Account service manager
Profiforex Corp.


So here is my revise Review of Profiforex and i think theres nothing wrong with putting a review of my experience about a broker.

so i just had to put this review and revise my old one so everyone will know my experience in trading Profiforex.

My Forum Topic about profiforex with detailed statement here

2013-01-18 1 Star first month with them was all good i almost double my account through scalping then after a week they emailed me and saying they changed my account to 5 digit quotation. then i went to there customer support to ask why did they changed it they said it was changed so i can trade scalping and less than 1 min trades. then after a month it was morning when i opened my account i saw my balance to $-8000.00 ++ i immediately contacted the support and they told me that they removed all the my less than 1 min trades(WINS) and telling SCALPING and less than 1 min trades are not allowed etc etc .. very terrible broker!! they should tell me in the first month and not wasting my time..
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 23, 2013,

Everything went fine for a few days, then suddenly my stoplosses weren't honoured, slipped a lot in their favour. Many of my pending orders were suddenly "Cancelled by Dealer" Then all profitable trades cancelled when I wanted to withdraw.
Michael Epps,
Lithonia, GA, USA,
Dec 29, 2012,

This broker is an excellent broker I've been with them for 2 years and no problems.
New York, USA,
Aug 9, 2012,

I have been trading with them for about two months now and have had no issues whatsoever. Did one small withdrawal on my cent account that I opened with $1,000 and Money was sent to PayPal almost immediately. Only the test of time will tell. I hope they can keep it up.
Trinity Castle,
Indiana, USA,
Jun 28, 2012,

UPDATE: They finally did explain why they removed the $700 from my balance. They rewrote my winning trades using Dukascopy data stating that their price wasn't correct when I entered the trades. Hmmm, I thought I was trading with ProfiForex not Dukascopy! LOL! If this is the case, the manipulate the price all they want to get your trades to do whatever they want them to do. I do not recommend using Profiforex to anyone! The only reason I am still using them is so I can trade Pico lots with my Martingale Strategy, but I suspect that if that becomes too profitable they will find a way to cancel my winnings within some part of their "Trader Agreement". Don't give them your money.

2012-06-19 1 Star They removed over $700 from my balance with no explanation in the transaction history. They are completely a scam if you start to make money! STAY AWAY!
Reply by Tom Aldridge submitted Jul 10, 2012:
This is widely known that Profiforex is one of the authoritative companies, which forward your deals through banks to the interbank market and, of course, we cannot provide quotations that would differ from bank quotations, however, at a certain moment the quotations may be delayed by 0,2-0,5 seconds. This is caused by data transmission delays, incurred when using Internet channels. As a consequence, if the person, who trades only during strong market moves, uses expired (outdated) quotations, the server may execute his order, using the quotation, which has already expired. In this case we can say that this person trades on server?s errors. This is why we can cancel clients' trades if they last under a minute, just because they do not trade on real Forex, but, on the contrary, they trade within the server (as during sharp market moves due to the aforementioned delay we may fail to forward his order to the interbank market). And, of course, this claim has been generously seasoned with obvious lie. Now we would like to give some comments and the clear and objective view on the situation with Trinity Castle. The client makes numerous violations of our Client Agreement on his account. The violations mostly include deals less than one minute and using ?arbitrage trading strategy?. Speaking of those $700 ? this was the result of canceling deals less than one minute and rewriting deals on gaps according to the first quotation after gap (our quotations, not Dukascopy). All in accordance with our Client Agreement. This is not clear why the client says that the deals were rewritten in accordance with Dukascopy quotations. In order to standardize the process of managing complaints the following is written in our Client Agreement: ?The prices on the Forex market are considered to be prices that are presented by the world banks. Generally, the Client has the right of complaint using Dukascopy or Saxobank quotations.? (But of course the client can write a complaint using the quotations of any world bank. This is a kind of guarantee that we will never add any fake quotations in order to close the client?s deal according to his/her Stop-Loss). When the deals were being rewritten/cancelled, the comment to each deal was left, so the client could see it in his account statement immediately. Here we represent the correspondence with the client showing also that the answer to his question about ?deduction of $700? was given within 4 hours after receiving his e-mail: Trint Castle 19 June, 17:40 GMT I need a legitimate explanation as to why you have deleted over $700 worth of profit from my account with no explanation and no record. Even the MT4 history has been altered to hide that you removed those winning trades from my account. Regards, Trint Castle --------------------------------------------- Profiforex Financial Department 19 June, 21:46 GMT Dear Trint Castle, Thank you very much for your e-mail! All the changes made in your deals are accompanied by comments to these deals. You can check all this in your account history. For example, the following deals were made on gaps and according to the item 8 of the Client Agreement they were rewritten and the comment was left: 12508971 Changed: open pr.1.5535->1.5531 12508968 Changed: open pr.1.5535->1.5531 12508965 Changed: open pr.1.5535->1.5531 Those deals, that were less than one minute have the following comment: Cancel: less than 1 min -- Kind regards, Victoria Rouvali Account Service Manager Profiforex Corp. ------------------------------------------------- Trint Castle 19 June, 21:50 GMT There are no comments whatsoever in my account history. What do you mean they were made on "gaps" You have only noted 3 tickets what about the other several dozen that disappeared? I have reported this to Forex Peace Army scam investigation. -------------------------------------------------- Profiforex Financial Department 19 June, 21:59 GMT Dear Trint Castle, Sure, we are willing and will be happy to provide forexpeacearmy with any information they want about your account. In order to look through the comments to your deals please do the following: Login to your trading account and in the "Terminal" window that it below the charts window go to the tab "Account History". Right click in that tab and choose "All History" from the context menu. After all the history is shown in this tab again right click in this tab and choose "Comments" from the context menu. Then the comments to every your deal will appear and you'll be able to read them. Please not that we are working according to the Client Agreement that you have accepted when you were opening your trading account. We are sorry if our trading rules do not fit your trading strategy. -- Kind regards, Victoria Rouvali Account Service Manager Profiforex Corp. -------------------------------------------------------- Trint Castle 19 June, 22:07 GMT Rest assured I know how to view all my account history. There used to be comments showing that trades were canceled for less than 1 minute, but those comments are not there now. However, these comments do still show up in MyFXBook, so I know they were there. :-) This proves that you have deleted history from my account, which does not fall under the client agreement. Many of the profitable trades lasted several minutes and so I'm not sure how you can say they were gaps or less than 1 minute. ---------------------------------------------------------- Profiforex Financial Department 19 June, 22:16 GMT Dear Trint Castle, The comments are within your deals. Those deductions of "Less than one minute" deals are shown as zero profit within your deals with appropriate comments. You can thoroughly check everything, deal after deal and in case you do not agree with the resulting balance send us a complaint. About gaps you can see our quotations or quotations of Dukascopy. And of course, you should have some account statements saved before today so you can check everything. -- Kind regards, Victoria Rouvali Account Service Manager Profiforex Corp. ------------------------------------------------------- Trint Castle 19 June, 22:38 GMT I see them now. However, I didn't realize I was trading with Dukascopy. I thought I was trading with Profiforex. My mistake. I guess I will just go trade with Dukascopy since you do not seem to want profitable traders. :-)
, Japan,
Apr 18, 2012,

The trade for less than 1 minute breaks.
It is the same as prohibition of scalping.
Most profits are canceled.
The response of a server is wonderful.
Order 0.5-second closing 0.5 second.