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4.909 • 11 REVIEWS
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Updated: Feb 8, 2024
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Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Atlas 2.0 -28.57 4.8 -80.114
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4.909 • 11 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of OlympusWealthManagement.com

David Green
Halifax, Canada,
Sep 19, 2012,

I am running two programs with Olympus and they are both performing very well. Very effecient with everything and I am confident my investments will continue to grow
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Peter Wakeman
Brighton, United Kingdom,
Jul 3, 2012,

I am new to forex and Olympus has helped me at every step of the way. Good support and the money I have been making is almost unbelievable. I'm used to investing into ISA's and a such. Now I will never look at what the bank has to offer again

Well done guys, keep up the fantastic work
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Kris Johansen
, Spain,
Feb 23, 2012,

Really happy with the results and service from Olympus. Very quick turn around with any questions, good risk management, and good profits. I would strongly recommend
Jose Garcia
Malaga, Spain,
Jan 27, 2012,

Its the top performing asset in my portfolio. I am looking at moving the rest of my portfolio into currencies one way or another as the risk that is taken to achieve such returns is not much different to the risk that is taken to produce very small returns with my other investments. High praises for Olympus Wealth.
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Worthing, United Kingdom,
Jan 24, 2012,

Had issues with them in the beggining when they wouldn't accept a black and white copy of ID but appart from that, it is a very consisatnt account. the views expressed here already are fair and I do not disagree with any of them
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Patrick Boland
London, UK, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2012,

Does what it says on the tin! I have told my family and friends about this investment.
Russell Belt
Newcastle, UK, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2012,

5/5 I have had a great time with Olympus and am thinking of becoming and IB for them for my friends and family!
Aaron fields
Littlehampton, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2012,

I was sceptical a first as the returns seemed too good to be true, but I gave it a go and I haven't looked back. Really happy with what these guys are doing.
Ian Payne
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom,
Jan 11, 2012,

Well deserving of 5 stars. Strong record, strong returns, good service. Reading through the other reviews I don't see why you need to act with caution. I followed their managed account for 2 months before I jumped in and they were very transparent throughout the whole process.
Francis Duffield
Maidstone , United Kingdom,
Jan 10, 2012,

Really pleased with the outcome of his account. I am thinking of setting a second one up for my son for when he turns 18!
Keep up the good work guys.