Atlas 2.0 Real Account Stopped test

-28.57% WEEKLY · 4.8 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
-68 (Gross Pips: -588)
Average P/L per Week:
-18.71% (Gross P/L: -83.16%)
Maximum Equity used:
38.03% (Jun 1, 2013, 3:57:00 PM)
Test started:
May 22, 2013
Test Stopped:
Jun 25, 2013 (Tested 4.8 weeks)
Crashed & Burned

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2013-07-21 Atlas 2.0 Managed Account Real Test crashed and burned...

2013-05-31 Atlas 2.0 Managed Account Real Test started with help of Investor Access...

Note from owner: This is not yet available for investment as this is still in test phase.

Description: Atlas 2.0 runs two different strategies simultaneously. One looking at daily pivot levels and Fibonacci, and the second looking at daily analysis on position opening. Concentrating around the larger currencies we look to generate a positive return over the medium term.