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Updated: Feb 4, 2019
1.25 · 54 REVIEWS
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January 2018:  There is a second FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends the highest level of caution dealing with 24Option and all related companies unless these issues can be resolved.
October 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing wth 24 Option.
August 2, 2016:  The French AMF has banned 24Options from doing business in France.  Among the reasons was not acting in an honest or fair manner in the interest of its clients. CLICK HERE to verify.

July 2015:  A representative of OptionsXO.com told the FPA that 24Options had acquired OptionsXO.  Later, the owner of 24Option denied any relationship between the two companies.  When the FPA email both of these people for clarification, neither responded.

February 2016: OptionsXO is now considered to be a Scam by the FPA.

April 2013:  The Ontario Securities Commission has added Rodeler Limited doing business as 24option.com, 24fx.com, zoneoptions.com, grandoption.com and binaryoption-affiliate.com to its warning list.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Related sites include GrandOption.com, ZoneOptions.com, quickoption.com, 24fx.com, binaryoption-affiliate.com, rodeler.com, and richfield-trading.com

24option is a Forex broker. 24option offers a WebTrader, MetaTrader4 trading platforms. 24option offers currency pairs, stocks, commodities, crypto currencies, CFDs for your trading options.


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24option.com profile provided by alper, Mar 23, 2015

24option leads the way with ''European Union Regulation''! Its unique platform also offers special assets that attract investors' attention. Trading Twitter is now available with 24option! 24option is most certainly the broker for anyone looking to profit big. We’ve taken a good look at 24option and compared this company’s offerings to those of other binary options brokers.

General Information

Founded in: 2010

Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Trade Amount: $24

Maximum Per Option: $50,000

Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Swedish, Chinese, Danish, Russian, Latvian

Company description

24option is the world's leading binary options platform that focuses on bringing the most profitable financial products to our traders. Earn up to 89% with every trade on a variety of assets using your choice of trading options. Trader success springs from our dedication to providing our traders with the latest and best in binary options trading, searching for only the best assets to trade with, and offering the highest and most profitable returns in the industry. 24option prides itself on its 3 core fundamentals: Global Appeal - our variety of assets, flexible trading platform and multilingual support is the reason that traders from all around the globe choose 24option as their sole binary options broker. We're constantly updating our platform with additional global assets aimed at producing profitability for our traders, no matter where they live and trade; Trader Support - ensuring that our traders enjoy a successful and profitable trading experience is our #1 concern. We have built a vast education center composed of education videos, binary options eBooks, traders’ manual and more. At 24option, we know that the most successful traders are knowledgeable traders and our library reflects our corporate values; and, finally: Commitment - at 24option, we are committed to creating the most user-friendly trading experience for all our traders while achieving maximum profitability. We strive to implement and offer the most advanced technology and constantly develop new tools to allow traders to trade with confidence and success


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1.25 · 54 REVIEWS
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Mexico, Mexico,
Jun 26, 2018,


This is a scam, I deposit 500 USD after a few moves with a balance near to 400 USD I tried to pull out my money, it was impossible to do this and now my balance is 0, I do not recommend it, the will steal your money.
May 24, 2018,
Registered user

terrible company, you loss your complete money

I was always pushed by the account managers to bring more Money and they win then my loss back.
Then I make a complain to 24option to bting back my money, and I nothing hear about it.
I introduce a lawyer and now I got a very low Settlement Agreement for about only 20% refund.

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

May 16, 2018,
Registered user

I was trading binary option with 24option in October 2014, i made about $6500 in profits but 24option refused to pay me my profits and blocked my account.

After a successful day of trading, i came back one evening to trade as usual but i was shocked to find out that i couldn't even log into my account, I checked my email the email i got from them was that "I have been found in violation of their terms and conditions and that all my profits have been cancelled and my account closed"

Immediately they saw that my investment was growing rapidly, they returned my initial deposit to my credit card, then alleged a fraudulent activity occurred in my account. I asked them "how, but my details were verified by your compliance department?" they refused to answer me. No fraudulent activity ever occurred in my trading account, they just didn't want to release my money. And the most painful part of it is that i didn't take any bonus from this broker, they offered me a bonus i refused, because i don't want to give any broker any reason not to pay me my money, so all i had in my account was real money. I took all the risk by myself, I was shocked to see them act so unprofessionally. Would they have blocked my account if i had lost all my investment?

I have filed a complaint at their website but they told me that their decision to cancel my profits and block my account was final. I am determined, i will do whatever within my power to get my money from this fraudulent company.
Zurich, Switzerland,
Jan 15, 2018,

Withdrawing money doesn't work

Trying to withdraw my money since 2 month now. They cheat around with excuses my documents are not valid and canceld my withdrawal requests multiple times. If you send them new documents, they ignore it. And they start a new bad game, by complaining (complete nonsense), you where a US-citicen and have to explain why. As of my experience they are complete crooks! Never send them money or you will loose it for sure and get terrorized by phone calls of an account manager crook.
Gibraltar, Gibraltar,
Jan 4, 2018,

A disgrace

E mailed numerous times to make a withdrawal and totally ignored sent documentation in and still not verified so can’t get funds back. Live chat does not let you in and telephone cuts you off a disgrace
Rick, Netherlands,
Jan 1, 2018,

€250 gone

24option stole my €250 money (dissapeared after withdrawal) an deleted my account because of an unverified document..

I have send 9 emails, only one had a response saying 'We will contact you soon'... they never did.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 31, 2017,
Registered user

I am pretty disappointed about this scam website.

First when I signed up I asked the 24option account manager who called me to open the account if they have swap / overnight fees and he told me they dont. So I asked him if the spread is the only thing that I would have to pay and he confirmed. So based on that I opened my account.

After I made my first profit on 24option they suddenly came up with swap fees which were always 2.5 times bigger than the current profit, making it only possible for you to loose money.

Now I requested to withdraw 2500 USD from 24option on the 22nd December 2017. After a week not having any feedback about my withdrawal request and various emails and chat communications I finally received an answer
"The provided proof of residence is with a PO BOX address. We must see a document with a full address.Unless you don't have a proof of residence with a full address, we would like you to fill in the attached Declaration of Address Form, since your address is registered under a P.O. Box and not a physical address.Kindly upload your document/s via the website. Please log onto your account; click on the "My Account" tab, then click on the "Document" tab, and then upload your document /s there or send back to this email."

I directly uploaded the form on 24option account verification section. Needful to say is that in the UAE utility bills are not issued with the street name, but only building name and po box. Even in my tenancy contract it is mentioned the same way.Yesterday i received an email saying "Please note that we have not received the missing information required to complete your withdrawal request. Therefore, your withdrawal request has been automatically cancelled and the funds were retuned to your account. If you wish to continue with your withdrawal request, please provide us with the missing information"

How is that possible and what can I do to get my money back ?
1. First they tell me they dont have swap fees, but they have them which are 2.5 times bigger than your profit so I can only loose money
2. They verify me but as soon as I want to withdraw funds I am not verified
3. They claim that my address is insufficient but this is my real and legal address
4. I upload the form the request me to fill up for the address and they decline

Many thanks in advance

Warsaw, Poland,
Dec 13, 2017,
Registered user

Rodeler from Cyprus scammed my credit card

Rodeler / 24option scammed my credit card! I’m writing this review from Warsaw, Poland. Yesterday /12 December 2017/ I have been the victim of credit card scam. The Cyprus based company – Rodeler took €5000 from my credit card. There are 3 attempts for bigger amounts, but finally they hit amount below my credit card limit and took this money.
Today I have started the claim procedure at my bank, will see if bank accept my claim?
The mystery is how somebody have had my credit card data /card number, CSV, expire date/. I’m aware of possible card frauds and I never lose my cards from my view. But finally this was happened! I do not use ATMs as it is credit card. I do not pay in internet with this card. Only hotels, car rentals and flights. And petrol stations sometime. I have concerns about hotels as they usually want to leave credit card details to guarantee the bookings. But without doing this you have no chance book the room!
Nov 24, 2017,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court dreri vs 24option.com | GUILTY
My complaint to Rodeler Ltd. (24Option) is that they have stolen my entire portfolio by providing me the wrong
information, acting dishonest, unfair, imposter, lying, misleading, manipulating, and without the best act
of me as a client.

I have been scammed by professional trained sales people who call themselves account
managers. I've been tricked by this clever and cunning act that this is an investments company.
Bloemfontein, South Africa,
Sep 21, 2017,

Trading session laimed i was bot provided evidence of self trading account Terminated after making profit

Good day, my name is Johan from south africa, i traded with 24Options 60 sec, made 3 times my account size of 300$ in 1 hour, just trading compounding profits, these fools then went and terminated my account said i was a robot, i showed them proof of the signal session and signal room i used, also recorded my sessions and forwarded it to them, there were several other traders also in the same session using 24option and only i was suspended/terminated. my account manager insisted there is nothing he can do if i have proof i dont have to worry, now its almost 2 months later the dont even reply, i tried making a complain at CySEC, but Cysec needs a CIF, and 24options refuse to provide me one... Pathetic excuse for a broker
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
If a CySEC regulated broker refuses to provide a CIF, the FPA recommends notifying CySEC and the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman about the broker's action.