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-4.63% WEEKLY · 57.6 weeks
  • Average Pips per Week:
    -30 (Gross Pips: -1,719)
  • Average P/L per Week:
    -4.63% (Gross P/L: -93.50%)
  • Maximum Equity used:
    18.97% (Nov 14, 2011, 11:58:00 AM)
  • Test started:
    Oct 8, 2010
  • Test Stopped:
    Nov 15, 2011 (Tested 57.6 weeks)
Crashed & Burned

We appreciate ForexGolem.com for providing us with Forex Golem EA for our performance testing!

Here is the interesting description that we picked up on ForexGolem.com site: It is well known that trend of any currency pair can’t be same in all days; it rapidly changes in trend. So any indicator set for some parameters may not be working well in coming days. Now this is the main attribute of Forex Golem, it doesn't uses any fasten parameters to its indicators. It continuously checks for best values for indicators and thus it does the good accurate buy/sell trading.
Interesting concept... Well, let's see now how it works!

11.09.10 Forex Golem updated to v1.05
10.18.10 Forex Golem updated to v1.04
10.07.10 Forex Golem installed on EURUSD M1 chart with default settings...

Whats new in v1.04?

  • This EA measures the volatility using ATR indicator.
  • If currency pair is high volatile then it will not place the order OR if there is already placed order (you aware that it places only pending orders i.e. BUYSTOP & SELLSTOP orders) then it will delete that order. For eg. if there is a STOPSELL order placed at 1.3915 but before it got executed, currency turns to volatile, then this pending order will be close & EA will try to open it again when high volatility eliminates.
  • In this EA we bring down the default value of TP to 13 pips from 15 pips.
  • There is default SL is 112 pips but it will stop your position before this SL as it uses internally varying SL based on market volatility, so this SL seems high but it is not.

Statement FXPRO Financial Services Ltd

  • Account:
  • Name:
  • Currency:
  • Date:
    Nov 16, 2011

Closed Transactions:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PClose TimePrice CloseCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
344362202010-10-07 18:25balanceDeposit5,000.000
344372702010-10-07 18:38sell0.70eurusd1.391501.399001.390002010-10-07 19:221.390000.000.000.00105.0015
344414272010-10-07 19:22sell stop0.70eurusd1.381500.000000.000002010-10-11 00:001.399430.
344664202010-10-07 23:54buy0.70eurusd1.398501.391001.400002010-10-11 00:521.400000.000.000.00105.0015
345305992010-10-11 00:53buy stop0.70eurusd1.408500.000000.000002010-10-11 00:531.400020.
345306092010-10-11 00:53buy stop0.70eurusd1.408500.000000.000002010-10-11 00:581.400270.
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587645702011-11-11 16:24buy0.10eurusd1.377501.377601.388702011-11-11 18:481.377600.
587932662011-11-14 05:19sell stop0.10eurusd1.372500.000000.000002011-11-14 05:271.377350.
587915982011-11-14 03:44buy0.10eurusd1.377501.366301.388702011-11-14 13:091.367230.000.000.00-102.70-103
588171042011-11-14 13:37buy stop0.10eurusd1.377500.000000.000002011-11-14 16:201.362720.
588177182011-11-14 13:51sell0.10eurusd1.362501.362401.351302011-11-14 17:021.362400.
588674722011-11-15 12:34sell0.10eurusd1.352501.352401.341302011-11-15 13:281.352400.
588809992011-11-15 16:34sell0.10eurusd1.352501.352401.341302011-11-15 18:131.352400.
 Closed P/L:-4,674.76 

Open Trades:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
 Floating P/L:0 

Working Orders:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PMarket Price 
364781882010-11-09 23:32sell stop0.70eurusd1.372500.000000.000001.37691Auxiliary Order
364863212010-11-10 02:46sell stop0.70eurusd1.372500.000000.000001.37519Auxiliary Order
364938752010-11-10 05:46sell stop0.70eurusd1.372500.000000.000001.37680Auxiliary Order
365001872010-11-10 09:12buy stop0.70eurusd1.387500.000000.000001.38072Auxiliary Order
365140802010-11-10 12:12buy stop0.70eurusd1.387500.000000.000001.37677Auxiliary Order
365486862010-11-10 18:08sell stop0.70eurusd1.362500.000000.000001.37685Auxiliary Order
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588489842011-11-15 06:19sell stop0.10eurusd1.352500.000000.000001.35938Auxiliary Order
588557072011-11-15 09:34sell stop0.10eurusd1.352500.000000.000001.35622Auxiliary Order
588703552011-11-15 13:28sell stop0.10eurusd1.342500.000000.000001.35349Auxiliary Order
588920362011-11-15 18:51sell stop0.10eurusd1.342500.000000.000001.35409Auxiliary Order
588988342011-11-15 22:09buy stop0.10eurusd1.357500.000000.000001.35367Auxiliary Order
589036332011-11-16 01:27sell stop0.10eurusd1.342500.000000.000001.34726Auxiliary Order
589092482011-11-16 04:33sell stop0.10eurusd1.342500.000000.000001.34489Auxiliary Order


Deposit/Withdrawal:5,000.00Credit Facility:0.00  
Closed Trade P/L:-4,674.76Floating P/L:0.00Margin:0.00
Balance:325.24Equity:325.24Free Margin:325.24


Gross Profit:12,762.41Gross Loss:-17,437.17Total Net Profit:-4,674.76
Profit Factor:-0.73Expected Payoff:-11.08
Absolute Drawdown:4,677.76Maximal Drawdown:5,630.61 (94.59%)Relative Drawdown:94.59% (5,630.61)
Total Trades:422Short Positions (won %):212 (84.43%)Long Positions (won %):210 (86.67%)
Profit Trades (% of total):361 (85.55%)Loss trades (% of total):61 (14.45%)
Largestprofit trade:422.14loss trade:-828.00
Averageprofit trade:35.35loss trade:-285.86
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):47 (1,198.26)consecutive losses ($):4 (-427.64)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):1,725.80 (28)consecutive loss (count):-1,195.23 (2)
Averageconsecutive wins:7consecutive losses:1


Trading Instruments

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, 94.59%

Recorded on Nov 15, 2011 6:13:00 PM Broker Time

Average trade length: 4 hours, 44 minutes, 41 seconds

Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 2/8/35

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