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Pharaoh is one of the first members to sign up at the FPA. He's written some of the best advice available for forex traders. Read Pharaoh's articles and you're less likely to get scammed. If you've already been scammed bu a forex, binary options, or cryptocurrency company; he's written some advice on how to complain in ways to make the scammers sorry for what they did to you.


The End of a Scam The End of a Scam

Two FPA members fell victim to the scam at Legend Trader Limited, a managed forex accounts service based in Hong Kong.


Wealth Protection for Traders and Investors II Wealth Protection for Traders and Investors II

Three years ago in September of 2008, I wrote an article on Wealth Protection. It was a general overview of how to keep your money as safe as possible in the uncertain economic times during the banking crisis of 2008. I’m saddened to report that the world economy and the world of forex doesn’t seem to have settled down and looks even more dangerous than it was back in 2008. Let’s check up and see how things are going.


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Pharaoh is one of the FPA's oldest members (he claims to be about 4000 years old, but we think he's exaggerating a little). He says he created the world's first trading pair (Cow/Goat) while ruling ancient Egypt. Although there are no archeological or historical records to support this claim, we can't find anything to disprove it. Although he's not as active at the FPA as he used to be, he still holds the highest post count of all FPA members.

We don't understand how he does it, but Pharaoh has an uncanny ability to spot scams faster than anyone else we've seen. He claims to have known a number of companies were HYIP scams just by their domain names and that each time an examination of the website proved him right. He's also famous inside Forex Peace Army for warning about Ponzi schemes, even ones run by large and well established companies. He's been in a number of threads trying to warn people away from active Ponzi schemes. In spite of the efforts of shills and those gullible enough to believe in free money to discredit his words, he keeps up the warnings. In each case, the company ended up either disappearing with all client money or being shut down by the authorities.

In addition to investigating scams, Pharaoh has written a number of articles on a wide rage of trading topics, including forex broker selection, risk management, and how to select a good account manager. He's also covered other items of interest to traders, such as protecting wealth and purchasing precious metals.

Pharaoh claims to be a business consultant, but says he makes most of his income by running a globe-spanning hamster smuggling operation. If we are to believe him, he's currently working on a network of hamster tunnels under southern Europe.