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    Sam Man's syneergefxfree #ROCKINGITMS MA managed account blew

    The Facebook signal group Sam Man's syneergefxfree #ROCKINGITMS MA managed account blew my money in two months, "broker price manipulation" account at 24options.com a known scammer. So syneergefxfree is endorsing scam brokers. The signals of Sam Man Asian session and Daley Reece London session...
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    24Options a Scam

    I've opened an account with 24options with $400 initially, then I received a call from an account manager who stalked me to deposit more money and convinced me that GBPUSD will move 2400 pips down and if I open 100lots with $100000 I can make more than million in very short time. I've informed...
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    Lobby football clubs that are sponsored by binary fraudsters

    We are lobbying Premier League football clubs that take money from binary options fraudsters for sponsorship. The aim is to put a stop to this type of activity, as it allows binary firms to fund sports teams whose fans could then fall foul of fraud. Read this and join us in doing the right...