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    AAoptions SCAM (yes, THOSE guys again)

    Hi Good people of FPA community! Bit of a long one folks- but if you have dealings with AAoption or if you feel you may ben able to help me in my plight you may wish to read on. So I am in a bit of a state in my dealings with AAoptions. I'm sure you guessed it, yes, sigh, they are holding my...
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    I have made a significant profit using the AAOptions trading platform but now I am struggling to get an answer from them in relation to withdrawal. I contact them at least 2/3 times a week and they always ask me for stuff I have already sent. My recent two emails were asking them to clarify if...
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    Aaoption hedge fund

    I was scammed by Adam ansari and James Patmore lots of documentation not sure what I'm supposed to do
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    AAOption Scam

    I opened an account with AAOption in December 2015. Made money, added more money as a withdrawal was processed. Account value as of 10th May 2016 had more than doubled., well it has on the web site. Received an e-mail from my account manager, Victor R. Donovan, that he had to travel on company...
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    AAoptions not releasing my withdrawals

    I have tried to contact my "financial manager"- David Gold for 2 weeks about my withdrawal of my money out of the "hedge fund". He is not responding to any of my mails. Their support desk is also not responding and is sending you to the next person and the next person and so on.
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    Aaoption scammers, refusal to withdraw and fake documents

    I am new to all this and I though I bought into a reputable company but I was sadly mistaken. I registered not with Aaoption at first but the called me and found myself every going from a binary robots to them. I was initially contacted by Scott Martin then he just disappeared the the notorious...
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    AAOPTION – FRAUD AND SCAM!!! AAOPTION is nothing but a fake company who are only out to defraut and scam everyone of their hard-earned money!!! DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY MONEY WITH AAOPTION!!!! you will lose it all!!! I LOST ALL OF MY MONEY DEPOSITED WITH THEM, AND NEVER RECEIVED ANY - PROMISED...
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    AAOption refuse wirtdrawal

    Signed up with AAOption in March 2016. Had a very nice broker first, who seemed to be serious. Then at the end of March I was called by Tony Stanford, who immediately started talking about investing big and pushing. He promised to show me how he could make profit, which he did one day. 1000 Eu...
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    AAoptions Scam......Scott Martin on missing list, emails bouncing back.

    Introduced to AAoptions at first through a web link on the sky news channel. Listed as a millionaire blue print with all the usual thrills of giving up work and playing more Golf etc etc...What actually enticed me to get involved was the initial low investment required to get started (£250) I...
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    Hopefully i'm doing this right this time lol. I'm summiting a case against AAoptions

    I am submitting my case on this thread against: www.aaoption.com/trading/ My Case is: I Deposited money into the Binary option company AAoptions for hopes of growing a Investment with that companying using a Long term investment called Hedge Funds but as i decided the Suspicious Activities...
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    AAOption Hedge Fund program scam

    I was approached by Adam Ansari in May last year with the following e-mail: A confidential personal offer directed at the recipient of this email only. A breakthrough in making huge profits in binary options powered by the stock market. You are going to make[Your investment] X 835.21% =...
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    AA Option holding funds

    It was my own stupid fault in not doing my research properly but I was first introduced to AA Options by a Peter Williams on 25/04/2015 I was given a good broker in the beginning his name was Alan Harvey as he was making me money well my account for that matter and it stands at $31904.25 USD to...
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    AA Option (Domitilla Limited trading as)

    I started investing with AA Option (Broker Adam Ansari) in March 2015. I initially invested $9500.00 in my trading account and was told that my capital is insured, so if any trades was ever lost, I would never lose my capital. I am currently sitting with $5250.00 in my account and have not been...
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    aaoption not returning funds, not returning emails

    I"ve been trying for over a month to get aaoption to return my funds, on October 17,2015 I requested to have all trading stop, close account, return all funds. Victor Donovan , after several emails said I would get my funds asap. That was over a month ago, my account was closed, I have no...
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    GUILTY Case# 2015-157 | Rodney Michaels vs AAoptions

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: AAoptions.com My Case is: Yes, i would like to file a case against the AAoptions. We tried to withdraw our $498 from our funds 12 days ago, yet nothing happened. No account manager has the decency to call us. The live...
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    AAoptions is nothing but a scam

    hi everyone, please beware of this scammer. we sent withdrawal request 12 days ago to withdraw our $498 from our funds, yet until now nothing happened. Not even one account manager called us, nothing, the live support is just telling us that the request was in the finance department. i hope...