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    Abandoned - ACTIVE TRADES SCAM

    Hello army! I have been waiting for a formal response from Active Trades compliance for almost a month but currently I have not yet received a response, I have not entered a post immediately because I was convinced (I hoped) that given what happened they immediately decided to refund me but...
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    Problem تجربتي مع شركه اكتيف ActivTrades

    تجربتي مع شركه اكتيف ActivTrades والمستندات موجوده عندي واحكموا بانفسكم في البداية فتحت حساب حقيقي بهم برقم 000000000- في شركة ActivTrades وتواصلت مع الدعم الفني المقترحت رافعه من 1 إلى 400 ووافق على الدعم - وبعدما أودعت المبلغ عن طريق بنك الانماء حواله طالبت حساب اسلامي واعطوني حساب غير...
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    ActivTrades' new office in Nassau

    ActivTrades, a leading brokerage company, opened a new entity in Nassau, ActivTrades Corp. This strategic move enables ActivTrades to better serve its international client base and business partners, especially in South America and Asia. The new entity is fully regulated by the Securities...
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    Problem ActivTrades PLC deleting profitable trades

    I have been with ActivTrades for about 9 months. It took a while to discover that they are playing the game of being an honest and reliable broker, while in fact they're white board criminals. The reason is that at a certain point I entered a (live) trade and made a nice profit. Several...
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    Problem Activtrades abusively closed orders

    Their sistem closed 2 of my open orders at 00.00 (market open) on 28.03.2011 and it shouldn't have. Stop out is 30%. My Margin Level was then 59.9% Loss: 805 $ After spending 7 hours chatting with their support, they keep trying to convince me the margin level was below stop-out...
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