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Problem Activtrades abusively closed orders

I am having an issue with a company


Their sistem closed 2 of my open orders at 00.00 (market open) on 28.03.2011 and it shouldn't have.
Stop out is 30%. My Margin Level was then 59.9%
Loss: 805 $

After spending 7 hours chatting with their support, they keep trying to convince me the margin level was below stop-out.
Fortunately i have made screen-shots and am able to prove contrary.
please hire lawyer

you need to pay upfront but you will win the case .. it takes you few minutes work gathering information and then MOVE
after a lot more chatting and argueing their response was that at the time of broker open (monday 01.00) they had a big spread and that is why i got margin call.

They did not want to tell me anything more.
not even how high the spread was (must have been more than 23 pips after my calculations) because that is where my margin would have dropped below 50, point of trade close.
spread - fade the move.

I noticed lately some odd activity here that i assume is a cheating method:

spread - fade the move.
i have the interbank account with them, spread is usualy 1.6pip

But, just 1-2 seconds before a big move (like 20 pip bar up)

ask line raises slowly (like candle would rise) => 20 or more pip spread
holds like this a bit (few seconds) then slowly bid line follows, and price action resumses.

is it time for a new broker ?
seen it twice this week...
@ mark1

as far as I know, the price of the interbank account of ActivTrades have variable spreads. So, a spread of 23 pips is nothing unusual in special circumstances, like news or trading starts after a weekend.