pepper stone

  1. R

    Info Pepperstone

    Pepperstone is a big Scam, i send money and after 10 days still 0 on my account. I ask them about it and they say, yes we have receive the 200 euro but from what account is it send, pffff 1 day before i send my bank details and pasport. I ask please close my account and send my money back. 10...
  2. P

    Problem Pepperstone did not credit $9,685 crypto deposit to the account

    I sent a large deposit to Pepperstone using USDT TRC20 to exactly the wallet address that they provided, have sent proof that the transaction was successful with over 200+ confirmations, have provided the transaction hash id and everything that proves that I sent the money in but still no...
  3. DimaDima

    Problem Pepperstone

    Pepperstone Kenya withdrawal a nightmare. Reading the posts in here, it appears Pepperstone doesn't process withdrawals at all. Once the funds are in l, forget it. I have been waiting on a withdrawal for more a week now. They can't even give me a proof of processing my withdrawal so that I...
  4. S

    Problem 4 months waiting for my withdrawal

    Hello friends, On march 2023 I have withdrawn 32.000usd from my account at Pepperstone. After few days I found out that the SWIFT code that I provided was related to SEPA transfers, so it was not appropriate for international transfers. Immediately I have communicated to Peppersotne the...
  5. B

    Problem very bad experience with Pepperstone

    Hi everyone, I've had a very bad experience with over a period of many months. 14/03/2022 - 28/11/2022. So much so, that I'm now in the process of setting up a "Class/Collective Action claim" against them. I did post a one star review on Trustpilot 30/11/2022, but as soon as I...
  6. A

    Problem I cant withdraw money from pepperstone

    Hi So i have trade using pepperstone for few years but now i have problem to withdraw my money. I have call the support and said will help but nothing happened. Last time they said to consult with my bank but i dont see any problem with my bank.
  7. F


    I have requested for 3 separate withrawals from pepperstone, dated last July 12 and 13, 2022 amounting to $7000, $6000 and $1000. But only $1000 was credited to my bank account. I have coordinated with my Fund manager immediately after the expected day lapsed and still no money was credited to...
  8. P

    Resolved: charge for 5.26% withdrawal charge in USDt

    Hello FPA Members, I have been Scammed from for withdrawal via USdt(TRC-20) While I asked to live chat support for withdrawal charges for USdt(TRC-20) they gave me only $3 per Transection they have limit of a maximum $10000 withdrawal via Usdt So I have made a total $148000...
  9. J

    RESOLVED: Pepperstone: manipulating spread 50pips on EURSGD

    I know there is spread widening at rollover periods. It's acceptable as the spread widening below 200 points but a whooping over 500 points spread widening in just a tick is can't acceptable. Below is their support staff send me the attachment showing the spread after I emailed them. What do...
  10. L

    RESOLVED: Pepperstone Blocks Withdrawals

    I am from Sri Lanka and I recently transferred my Pepperstone account from Pepperstone Group Limited to Pepperstone Markets Limited as I wanted to trade with high leverage. Before transferring my account I sent an email to Pepperstone support on 23/02/2021 to verify that I will be able to...
  11. yassershivani

    Problem Pepperstone holding all my funds and restricting account with open trades and saying to repay overpaid rebates worth around 70,000 USD

    Dear All I am writing to you to address an URGENT issue. I thought I should bring to your attention for Pepperstone to look into before the case is taken to the regulators by my lawyers. I had been doing business with Pepperstone since 2016 and an activated partner since 2017. Generally my...
  12. N

    Resolved - Pepperstone funding problem, what should I do???

    Hello guys, I`m new here and currently I`m facing one issue with Pepperstone: yesterday I opened an account in Pepperstone, today morning it was confirmed. I funded my account, then I downloaded MT4 and logged in. In the web I had my balance with the amount which I funded, but after logging in...
  13. Todoimaginario

    Problem Pepperstone: Possibly manipulating spread

    Hello again. First of all, this is not a complaint. It's more like a warning for the traders who are with Pepperstone. I've been trying several different brokers this week. I opened demo accounts in almost a dozen of them, and I've been monitoring their services, looking for possible price...
  14. edisondanielmv

    Resolved: Pepperstone increasing marging requirements from 0.5 to 15% in oil pairs

    Hello guys. I had really bad experiences with pepperstone. They didn't respect my stop losses orders they said it is the slippage and this is part of the game so they didnt take responsability of the contract that we do when we set a stop loss. And I lost nearly 2% of my account. Then I was...
  15. X

    Problem Please help me recover my funds from!

    I registered with on Thursday Sep 26, 2019 with the following details AC no139986 and after growing my account I decided to request for a withdrawal of $4,500 on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 and since then I have not received my funds. first they said my identification submitted (which was...
  16. Q

    Resolved - WARNING: Pepperstone delaying withdrawals (IT issue, they say...)

    Dear community, After a few bad moves from Pepperstone last year (e.g. closing accounts to EU customers with just 2 months advice and without waiting for client's acknowledge, instead of porting accounts to the UK subsidiary), and other stuff, I got so frustrated, struggling for 1 year now...
  17. F

    Problem Pepperstone Manipulating Spread

    I'm speechless to think that Pepperstone would manipulate spread in order to cause a trade to stop in my account. I'm currently holding a razor account on pepperstone, which promises low spread for a commission. Pepperstone's website shows average spread of GBPJPY is 0.4-1.23 pips. Which I...
  18. W

    Resolved - Pepperstone outage issue

    In the past two weeks I have experienced complete outages from Pepperstone. The first time this happened I couldn't even contact them on their secure web site. (I have copy of pings to prove) I was getting quite distressed as I had live trades open and no idea what was happening. Then again last...
  19. A


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  20. D

    Resolved - beware, they are not processing withdrawal .

    I have been trading with them almost a year. Yes it’s true that they have higher slippage often they manipulate spread specially when your trade are is in positive position or very close to stop loss. A part off that I am having some issue with them which make me believe that it time to move...