1. X

    Please help me recover my funds from!

    I registered with on Thursday Sep 26, 2019 with the following details AC no139986 and after growing my account I decided to request for a withdrawal of $4,500 on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 and since then I have not received my funds. first they said my identification submitted (which was...
  2. jonpearce

    Forex Affiliate Links Pepperstone AU - Guaranteed highest rebates.

    HFT Group offers the highest rebates available for Pepperstone Australia. Rebate of $1.00 per lot on Edge Razor and cTrader paid directly into your trading account by Pepperstone. Details here - Open a Pepperstone AU account here -...
  3. K

    Resolved - Pepperstone Stealing Profits Of Traders

    I would like to open a case with Pepperstone for my withdrawal. On February 7th 2019 I put a request of bank withdrawal of all my profits I earned and its March 1st 2019 today its not processed. They sent me email to send my proof of residence and affidavit to sign because I asked them to send...
  4. Q

    Resolved - WARNING: Pepperstone delaying withdrawals (IT issue, they say...)

    Dear community, After a few bad moves from Pepperstone last year (e.g. closing accounts to EU customers with just 2 months advice and without waiting for client's acknowledge, instead of porting accounts to the UK subsidiary), and other stuff, I got so frustrated, struggling for 1 year now...
  5. F

    Pepperstone Manipulating Spread

    I'm speechless to think that Pepperstone would manipulate spread in order to cause a trade to stop in my account. I'm currently holding a razor account on pepperstone, which promises low spread for a commission. Pepperstone's website shows average spread of GBPJPY is 0.4-1.23 pips. Which I...
  6. gellany

    pepperstone scammer staff (manipulation by open spread of one direction)

    I am the first time to trade together with Pepperstone Razor on the account (313918 ), Pepperstone Razor known as a very low spreads account,Pepperstone Razor itself together with protection from the spread open at closing and opening markets, the account was $ 166 and Hedge deals equal the...
  7. iwillsurvive

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Pepperstone Rebates – $4.0 Standard, $0.8 Edge, $0.9 cTrader

    Hi Traders, I am Linton, an IB partner with Pepperstone from Abundance Trading Group Forex Rebates and offer the following rebates for your Pepperstone account: To open a Pepperstone account (standard or Razor on MT4 or cTrader) with the above rebates click here The Razor account is for...
  8. W

    Pepperstone scam or not

    In the past two weeks I have experienced complete outages from Pepperstone. The first time this happened I couldn't even contact them on their secure web site. (I have copy of pings to prove) I was getting quite distressed as I had live trades open and no idea what was happening. Then again last...
  9. D

    beware scam they are not processing withdrawal .

    I have been trading with them almost a year. Yes it’s true that they have higher slippage often they manipulate spread specially when your trade are is in positive position or very close to stop loss. A part off that I am having some issue with them which make me believe that it time to move...
  10. P


    Hi, Pepperstone is real SCAM who are closing your profitable positions without informing you eventough the market is closed. I opened an account with Pepperstone and start trading on IT40. I opened some positions and my account is stop out. I deposited money again and open IT40 positions again...
  11. S

    Pepperstone scam

    I opened an account with Pepperstone on the 7th September believing they were ECN brokers, not money markets and would not trade against me. I believe now that perhaps they are not. On the 18th September I was doing well since starting I had made £3700. Then they closed my trades on a margin...
  12. M

    Resolved - Pepperstone withdrawal 2 weeks and I still haven't received my money.

    I'm posting this here in hope that FPA can help me and that there will be a faster response from Pepperstone I made two withdrawals at Pepperstone, the first is on 9/28/2015, and the other 9/30/2015. According to their website, wire and credit card withdrawals would take 3-5 business days but...
  13. P


    I wish to notify all fpa members of a recent bad and unethical broker activities being carried out by Pepperstone Forex Broker (Pepperstone website). I opened a forex account with Pepperstone on the 28TH MAY,2015 with account number 513*** I made several separate deposits to this account on...
  14. G

    Pepperstone Manipulation

    Hello I see that in other threats they remove profits but for me is different. I know that in other accounts the profits were removed also. Always the same excuse arbitrage and feed manipulation, but the trader have account there for years and never had a complain from them, this trader...
  15. S

    Pepperstone IS A SCAM

    Dear All, i've been trading with Pepperstone for some time. On January 15 i was on the right side on CHF move and made a gain of more than 30k. During this day, after closing all my positions, i requested a withdrawal. By the end of the day, as usual, i received the email confirmation of all...
  16. G

    Pepperstone Slippage

    היי חבר 'ה! אני מרגיש שהיה scammed ביום שישי על ידי Pepperstone פיננסי. [Url] [/ url] אני לקצר CJ@82.933 ולהגדיר סדר SL ב 83.032. המחיר גבוה יותר הלך בעקבות RealEase החדשות, ושלי יש SL מופעל ב83.572, כלומר 54 (= fiftyfour) פיפס גבוה יותר. הם חויבו עבור העמלה שלהם "הביצוע"...
  17. Mr Patient

    Pepperstone a WhiteLabel for AXI?

    Hi Heard a rumor that Pepperstone was a White Label, was just wondering whether anyone could confirm. And if so would this have any impact on there regulation? From what I understand it doesn't make a difference to ASIC, but would it increase the likelihood of company liquidation? Thanks
  18. A

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