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    ACY Blocked my account with more than 10K balance

    Hello 38 days ago I tried to make withdrawal from my account with the amount of 10370$ via perfectmoney after 7 days they did not paid the amount and when I followed it up , they asked me for selfie video of my self with my passport and I sent then what they asked for and then replied me it...
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    Scammers ACY, stole $2387 from me

    Hello to all traders! ACY company stole $2,387 from me. In January, I replenished my account with $ 5250, made a profit of $ 2387. I ordered the withdrawal of all funds, my account was blocked, the profit was canceled, only my invested funds were withdrawn.All my transactions were sentinels, no...
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    Acy Manipulated forex Data has Cost Me $70 000

    Below is a shot of Acy's data on a 4hour chart." 2 hour bars on a 4 hour chart." REALLY I bar of the two never matches up to any smaller timeframes chart for price in any way. Acy SAY THIS IS NORMAL. Who has ever heard of 2 hour bars on a 4 hour chart anyway. With closer examination it shows 2...
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