1. JapanUser

    Problem ACY side's XAUUSD ask price was 40$ higher then the market, margin out then lost around 8940$. (Part of the lost was made up)

    ACY Website: Summary: I had some sales contacts and should be safe if the ACY provide price according to market. But the price they provide is far more higher then the market, so I was margin out. All contacts was closed and lost all my money. Details: Around 2023/12/04 01:28...
  2. mamzh

    Problem ACY ( ACY.COM ) charged wrongful swaps retroactively and took my money - 4100$

    ACY sent me an email that the swaps on the VIX instrument "should be" many times larger than what were stated in the specifications and have been charged practically over april-september 2023. And based on this, ACY wrote off all the money from my account - about $4,100. Even though my profit on...
  3. B

    Resolved: ACY is charging retroactive swaps in an unfair manner, effectively abusing consumer

    From june to september, I had 20 open lots of instrument VIX. In october, ACY removed 11414.70 EUR from my account, saying that the swaps were supposed to be 100 times higher on the platform for those trades. Even though the total P&L was only 5169.59 EUR, they refuse to budge and admit that I...
  4. F

    Problem ACY Blocked my account with more than 10K balance

    Hello 38 days ago I tried to make withdrawal from my account with the amount of 10370$ via perfectmoney after 7 days they did not paid the amount and when I followed it up , they asked me for selfie video of my self with my passport and I sent then what they asked for and then replied me it...
  5. D

    Problem ACY took $2387 from me

    Hello to all traders! ACY company stole $2,387 from me. In January, I replenished my account with $ 5250, made a profit of $ 2387. I ordered the withdrawal of all funds, my account was blocked, the profit was canceled, only my invested funds were withdrawn.All my transactions were sentinels, no...
  6. M

    Acy Manipulated forex Data has Cost Me $70 000

    Below is a shot of Acy's data on a 4hour chart." 2 hour bars on a 4 hour chart." REALLY I bar of the two never matches up to any smaller timeframes chart for price in any way. Acy SAY THIS IS NORMAL. Who has ever heard of 2 hour bars on a 4 hour chart anyway. With closer examination it shows 2...
  7. A

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