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    arab financial brokers

    I have been trading with Arab financial brokers( for nearly 4 years now and never had any problem with them but from this thursday i.e 27/03/14 their platform(MT 4) is not working and there website is down with a note that they r updating the services and will resume operations soon.I...
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    Arab financial brokers (afb)

    Traders beware ,be warned ,things are no longer Business as usual with AFB!I REPORT IT AS A SCAM.Since 6th.Jan.2014 my withdrawal has not been sent !and am not assured of ever getting it .It has been a good Broker but not any longer ...RUN away from it.I have since that date written numberless...
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    Report/AFB increase spreads when hedging

    Although AFB said on their website/ ( Hedging your position will turn your margin to zero on this pair) (AFB doesn't increase its spreads in volatile market. offer our clients fixed spread policy) !! But they change the spreads and they have done this before when I was trading USD/YEN pair...
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