1. O

    Affiliates programme of ThinkAffiliates it's a scam

    The broker refuses to pay the accumulated affiliations with ridiculous excuses, they owe me more than 5k $, the traders have reported me that they also scam traders with platform malfunctions! stay away
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Affiliate Links Forex Affiliate Marketers, Check Out Our Trading Plans And Live Signals Affiliate Program

    Forexearlywarning now has an easy to set up affiliate marketing program. Get 25% residual income on any clients you bring to us with your affiliate code. Our trading system is profitable and we are actively looking for affiliates. Full details in the link below...
  3. Etedus12

    ZuluTrade affiliate program - review of pros/cons

    I have a few questions regarding zulutrade affiliate program, but I will start with the background. For the past month, I slowly analyzed affiliates programs of the forex brokers. I chased many different options. As it seemed to me each broker has almost the same structure of the affiliates...
  4. Etedus12

    Weltrade affiliate program

    I'm planning to start working with the affiliate program. I'm in the process of choosing the program, which is not scary to start with. So far I've checked 3-4 offers from different brokers. To be honest this topic is new to me and I have a lot of questions. I haven't decided yet which system is...
  5. H

    Help Wanted 100$ minimum per client! Join for free

    About AndyW: AndyW is a content site in the field of forex/commodity/indices trading, which allows users to watch Andy's trading operation LIVE. Andy has 10 years of experience in trading and developing technical models. All of Andy's trading activity are fully and openly shared with all the...
  6. hotsmart

    Zulutrade Affiliation Program

    Hi Guys, I joined Zulutrade earlier this year. My account manager from AAAfx of course suggested that I join the affiliate program and then get some friends and family to join Zulutrade as a way to supplement my monthly income. I have since gathered a few followers and made great commissions...
  7. Algofxsolution

    Algofxsolution looks for sales partners

    We are selling licenses to our software solution for algorithmic trading on Forex. We are looking for sales partners, primarily for affiliate partnership with profit share from sales. Our cooperation will be through our payment processor company, Avangate, so we can guarantee that we will not...