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ZuluTrade affiliate program - review of pros/cons

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by Etedus12, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Etedus12

    Etedus12 Corporal

    Dec 9, 2018
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    I have a few questions regarding zulutrade affiliate program, but I will start with the background. For the past month, I slowly analyzed affiliates programs of the forex brokers. I chased many different options. As it seemed to me each broker has almost the same structure of the affiliates offers. There are three work models: revenue share, CPA and hybrid. Of course, there is a difference in certain numbers. Somebody pays 300 USD for one referral according to CPA, and somebody is ready to pay 500. I talked to the affiliate managers of different brokers and made a conclusion that this difference is only visual. Because if they pay 300 USD, it is expected that the deposit will be for example 1000 USD. If they pay 500 USD than deposit should be higher. This means that actually, it makes sense to compare the brokers only according their offers for the clients (in reality how well your traffic fits their target audience).

    The only companies, which were different as it seemed to me - those, which do not have CPA, but only revshare model. I think for some reason, that the revshare type of cooperation from the very beginning is based on the principle "broker makes money - you make money". I was looking for similar offers and found zulutrade affiliate program. They also offer only revshare model. But I have a question. Zulutrade allows clitns to chose any broker from the supported list. At the same time promoting only one broker I will be able to highlight only its advantages. It looks quite attractive because the choice of supported brokers for traders/investors is pretty big. And Zulutrade service itself targets probably those, who want to get monthly passive income (this is exaclty what is needed for revshare). I understand, that the difference is in the target audience. In case you are promoting the broker, primarily your offer will be interesting for traders. If we are talking about zulutrade, here you will need to look for the investors (as this is a copy trading service). And it is fundamentally important that you need to use different advertisement methods in order to attract these two categories of the target audience. And now I can not get - zulutrade model is pro or con? (if you compare the offers of the brokers).
  2. FmrBrokerExecutive

    Jul 31, 2017
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    ZuluTrade/EToro/Darwinex are definitely the most established programs in this arena and all offer lucrative affiliate programs.
    Just remember, the trading strategies on these sites that are designed to achieve the BIG monthly returns will not last forever. They all fail eventually if they are based on high-risk strategies aimed at achieve more than 10-20% a year typically.
  3. Olieng38

    Olieng38 Private, 1st Class

    Dec 28, 2018
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    I would recommend you first of all to decide what kind of advertisement you use. You might understand that the only limiting factor here is not the affiliate program, but your skills of the traffic generation.
    You thoughts are smart. The one case is if you have your own blog/website with the targeted traffic and another is if you want to use mass facebook ads (for example). Based on your skills I would think of whom you should attract investors/ traders or somebody else.
    Whether it is pro or con of mentioned by you affiliate program? I don't think that this is comparable. You just left to choose the one you like better.

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