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Zulutrade Affiliation Program


Hi Guys,

I joined Zulutrade earlier this year. My account manager from AAAfx of course suggested that I join the affiliate program and then get some friends and family to join Zulutrade as a way to supplement my monthly income.

I have since gathered a few followers and made great commissions. The problem came in when I requested a withdrawal of my commission. It has been 90 days since my request has been submitted and I have had not joy. Not from the Zulutrade online support, affiliate email address or my AAAfx broker.

I've since seen some posts all over the inter-webs of people complaining about the same thing. I've also seen some posts where people have had no hassles with Zulutrade's affiliate program. (Since reading FPA's threads I have noticed that these posts are usually made by Zulutrade employees?!)

So have I been scammed? Should I contact a regulating body? Or am I just over reacting?
Have a long, hard talk with ZuluTrade support. Have a similar talk with your contact at AAAFx. Let them know that you expect some sort of guidance about when you can expect your commissions or you will:

1. Stop all referrals to AAAFx and ZuluTrade.
2. Suggest alternatives to all existing referrals, along with a warning that they may encounter withdrawal issues.
3. Publicly complain in the FPA's reviews and Scam Alerts folder.
4. File a complaint with their regulators.
So after many emails, complaints and tantrums my commission was finally paid into my account this morning. They transferred the money to my AAAfx trading account and I then had to make a withdrawal from there which took 5 days to process. So except for the 100 days turnaround time to process withdrawals, the Zulutrade affiliate programme is actually not a so bad.