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    Atom8 David Andrews Scam Me Twenty Thousand USD

    Over 2 years I build solid ground of trust with David Andrews and he tricked me in the end. He trick me and my company to place $20K into his own back pocket. He said he will give me big returns in other project for option trading but he lies. I want all the people to know that this man is...
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    Atom8 Scam Providing B Book

    Readers, you should all know that Atom8 is not a Direct Market Access provider but is a Market maker. They are trading against you and will widen your spreads. They promised me 0.2 on EURUSD which they showed me on the Demo with a low commission because of high deposit, but since I make money...
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    Atom8 Scam with David Andrews CEO Churning Client Money

    Since reading the last post, I wanted to also add my 2 cents about Atom8 and particularly David Andrews, the lying scoundrel. He traded my Money and lost $100,000. He said he will try to make money on the account but in the end lost all the funds and instead earned large commissions from the...
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    Atom8 Scammed Me Out Of $80K in Swaps

    Dear FPA I am writing to you after now 2 months from my initial complaint against Mr David Andrews, the Atom8 CEO. We have also complained to the FCA Ombudsman and are awaiting a conclusion to this absurd matter. We want the Trading community to be weary of the innocent charm of Mr David...
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    Atom8 Fraud/Scam, retrospectively changing T&C's to deleted profits.

    I opened my account with Atom8 in August 2015. I was given a client agreement written August 2013. After successfully trading with Atom8 they emailed me on he 2nd November claiming to not allow "news trading" they disabled my account and removed my profits. They attached a client agreement dated...