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    Aximtrade is scammer, deleting my profit

    My name is Tran Thuy Hien from Viet Nam I have traded with the broker, my account number is 2131814496, i have deposit 1500 USD into that account and made a profit of 2611 USD, but afterward Aximtrade canceled my trades thus removing my profit, they informed my that i had accessed...
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    Aximtrade is scammer

    My name is Trinh Van Anh from Viet Nam I have traded with the broker and made profit legally by risking my own money, but Aximtrade accused me of accessing other accounts and then remove my profit by canceling my trades. Their allegation is totally wrong without giving any proof...
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    Aximtrade, let's pay my profit!

    My name is Ngo Hong Thuy Oanh, I have accessed an MT4 account with broker, my MT4 account is 2131815228. I deposited $1555, got a bonus $700, then made trades and got profit $2140. But when I withdraw the fund, Axim removed all my profit and just accept me to withdraw my deposit...