1. sidekickstarter

    Is there anything like Forex Dictionary?

    Hi, I am starting the trade but truly a beginner. I am just gathering information from the courses. While doing so I am facing problem with the terms used for defining Forex Market. Is there any such application/website/web app/dictionary that can convert those terms into regular way. Right...
  2. J

    Do I need an advisor

    Hello, I am currently new to this and was thinking about getting the help of an advisor... Does it worth it ? And how do I know if he is trustworthy ? I took a look at the Bahamas SIA registrant ... The 2018 page is set as dangerous by my computer...
  3. ElaineMDG

    A BUNCH of e-Books

    For beginners-and there's a couple of other pages on this site with more "advanced" collections (for psychology, money mgt, strategies, etc). There's at least a couple here that are pretty good, most of them are fairly dated though. Also, after checking these and the ebooks on the strategy...
  4. N

    Difference between normal indicator and custom indicator

    Hi guys, Can someone please explain to me the difference between an indicator and a custom indicator. Some Indicators are under both Indicator and Custom Indicators, but the settings windows are different?! Thank a lot! ;)
  5. J

    Im new to Forex, and using a demo account. My adventures so far

    Hi There, Just to introduce myself. I am new to FX, and hope that sharing some of my experiences so far, might be of interest. I got interested in making extra money, because my Job, which I love, is not earning me enough to pay off my mortgage. On my initial enquiries I met some sharlotens...