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    Berndale Capital ignore withdrawals! SCAM ALERT!

    I have requested part withdrawal request on 27.08.2018. Day after I send another email to my account manager Ana Milos to respond me if they received my withdrawal request which were sent to many berndale emails. She have never responded me and after few days because i have not received any...
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    I have been struggling to get my funds since April 2018 ,my account was closed on 5th June 2018,no funds on my account , no responds to my e-mails.
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    Berndale does not process withdraw

    Hello, I report my experience with Berndale here. I have an account on Berndale with 33k euro and I requested a full withdraw the 14th of June 2018 at 22:24 utc+2. I have also another account with a bonus of 4.5$ I recevied for my first deposit and I also sent a withdraw request the same date...
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    Beware of Berndale Group Pty Ltd (Formerly known as Forex TG Pty)

    Let me quickly share my rather negative experience with Berndale Group. I have a claim against Berndale in the amount of $24,000.00 USD relating to my trading account no. 153777. To be more precise, I opened an online trading account with Forex TG Pty Ltd which is the previous name of Berndale...
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    Resolved - Berndale Capital? Illegally holding your money!

    Dear guys, Be aware that Berndale capital are scammers! I firstly requested withdrawal on 24/10, they replied asking for passport, I sent it and they refused (THEY VERIFIED MY ACCOUNT APPROVING THE SAME COPY OF MY PASSPORT). I asked why they refused and they replied I should go to embassy...
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    Berndale Capital...good luck withdrawing your funds

    First withdrawal request from BC took over 5 weeks. Did receive a personal call from Stavro, the CEO to explain that the "liquidity provider" is resisting and coming up with excuses to not pay. Mind you, I was requesting my initial capital of $30k as I made some decent profits with this account...