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    Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and urgently need your help with BMFN

    Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and urgently need your help In 2017, I traded on the BMFN foreign exchange trading platform.In 2018, BMFN exited the Chinese market. But so far neither my friends nor I have been able to withdraw funds, I have communicated with them many times via email and always...
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    BMFN.COM the biggest scam in the world

    BMFN Stole about $ 70000 from my account. I enclose a proof. Remove all your funds immediately else you could face the same fate as me. Just look at the column of SWAP and see for yourself if it is a scam or not.
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    Boston Merchant Financial Ltd. /BMFN

    This broker is a market maker and anyone who does make money in their account they find any excuse to close it out .On Nov. 5th of this year ,they closed all are open tickets over night eventhough we had all our positions hedged. Their reason was off market pricing and were forced to close...
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    Boston Merchant ( BMFN ) Issue - RESOLVED

    i'm an IB with BMF from 6 monthes . 1- i felt that any trade with more than 5 mini lots had alot of requots, once a time i tried to open a trade with 2 standard lots . it takes 3 min to open it . 2- i can't run any EA on BMF's mt4 correctly although i'm a programmer , every time the EAs...
  5. A and ? : Boston Merchant Financial Services and :Boston Merchant Financial Services are two broker has many similarities, same of the name ( Boston Merchant Finance... ) even the license number of the NFA ( NFA ID 0379830 ). Resolution for someone like me curious about this...
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    BMFN does not allow me to withdraw my deposit

    I have been trading with BMFN over some period of time. On 2, 9 and 21 May 2014, I gained some profits and BMFN cancelled all of them. On 14 May, they told me: "The entry prices of the following tickets have been corrected to the true tradable market price. Tickets [...]. Your account has been...