Boston Merchant Financial Ltd. /BMFN

Andre Mattar

This broker is a market maker and anyone who does make money in their account they find any excuse to close it out .On Nov. 5th of this year ,they closed all are open tickets over night eventhough we had all our positions hedged. Their reason was off market pricing and were forced to close positions due to margin requirements. Our account was opened on Sept. 24th with a 5k and within 5 to 6 weeks we reached a balance of 28k.
For them this was not profitable as a market maker who or counterparty to your positions.
We have send them several notices only to be answered that on that particular night the market was "Off market". We obtained several price sheet spreads from other large finanacial instituations to check if the prices were correct. As it happened no other instituation has any pricing showing to what they are stating. They manipulated their price in their back office to best suit them. Example they widened the spread on the buy/sell on gbpusd to over 14.5pips at that moment ,at a time when the market was hardly moving and quite.There are many complaint we found out on this company with no regulations as they state on their website and are privately owned by a Russian .
BMFN Boston Merchant Financial Ltd.

All oustanding issues concerning BMFN has been resolved and I thank them and continue to trade. I like to thank Forex Peace Army for their help