1. TamNguyen

    [CDG Global FX] Remove profits, baseless accusations after 3 months of trading.

    My id is CU30778 - MT4 ID : 806841 on CDG, so we are a group of traders we look for brokers with less slippage and good platform, we found CDG Global and put our trust in it, we start traded with them at Mar-15, so FX is a big and risky financial market so we need a strategy to get profit in...
  2. M

    CDG GLOBAL Withdrawal Issue

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask for some advice or help on how to withdraw my money from CDG Global fx. They told me that they have process the withdrawal but I havent received the money until now. Thank you
  3. R

    Resolved: Be careful with CDG Global I'm into a trap. 45.000usd loss from them and refusal to withdraw.

    Hello, I'm an IB and trader who uses cdg global. This will be a long story about the explanation. Initially, I decided to try them after receiving information about their cysec regulations and good trading environments. I thought they were brokers with know-how and skills, and I asked to BDM...
  4. M


    I have traded on CDG scalping on Gold until they have placed a plugin on my account that when i enter on the market takes more than 1 second to open operations and close (mostly likely "virtual dealer plugin"). Plugins to manipulate the market should be illegal under any circumstances!!!!I have...