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    Ethos Traders, Inc....(Scam Artist)

    This company Ethos Traders, Inc. founder by Cecil Robles, uses a number names in the past (fx sniper, 4x educator, advent forex trading/course, fundamental trading, fx predator pro) and now he has a current name (currency investor club) and this time he's after your 401k retirement savings to...
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    Cecil Robles and Currency Investors Club

    I purchased their system back on 9/15. It came with a 30 day money back guarantee. I canceled 25 days later on 10/11 and sent an email to Cecil Robles. There was no response. So, on 10/15 I sent an email to his partner Michael Weir..no response. I have since sent several emails regarding my...
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    Discuss AdventForexCourse.com (Cecil Robles) (was 4xEducator.com, FundamentalTraders.com)

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