1. C

    chart trading reading

    hi to everybody! I wouldn't say that I'm new at trading, but there is still a lot I don't know about it. I'm curious, though, how other people analyze charts. While reading the charts, what element do you pay attention to?
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Best Forex Chart Setup For Traders, View 7 Charts At A Time On Any Time Frame

    View 7 charts at a time with our Metatrader 4 profiles setup. This is the best chart setup available for forex traders to see the pips much better on the small or large time frames. Use for intraday entries or overall trend analysis. This high-powered chart setup should be used by all forex...
  3. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Best Chart Setup For 7 USD pairs

    If you want to trade the USD and see the USD strength clearly, set up all of the USD charts together and making pips gets much easier when the USD pairs all go in the same direction. Today the USD was strong ! See image. Technical indicators do not work !
  4. cTrader

    cTrader Desktop 4.0 Offers Advanced Chart Features & Analysis Enhancements

    Limassol, Cyprus - March 22, 2021 Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Desktop 4.0 version, which not only comes equipped with advanced chart features, but also added technical and fundamental analysis tools for the ultimate trading experience. “The cTrader Desktop 4.0 release...
  5. iCorn

    Need expert advice on chart

    hello there . Has anyone ever encountered this kind of chart before ? Which sort of falling / rising drastically forming like a U shape on M1 view . Please advised me on this as quite often when I’m doing trading I had this issue . Thank you very much .
  6. R

    On MT4 platform there is no M2 chart listed

    how can I access M2 charts on offline charts on MT4 platform , there is not a M2 chart choose from on the list< can someone help me with this.....
  7. comingbacksoon

    sunday Night opning market Prices,Legel to decide and stopout even wrong chart?

    i got strange story but a true one and i i am sure lot of pro traders willl see this thread and can answer it, if i got a lots of posions during Friday night and market closed with a margin level over 120% and i got equity, but low equity as well, and when market open Sunday night with strange...