1. iCorn

    Need expert advice on chart

    hello there . Has anyone ever encountered this kind of chart before ? Which sort of falling / rising drastically forming like a U shape on M1 view . Please advised me on this as quite often when I’m doing trading I had this issue . Thank you very much .
  2. R

    On MT4 platform there is no M2 chart listed

    how can I access M2 charts on offline charts on MT4 platform , there is not a M2 chart choose from on the list< can someone help me with this.....
  3. comingbacksoon

    sunday Night opning market Prices,Legel to decide and stopout even wrong chart?

    i got strange story but a true one and i i am sure lot of pro traders willl see this thread and can answer it, if i got a lots of posions during Friday night and market closed with a margin level over 120% and i got equity, but low equity as well, and when market open Sunday night with strange...