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    Eclipse Finance/Top Binary Signals Scam

    Hi. I had just under $2 million dollars invested with Eclipse Finance/Top Binary Signals was doing the trading for close to a year. I had 5 different accounts. 3-$150k 1-$500k 1-$1m On Oct 18th 2016 just when my first 2 accounts were about to become liquid in a couple of weeks the TBS servers...
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    Eclipse Finance & Top Binary Signals report them to National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting centre

    Hi All If you have been scammed by both Eclipse Finance & Top Binary Signals with the so called unauthorized hackers forced their way into TBS to wipe out the MAS accounts then you need to report this to the NATIONAL FRAUD & CYBER CRIME REPORTING CENTER on 0300 123 2040 they are based in the...
  3. J problem

    I have been trading with via TBS as the provider with profit sharing. My manager Somi is very helpful and after about an year she successful of convincing me to join and invest. Bit by bit I have increased the investments but takes too long to meet the compulsory bonus...
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    Top Binary Signals & Eclipse Finance

    By end of March 2016, I invested 50k with Eclipse Finance through Top Binary Signals (TBS) Beginning of Mai, another 50k. As long as it was about investing, I had a daily meeting (mail or phone) with these guys. After the investment was done, nobody answered any of my questions anymore (nor Roy...
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    eclipse not processing money

    hi I have deposited 5k in eclipse they are trading for 9 months my turnover is already finished my account is now more than 55k they already took more than 30k as profit share this time they are not processing money now more than 2 weeks I applied for a 5k withdrawal.
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    Eclipse Scam - Need suggestions please

    Hi all, Please any contributions will be helpful. I have been trading with eclipse for sometime now but never been able to withdraw. They keep giving new turnovers to meet when I request a withdrawal. Recently I noticed that when I place a trade, if it expires in profits, they leave the...
  7. F not processing the withdrawal even after Completed Turnover

    Hi! I opened last month an account with, I traded mostly 15 minute options.... I'm very happy with this part. When I opened, Roy Webber from Eclipse-Finance called me to ask me when I'm going to start trading. I opened a $5000 account with bonus, and completed the reuired...
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    Eclipse Finance and Top Binary Signals - Scam

    It all started when I purchased binary options signals from (TBS). The signals were mostly accurate and my account manager at TBS advised that I open an account with Eclipse Finance ( and try their managed account services. I opened an account...