1. aura701

    Expert Option is a SCAM

    It is a real scam. As a beginner, I have deposited almost 300USD and its all gone. I first tried their DEMO ACCOUNT and earned thousands of dollars. However, when i used the LIVE ACCOUNT, all i got were LOSSES. My money is gone now. Please help me recover my hard earned money. Please see the...

    Expert Option is a SCAMMER

    DO NOT TRUST THIS BROKER HIGHLY WARNING !!! Hi Everybody I am Hieu, a trader from Viet Nam. I have been trading with platform for 2 weeks. After I x6 my account’s funds ( From 2.000.000 VND to 13.407.393 VND). They set my payout percentages down, highest is 19% and lowest is...
  3. B

    Expert option bonus withdrawal

    Guys please help me, i put in a total of 350usd in expert optjon, i lost the 50usd but now i got back 100usd in winning trades. My current total is 400usd. I only wanted to withdraw 300usd as that is my expect wins but because of bonus i in big debt and have no job so i need to...
  4. Laries253

    Expert Option Scam - Here some Proofs

    First, I have to apologize about my English and will try my best to make it easy to understand for you guys. I'm a 27 traders from Vietnam. In this thread I will use VNmese currency (VND). I have started trading with Expert Option about 2 months ago. My first deposited amount is 5,000,000 VND(...
  5. T

    Binary Option broker Scam Alert--- Expert Option

    Hello, every one in the forums. Just open a thread about an expierence with one scamming binary option broker, Expert Option. Be careful, highly warning---do not trade with them. When customer win profit then withdraw, they refuse to pay (close your account and fool you with the contrived...