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    Forex broker inc is a scam broker they are stealing my profits traders beware

    MY DISPUTE WITH FOREX BROKERS INC. Forex Broker Inc | Forex Trading | CFD Trading On or about Oct 17th 2012 I received a promotional email from forex brokers inc. offering me a no deposit 100 dollar bonus to trade my account. I was very excited for this opportunity and decided to share...
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    Hello, My account with had $567 USD when I last traded in 2016. Then in Jan 2017 I tried to log into my account but I couldn't . So i contacted ForexBrokerInc through their emails listed on their website. After my several emails, they replied that I can either withdraw my...
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    SCAM!! Forex Broker Inc & Global Noble Services LLC

    BEWARE!! DON'T PLACE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS BROKER!!! I have an account with this broker. I have requested a withdrawal 5 weeks ago now and it still has not been processed!! I have called them several times, and every time I get the same excuse- "your withdrawal is with the accounting department...
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    Forexbrokerinc not withdrawing profits.

    Fellow traders, After giving what I believe to be adequate time for the resolution of my issue, I have decided to begin this thread to highlight my grievance with forexbrokeinc. I have been trading on and off with forexbrokerinc since 2013 without any major issues. However my recent experience...
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    scam alert: forexbrokerinc. they don't withdraw your profits!

    hello traders don't join this company! I'm an consistent profitable trader and after withdraw my initial deposit (capital), I dind't get till now a wire transfer withdraw of $500 sinds (6 of july processed day) it have passed 7 business days. NOTE: withdraw request amount of $1000 (got...
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    I've been in touch direclty with agents of Forex Broker Inc. and was promised sign up bonuses if I did a cash wire transfer. Well, I transferred $1000 cash using Wells Fargo wire transfer services on 08/22/14 - even went into the branch personally to ensure the transaction is handled...