1. D

    FX Choice scamming its clients - over 250k profits cancelled

    I have received an email yesterday from FX Choice stating that my account (38353) is under investigation as they have detected trading activities that abused their trading rules. They have also blocked access to Backoffice and my funds as well. After responding to an email and asking for...
  2. R

    FXChoice , did they ever executed a single trade ! Beware

    I'm writing this thread about an issue that occurred with me while using FXChoice Broker Live Account which is really serious and put their integrity in question.. I had a trade (Pending Buy Limit Order) which wasn't executed although the price went far away below the target price and the...
  3. J

    FXChoice.com does not honor stops during 2+hr rollover, weekends

    During their insanely long rollover, FXChoice.com does not honor stops, meaning I'm liable for a position I can't manage and can't exit. This condition exists for over 2 hours every day plus their weekend. What happens instead is that everything freezes during the rollover period, and resumes...
  4. W

    FxChoice MAM Risecap scam

    It is a scam! It attracts you with a polished presentable portal. (see attachment: managed_account_brokers_partial_list.pdf) When you asked for 3rd party verification like MyFxBook, FxStat or FxBlue, they replied that they are working on this and they use liquidity fix that is available to...
  5. D

    Not a Trailing Stop [for FX Choice]

    Last evening I traded using a trailing stop of 50 points without establishing a Take Profit. The trade ID is #22489264. Hours later I'd inquired as to why my Trailing Stop was not activated despite moving some 700 points to the negative of the order direction. Now, The MT4 platform remained live...
  6. bborneo

    Info Forex Broker Fx Choice Fame or Shame

    Does anyone have info on reliability of this broker? I'm in the US and need an honest offshore broker. At feed back on this would be very much appreciated. Regards, Bob
  7. Anomilus

    Discuss ForexBrokerInc and FXChoice

    I just received an email from ForexBrokerInc suggesting that their existing clients go to FXChoice to resume trading. Not transferring accounts, but we as clients should open new accounts over there? This is highly suspicious. For starters, we are only 8 days out from the magical October 7th...
  8. seth blackstone

    Tallinex/FXChoice Credit/Debit Card funding of Forex account

    I am confused and worried, my broker in Belize FXChoice put up a message on there website that said they were updating their CC/DC (Credit Card/Debit Card) processing, that was 16 months ago, they still don't have the functionality. Now my other broker (Tallinex) has done the same thing, I...
  9. A

    need your advise about trading systems and strategies

    hello, i am new at this and and have absolutely no idea about forex. I need money desperately and thought about this. I have looked over the internat about some software but i would realy apraciate your advice. what about Fapturbo that works on its own? is that a good system for someone like me...
  10. A

    Discuss MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com)

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