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    The guys at Global Prime are undoubtedly the best. I recently had an issue with a refund to my credit card account . I called Ely up at Global Prime who was handling my email correspondence when I hadnt yet received it. So not only did they answer the phone straight away. And I mean straight...
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    Hi Guys? Ever heard of global prime?

    Hi Guys, been trying to change brokers and somebody recommended me ICmarkets but they have a bad reputation here, and global prime seems to have a good reputation, do you guys have any recommendation? I am from costa rica, thank you
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    Fx Discounts and Rebates Global Prime - $1.50 per RTL Rebates/Commission Discount; ASIC Regulated Broker

    Hey FPA As with IC Markets, after considerable research and review of its qualities as a broker, I found myself drawn to Global Prime's superior trade environment consisting of fast execution, no to low spreads, and reasonable commissions. That said, I thought to discount those commissions...
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