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  1. Scam Reporters

    Problem Exposing GMM (Starling Capital, LionExo, Stern Options,Morton Finance,Bloombex-options), Maxiflex/Maxigrid (t/a EuropeFX) et all

    You may probably be wondering why this thread name. You may also be asking what does the notorious Greymountain Management Group have to do with scam-but-regulated Maxiflex Ltd? Short answer is - shared 3rd party, a boiler room. For long answer, you'll have to read the thread. First in short...
  2. mbreitfelder


    Hello All. Whomever has been victimized by David Cartu and Greymountain Management, please DM me. This includes ANY AND ALL BRANDS under the GMM umbrella, NOT just BEEOPTIONS. The Intelligence company that is working for us is ready to go with the information that has been garnered through...
  3. D

    Scamers Edgedale finance

    hello I have been victim of verry big scam from Edgedale finance company. I have lost 15 000€. They didn't allaw me to withdraw the money from my accau. They said now, we lost it, but I didn't alow them to trade. But they did, soo long that they lost all my money from acca. on purpose. They are...
  4. E

    edgedale finance are real scammers please stay away

    I started trading with edgedale finance with $2000 my profits grew quickly and I was very impressed I was then convinced by my broker Mike Fisher to invest $25000 more he promised that the trade he'll be going into is 100% insured after the trade was closed last week he promised me that I will...
  5. mbreitfelder

    Problem GreyMountain Management's Nest of Binary Scam Brokers

    I have found a slew of binary option brokers that are "White Label Solutions" provided by "Greymountain Management Ltd" that are unregulated and are scam brokers. I was one of the lucky ones to get my principal back by absolutely hounding their "client" and Greymountain Managment to the point...