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I have been victim of verry big scam from Edgedale finance company. I have lost 15 000€. They didn't allaw me to withdraw the money from my accau. They said now, we lost it, but I didn't alow them to trade. But they did, soo long that they lost all my money from acca. on purpose. They are big scamers and someone had to stop them.
My broker was Steven Trust.

Hope you can help.
best regards

Some my mails as a prof.
We have to talk. Stop trading and just give me back my 15 000€ on my account. I Red some rewiews, cant believe.
You sad trust me sir. I give you this week to return the money immediately. Otherwise, I activated the police and other institutions to stop you.
I trused you. Hope there will be no problems.
Call me and explain.

Steven Trust je 29.4.2016 ob 18:10 napisal:
Something wrong?

On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 7:09 PM, I wrote:
What is happening ?

Steven Trust
Fully Managed Account Broker
Trading Room


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They contact me today and sad, we also lost 5 milion. Put some money to renew your acc..
Someone must heard abaut this their lost. I do not believe.
Where and how to check?
Do NOT send more money to them no matter what excuses they give or promises they make.

How did you deposit? When did you deposit?
Unfortunately I am also a victim of EDGEDALE Finance. I wish I found out about FPA prior to investing with EDGEDALE. I opened an account with EDGEDALE in February 2016 and was assigned an account manager, following is his email signature for those of you who might be contacted by similar person but different name:
Daniel Day
Executive Broker
Financial Advisor
Trading Room - EDGE-DALE
Office Number: +44 203 808 48 37 Ex: 212

At first everything was going well. I was promised, I have it in an email, that they will not be trading more than 10% of my account balance (original deposit). I was seeing positive results, positive deposits in the account since February. Then comes May, I requested to withdraw some of the funds from the account. I haven't heard anything form Daniel Day, I sent numerous emails. after a week or so I was locked out of my account. I sent an email to customer support, I received a reply stating that my account manager will contact me. I waited and waited to no avail. I tried to log in my account all this time while waiting for my account manager to contact me. I sent another email to customer support letting them know that i was not contacted by account manger yet. By the third email I sent, last night, letting them know that I am still waiting on my account manger to contact me but no one contacted me yet, I received an email from customer support telling me that they have reset my password. When I logged in the account I found that all funds were gone. When I checked the account activity I saw that they entered into multiple positions in one day, around the same time (almost) and they lost much for the 10% risk, so much for my deposit and so much for the soft sweet words the account manager said when we first talked on the phone and all those promises of my money being safe and me being able to withdraw whenever i feel like it promises.
I hope that my bad experience will serve as a lesson to anyone who is thinking of trading with EDGEDALE Finance or Daniel Day, in case he resurfaces with another company!
I have been burned by two other companies, but will not be posting here and will try to look for their names in this forum, hopefully others will learn from it.
I have an account for the last 6 month and doing great.
I never took any bonus or book money because my broker JONATHAN D’ACAMPO told me not to take a bonus, it will lock me up and is hard to make a withdrawal, this is why I didn’t take it, and I am withdrawing any time I want.
I can tell to all of you to trade safe, slowly and NEVER take a bonus. This is the only reason why people can not withdrawal funds.
Hope the best for all of you, I do recommend Jonathan as a Personal Broker.
His signature is attached:

Jonathan D’acampo
Trading Room – Stock Exchange UK
VIP EdgedaleFinance

Email :
Phone Number: +44 203 807 1406 Ex:201
This works much better if each person with an issue has their own thread.

Dzarog, how and when did you deposit?