1. hisham.younes

    Resolved: Scam reporting and claims against IFC Markets, https://www.ifcmarkets.com/

    I recommended IFC Markets to one of my friend called Hamza al gamal, who became a client of IFC Markets, and the link to their website is ifcmarkets.com And his account number is 105242 And now MR Hamza asked me to talk about him and to publish his bad experience because of he just suffering...
  2. A

    IFCMarket closed my account and rejected to pay my initial deposit

    Hello I am opening this case against IFCMarkets Broker I opened a live account with this broker and funded my account via webmoney with the amount of 2000$ (13th Jan 2021 ) and I also received 600$ bonus after only 12 hours I found out that my account has been blocked and I received an email...
  3. B

    IFCMarkets oil trading problems

    Hi Scam Broker with high level of scammers I will tell my story with them in last few days, I opened MT4 account with IFCMarkets with fixed spread and with 400 leverages, I made deposit 310$ I was going to trade with OIL, WTI and Brent, First thing I faced, in the demo account the spread...
  4. D

    IFC Markets

    ifc markets broker is scam broker mt deposite is cut anyy reason dont join very bad broker
  5. Shariati3030

    Ifc markts co. & my Ib commission

    HI I AM MOHAMMAD REZA SHARIATI the IB NO: 5155 with IB account no: 44303 For IFC MARKETS CO. My problem is thay my commission as informed by IB net trade software became : 3663 $ but they only paying 851 $ in my acc: 44303 . Therefore they must pay rest of my commission ( 2812 $)to my...
  6. F

    IFC market in Brexit, but they cancell my profits.

    This is my first thread, I hope to hear your comment or advise. (and I am not good English speaker) During the trading the Brexit day. I got position SELL at 10319 (Trading Server time was 21:59 of June 23th ) (German Index of DE30 or DAX30 ). So this is almost closing the trading market...
  7. A

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