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    IHFOREX.com - мошенники

    IHFOREX.com - мошенники iHforex.com - не возвращают мой депозит и прибыль в размере $865, не отвечают на запросы. Их регулятор - Центр Регулирования Отношений на Финансовых Рынках (crofr.ru) 22.11.2012 ответил на моё письмо следующее: Здравствуйте, Александр! Благодарим Вас за обращение...
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    ihforex.com non riesco ad avere i miei soldi. ho fatto varie richieste ma nessuno risponde. il sito è ancora attivo ma la chat è sempre off line. Cosa posso fare?
  3. A

    Ihforex scam!

    Ihforex scam! Buongiorno, non riesco a recuperare i miei soldi dalla società ihforex. ho versato 18.000 dollari, non rispondono nè al telefono nè alle e-mail
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    I have been cheated out of a good sum of hard earned CASH over $25,000.00 with iHforex.com After a great trading session over 2 weeks trading, I requested the money as a payout and have waited over 8 weeks now without seeing a single dollar! BECAREFUL INVESTING HERE!! >>>> I do have evidence to...
  5. G

    IHforex.com SCAM

    My name is Carlos Paranhos I worked as a teacher and IB in IHFOREX for many months, and I can prove that many of the clients in Brazil are trying to get the money they earned nass. brokerage operations and fail. they are, Joscelin Maiolo, Maria Aparecida, Gisele Maia, Eduardo Rodrigues. They...
  6. D

    IHForex and TadawulFx - Important and urgent

    Gentlemen I have a problem with IHForex thy Do not want to give me my money the problem I am the account holder No. 11006 and I was dealing with TudawalFX company trading And they are dealing in my account and transactions carried out by the losses. and I canted the contract between me...
  7. A

    Warning from investment house forex ( ihforex )

    Investment house forex ( ih forex ) is scam broker because they refused to send back my money for over five months and i have all evidences to prove my thread . Over 15000 usd still blocked by them under two accounts , 11580 and 11959 so help me please . Adnan yousef adn464@gmail.com
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    I have not recieved my withdrwal from IHForex

    :mad:My Name is Anbell Mungai.i deposited $700 with Ihforex and after trading making losses i decided to withdrawal $325 what ever was left i started trading with until i made $334 total and decided to withdrawal $314 the withdrawal took like two weeks before money could be deducted..after...
  9. athenafx

    IHForex - UFXbank : Same team ?

    Many of you know various stories about those 2 companies. For your information, IHForex claims to have headquarters in Switzerland. However they are not registered and the Swiss financial market supervisory authority (FINMA) put them on black list. check this : FINMA - Details...
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    Resolved - IHforex Scam

    Resolved - iHForex Un gerente de IHforex se puso en contacto con migo. IHforex ha solucionado el problema. Ellos han pagado todo lo que me debian. Gracias por todo. Gracias a ForexPeacearmy. :):):) A IHforex manager got in touch with me. IHforex has solved the problem. They have paid...