IHForex and TadawulFx - Important and urgent


I have a problem with IHForex thy Do not want to give me my money

the problem
I am the account holder No. 11006 and I was dealing with TudawalFX company trading And they are dealing in my account and transactions carried out by the losses.
and I canted the contract between me and them at the date of 25 December 2011 and I sent a message to stopDealing In my account and that the contract was canceled from my side . I changed the password of my account, at the date 26 of December 2011 I requested to withdraw the amount of $ 20 347 and I contact the customer service in the emphasis on the withdrawal request and actually they told me they will send money within 72 hours and, unfortunately, today, 28 December 2011some one Login to my account and try dealing and caused too great loss , And was dealing randomly
I asked IHForex Customer serves for the password, but unfortunately does not help me , two hours after the password has been sent, and I then entered my account and found there is large loss , the amount in now $ 16,975 , I send message to freeze the account and turn it into my bank account ,unfortunately no one responded to formally I contacted the support Arab and their response was that the account is still subject to the dealing company TudawalFX And that must contact the company trading In order to allow the withdrawal of the amount and, unfortunately, that Arab support has not taken any decision on that, "money is my money and I deposited to the company IH FOREX And now ask to be withdrawn from circulation and send to my account , the contract between me and the TudawalFX cancelled and have no right to deal with it.
I have all the email from IHforex and tdawilfx View attachment 5668View attachment 5669View attachment 5670View attachment 5671View attachment 5672


Brigadier General
Can you try attaching those documents again? I can't seem to open them.

Also, exactly how are Tadawul and IH both involved? You say you deposited to IH Forex.