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    fiscal pol

    does 4 billion dollars worth of fiscal injection into the market affect it positively or negatively?
  2. fibogroup.com

    Fibogroup Market Analysis 2020

    The virus is rapidly spreading: 1995 confirmed cases in China (this morning), 31- in other countries, including two cases in the USA. In the morning, confirmed 1 case Canada. In the Russia so far there are no confirmed cases. ========== The negative impact on the economy is no longer in doubt...
  3. forexcycle

    USDJPY ran in the descending price channel

    USDJPY ran in the descending price channel on 4-hours chart and the downward movement from 115.50 extended to as low as 110.73. Near resistance is at the top of the price channel. As long as the channel resistance holds, the downtrend could be expected to continue and next target would be at...
  4. C

    Is the Bear Yen Position Becoming Too Popular?

    There are numerous reasons to be short the yen. Japan has demographic problem, a slumping economy seemingly headed for another recession, a record-high debt-to-GDP ratio, and recently a trade deficit, caused in part by the elevated level of the yen. There are other fundamental reasons to be...