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  1. DnIvTod

    Scammed on LQDFX. PAMM used for frauding many investors since December 2018

    I allready did a review about LQDFX and their PAAM service. As I can see on this site there are other investors like me with complains ragarding the ongoing scamm by Ecaterina Bors aka CatyFX known also as "popular investor" on etoro. On my blog site-848841-3166-7171.mystrikingly.com I'm logging...
  2. Bbazzab

    Help needed with PAMM lockin, lqdfx.com

    Hello, Can anyone please help? I invested in a PAMM account on LQDFX under the terms that withdrawals cannot be made while trades are open. The trader I invested in promised five opportunities a year to withdraw, but after 18 months of no profit there have been none, and no commitment to any...
  3. JosiahPhillip

    10+ weeks waiting for bank transfer

    I have made a bank transfer to LQDFX broker's bank on the 7th June,2018 for the sum of 1150 EUR. After 2 weeks I began to message the live support where they said that they have not seen any funds come in yet. At the 1 month mark they requested a "trace document" from my Bank and my bank told me...
  4. A

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