Scammed on LQDFX. PAMM used for frauding many investors since December 2018


I allready did a review about LQDFX and their PAAM service. As I can see on this site there are other investors like me with complains ragarding the ongoing scamm by Ecaterina Bors aka CatyFX known also as "popular investor" on etoro. On my blog I'm logging her activity and there are enough evidences She Is acting against the interests of the investors. Of course, the broker supports her and a lot of people, approx. 60 investros, can not have access to the own Money. She started the fund rising with promise to arrange five windows yearly when the account Will be flat and the Money available for withdraw. Many investors asked to exit the pamm system il LQDFX but the broker rejects this request with the explanation "this Is not good business practice", "the trader Is our customer like you and we can not broker the contract with her because of your request", "you signed the LPOA, so no exit with open trades" e.t.c. There Is no any contact shown on the site. Only One click on a box there and our funds disappeared. The comunications with the trader are blocked because She can not defend herself from the continuous requests of the funders to be able to exit the trading copy. I asked to know the name of the legal representative of LQDFX but there wss no any answer. Can anyone help, please?
Updates about this scamm scheme.The fund manager closed all comunications. I asked to exit from the copy trading. Request rejected by the broker. Then I asked to know the stop loss considered for the funds managed since the DD Is approx. 63%.Again no answer from the customer support. I asked to recieve the contract that states the funds manager can disattend It while I have to stato under these terme and conditions. No contract received. I Repeated the same requests many times and there was no answer to any of my requests. Can you help please?
@DnIvTod ,

Second last paragraph of the LPOA clearly states the following :-

This authorization is a continuing one and shall remain in full force and effect until revoked by the undersigned by a written notice or via email addressed to LQDFX.

Withdraw the LPOA in accordance with this paragraph giving a reasonable period(if you have evidence of 5 times per year, then give them 12 months divided by 5 notice), or 30 days.Make sure the email uses a delivery receipt and even a read receipt.

Then throw their argument in their face where they say you signed the LOPA. They imply that it is required and if they no longer have it then they don't have a leg to stand on.

To be honest, your best bet is to engage a local lawyer in Marshall Islands and have him send them a letter that they are trading without a LPOA. Depends on how much we are talking about here. If its a $100 account then just walk away.
Latest updates regarding this criminal case. Once the balance went to 15% of all deposited funds i.e. 85% of net loss, the broker made possible the exit from the PAMM Copy. This Is the end of the story. The so called investor CatyFX - Ecaterina Bors still active on etoro - originated and compleated the scamm in a perfect way. Congratulations! Excellent work!
I'm sorry but -- LQDFX accepts Americans as one of the few offshore brokers still practicing this. (Very frowned upon even by the St Vincent, etc brokers). They are very unlikely to share any management (real) names with clients for this reason. These type of brokers are in the bottom of the barrel for safety and reliability. Do not be greedy and lured by the leverage/bonuses they offer. There are plenty of legitimate licensed brokers you can trade with. I have no problem with offshore brokers but the ones that accept Americans are extra shady.