1. Beingscammed

    I am being scammed 120k gbp

    I would like to make it plain that I have no money whatsoever to fight this or pay anyone upfront. Markets-Trading- Sparkasse Bank have every cent of mine. I require help to recover my funds. I recently returned to the UK from a hard 38 years self-employed in South Africa. A mammoth decision...
  2. P

    SCAMMED by

    I have been scammed by the broker, I have deposited 250 pounds after an call of an broker promising me that they will help me to make money but after I have discovered on this forum that this company is a scam I have asked the withdrawal of my remaining funds of 240 pounds...
  3. 2


    Hello, I have opened an account with MARKETS-TRADING.COM and deposited 250 euro, after I have found that they are scammers I have asked the withdrawal of the remaining funds of 218 euro but was pending for more than one month and after that they canceled it. These thieves do not want to send my...
  4. M

    GUILTY Case# 2018-070 | MarketsTradingScam vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have registered with this broker and deposited 250 euro, they contacted me everyday and ask to deposit money but I didn't as I have seen that the people who contacted me are not...
  5. M don't let me withdraw

    Hello, I have opened an account with some months ago and when I have checked all the bad reviews on the web regarding this broker I decided to withdraw. My withdrawal request is pending for more than two weeks and they do not want to process it, I have sent them many emails...
  6. S

    Markets Trading

    Robert Staines To make you aware of the complete picture of my involvement with Markets Trading, I will give a brief history of what took place. On 26th November 2017 I saw an advert on Facebook basically offering a chance to invest in profits to be made trading against the value of Bitcoin. I...